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Absentee ballots can be cast between now and election day at city hall

Alternative candidates add color to otherwise contentious race for the presidency


Absentee voting began at city hall this week for Alaska House, U.S. president and two Congressional seats.

Voters in Valdez can cast a ballot in person during regular business hours, 8:30 am. to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

In the race for the Alaska House seat in District 9, which includes Valdez, voters will see candidate George Rauscher of Sutton, who won a bitter race for the Republican slot against incumbent Jim Colver in the August primary.

Raucsher will face-off against Pamela Goode of Delta Junction, who is the nominee from the Constitution Party.

For the U.S. Senate, incumbent Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) is facing a number of opponents, including nemesis Joe Miller, who is was nominated by the Libertarian to run against Murkowski. Miller famously beat Murkowski six years ago for the Republican nomination.

Murkowski mounted an unprecedented write-in campaign to retain her seat and beat Miller in the primary.

Jake Metcalfe of Anchorage is running for the seat for the Democrats.

Margaret Stock, an unaffiliated candidate, is garnering a lot of support from voters who are disillusioned with the other better-known candidates. Jed Whittaker is running as a write-in candidate.

Rep. Don Young is also running on the Republican ticket to retain his seat in the House of Representatives. Young has been Alaska's sole representative since 1973.

He is being challenged by Steve Lindbeck on the Democratic ticket.

He is also under challenge by Jim McDermott from the Libertarian party.

That leads to the office of president - which has seen an election season like none ever seen before in modern politics.

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Ben Hartnell is running a write-in candidacy for president on the "less taxes, more beard" platform.

While Democrat Hillary Clinton slugs it out against Republican opponent Donald Trump, a number of voters are not satisfied with either candidate and have looked at alternative parties and candidates.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are popular choices, but there are also other candidates voters can consider, though experts say their chances at election are almost non-existent.

Gerald Castle of Tennessee is on the ballot under the Constitution Party; Roque de la Fuente is running as a non-affiliated candidate.

One of the more colorful write-in candidates seeking office is Ben Hartnell of Ohio. Hartnell, a teacher by vocation, has mounted a write-in campaign under the "lower taxes, more beard" platform.


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