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The City of Valdez is soliciting artists to provide artwork or conceptual designs to complete the banners that are planned for the new light poles on Egan Dr.

CVTC and 4G

Copper Valley Telecom has upgraded its cell site located at milepost 21 Richardson Highway to 4G LTE the company said in a press release last week.

The cooperatives says the site brings cell service to the Heiden View subdivision at 19 Mile and the Richardson Highway corridor "from approximately milepost 17 (north of Keystone Canyon) to approximately milepost 23..."

Nearby recreational areas such as Wortmann's Canyon across the Lowe River and Stone Mountain also receive signal from the site cell.

"We are pleased to continue to upgrade cell towers in our service area to the latest and fastest technology. 4G LTE offers data speeds of up to 20 Mbps for smartphones, tablets, and data routers equipped with SIM cards," said Dave Dengel, Copper Valley Telecom's CEO. "This tower is used by residents, highway travelers, and recreationists year round."

Copper Valley Telecom is a full service telecommunications company that provides wired and wireless voice, data, and Internet services throughout the Copper River Valley, Prince William Sound, Valdez, and Cordova.

Seeking art

The City of Valdez is seeking artists to provide concepts and artwork for banners as part of the Egan Dr beautification project.

"This project includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Proposals from artists for conceptual images and artwork to be used in the fabrication of banners for the Egan Street Beautification Project," the city says on it's website.

Bids will be accepted until Oct. 14. Documents needed to submit a bid are also on the city's website.

PFD is $1022

(AP) Most every Alaskan will be just over a thousand dollars richer next month.

Gov. Bill Walker's office on Friday announced the amount of this year's annual oil wealth check at $1,022. The checks will be distributed beginning Oct. 6.

Even though it's seen as free money for just living in the state, the amount could be seen as disappointing.

It's about half of what most Alaskans were expecting.

Walker earlier this year vetoed half the money appropriated for the dividend as the state deals with a multibillion dollar budget shortfall.

Last week, Alaska state Sen. Bill Wielechowski and two former state senators sued the state, claiming Walker illegally vetoed Alaska Permanent Fund earnings required to be transferred to dividends.

No GI pot

(AP) Marijuana may be legal in Alaska, but pot fairs are still off-limits to about 11,000 members of the Army stationed here.

Officials with U.S. Army Alaska say in a release Thursday that Alaska-based soldiers are forbidden from attending any marijuana, cannabis or hemp fairs, festivals, conventions or similar events.

The letter from Maj. Gen. Bryan Owens says attendance at such events is inconsistent with military service and could adversely impact the health, welfare and good order and discipline of soldiers.

The policy notes that marijuana remains illegal in the military, and those who use, have or distribute marijuana or any derivative on an Alaska base are in violation the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

LNG train

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Two trees downed by wind are blamed for the power outage that rocked 10 Mile residents Wednesday night during a powerful storm. Electricity went down before midnight after trees on Whispering Spruce Street and Nordic Dr. fell on power lines. The system was restored Thursday afternoon.

(AP) The first U.S. shipments of liquid natural gas by train will hit the rails Tuesday in Alaska.

The Federal Rail Administration last October issued a two-year permit to the Alaska Railroad to carry LNG from southcentral Alaska to the state's interior.

Railroad spokesman Tim Sullivan says the railroad will send two loaded 40-foot LNG containers from Anchorage to Fairbanks as part of a demonstration. Seven more round-trips over four weeks will follow.

Afterward. Sullivan says the railroad will decide whether to make shipping LNG a line of business.

Expansion of natural gas use is a longtime hope of Fairbanks residents looking for a cheaper alternative to fuel oil to heat homes.

Natural gas also is part of a plan to clean up winter air pollution made worse by inefficient wood-burning stoves.


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