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The Valdez Fire Dept. responded to a fire on a flatbed truck on Chalet Dr in Alpine Woods Monday.

Register now

The deadline to update or register to vote in May 2 municipal elections is looming large.

In order to cast a valid ballot in the municipal elections, a voter must be registered with a valid Valdez address by April 2, a Sunday.

Anyone who is not registered but wished to cast a ballot is strongly advised to contact the city clerk's office well before the end of the business day this Friday, March 31. Help can also be obtained by visiting the Legislative Information Office on Meals Ave. during regular business hours.

File by Friday

Friday is the deadline to file an application for the 2017 PFD.

Online filers have until midnight to file. Those who file the old fashioned way, with a paper application, must have a postmark dated no later than March 31.

First time filers for the PFD must submit proof of citizenship and Alaska residency during the application process. If the required documents are not available before the filing deadline, file the application and the state request further documentation at a later date.

Sharon Lawrence of the Valdez Legislative Information Office (LIO) can help applicants – especially first-timers – with Permanent Fund Dividend applications.

The LIO is located in the state building on Meals Ave.

Income tax

(AP) House leaders have revamped a proposal for reinstituting a personal income tax in Alaska.

It's part of a broader bill to address Alaska's deficit that also calls for structured draws from Alaska's oil-wealth fund to help cover state costs.

Initially, the House Finance Committee bill proposed a tax of 15 percent of what a person owes the federal government in taxes, or $25, whichever was greater.

Committee co-chair Paul Seaton says the revised tax would be based on adjusted gross income.

The yearly check Alaskans receive from the oil-wealth fund, currently subject to federal income tax, would be excluded from the state tax.

The House majority sees a broad-based tax, like an income tax, as key to a comprehensive fiscal plan. Senate leaders have shown no interest in a tax.

Another blow

(AP) Another volcano in Alaska's Aleutian Islands is showing signs of unrest.

Bogoslof (Boh-gohs-lawf) Volcano has been erupting periodically since mid-December.

On Friday, the Alaska Volcano Observatory detected a small explosion at Cleveland Volcano.

Geologists say the event at 8:15 a.m. did not last long and was similar to or smaller than other explosions at Cleveland Volcano.

Clouds covered the cone-shape mountain and obscured observations by satellite or boat.

Geologists say any ash cloud generated probably dissipated and was not above 20,000 feet, where it could threaten airliners traveling between Asia and North America.

The volcano is 940 miles (1,512 kilometers) southwest of Anchorage.

Young said no

(AP) The longest-serving Republican in the U.S. House says he would have voted against a GOP health care bill had it been brought to a vote.

U.S. Rep. Don Young of Alaska says it was not good legislation. He says it would have hurt people on Medicaid and did not address issues with high costs.

The bill was pulled for lack of support Friday.

In a video message, Young called it a good day for Alaska.

He says he supports repealing the current health care law, passed under then-President Barack Obama. But he says a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work.

Young is advocating a repeal of the law, which would take effect in 2020. He says that would provide time for Republicans and Democrats to work together on a replacement.


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