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By Lee Revis
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Group looks for volunteers, employees for outdoors this summer

Levitation 49 is continuing its mission to enhance recreation and the economy


Photo courtesy Levitation 49

Woman power proved to be a force to be reckoned with removing overgrown alders at a Volunteer Trail Day project last summer at Worthington Glacier State Recreation Site.

The snow is melting, and many folks are itching to get outdoors and get a jump on summer.

Organizers with Levitation 49 - the public service group that began managing some of the state's campgrounds and parks, such as the Worthington Glacier site - are looking for employees and volunteers for the season.

The season runs May 15 - September 15 according to the group.

Levitation 49 is looking for campground hosts and trail crews for 2017 according to the group's executive director, Lee Hart.

Campground hosts are needed for Blueberry Lake, and a monthly stipend plus expenses can be paid.

Paid positions are also available for crew members to maintain grounds and trails in the group's state contract. The group took over the operations of many of the state's recreation facilities outside the city limits of Valdez last year when state budget cuts shuttered many programs and the state abandoned maintenance on area parks, cabins and trails - all of which require maintenance.

"Trail work includes constructing and maintaining trails using both traditional hand tools (rakes, shovels, Pulaskis, etc.) and mechanized equipment (brushers, chain saws, etc.) as well as other tools necessary for trail projects," Hart said in a press release last week. " Trail work provides an exciting opportunity to work outdoors as part of a team to accomplish trail projects that facilitate the access and enjoyment of public trails and State Parks grounds. The work can be both physically and mentally demanding, but ultimately very rewarding."

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and able to do hard physical labor.

" require ability to perform physical labor for extended periods in frequently adverse weather conditions, push, pull, and lift heavy objects as well as walk long distances over rugged terrain," Hart said. "Pay ranges from $15/hr to $20+/hour based on experience."

The group is also looking for proposals for a new water taxi service from Port Valdez to the public use cabins in Shoup Bay, McAllister, Kittiwake and Moraine.

Photo courtesy Levitation 49

The national trails day volunteer project of 2016 on the Shoup Trail.

Not looking for work, but want to join in the action?

There is always room for volunteers according to the group.

After hosting a number of winter sporting events this season, the group is also throwing its annual rock climbing festival June 16-18.

More information about the group, jobs, volunteer opportunities and upcoming events can be found online.

The group describes itself like this: Levitation 49 is a non-profit sports commission dedicated to economic diversification through events and projects that enhance the mountain sports lifestyle in Valdez. To that end, L49 hosts the Valdez Ice Climbing Fest, Chugach Fat Bike Bash, Valdez Rock Climbing Fest and Confluence: Summit on the Outdoors.


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