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Big State truck overturns and spills fuel on the Richardson Highway

Tsaina spared after big rig lands in old river channel the DEC reports


Responders have collected an estimated 350 gallons of mixed fuel oil and water from a spill that occurred when a fuel trailer overturned Friday into an old channel of a river bed along the Richardson Highway, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

No fuel spilled into the Tsaina River when the trailer landed upside-down in the bed, said DEC spokeswoman Candice Bressler by email.

Cleanup efforts continue and the trucking company is working with the agency and a response firm on a final cleanup plan, Bressler said.

The fuel spilled when the driver of a semi pulling two diesel fuel tank trailers lost control of his rig at Mile 42 Richardson Highway.

Alaska State Troopers reported the crash Tuesday. First reports incorrectly indicated the incident occurred in the Tiekel River.

A driver for Big State Logistics, Dale Cropp, 59, of Fairbanks was driving north late Friday morning when he attempted to pull into a turnout to remove chains from his truck.

He lost control and the rear tank trailer rolled over an embankment.

The trailer flipped and landed on its top in the Tsaina River bed. The semi and the front trailer remained on the highway. Cropp was not injured.

Big State Logistics personnel from Valdez reached the crash site with recovery equipment and supplies by 1:30 p.m., Bressler said.

The overturned trailer carrying 4,630 gallons of diesel had a small puncture. Crews used absorbent pads to contain the spilled oil. About 4,260 gallons of fuel was transferred out of the overturned tank trailer, leaving 370 gallons to be accounted for.


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