By Lee Revis
Editor, Valdez Star 

Marijuana proponents make their views known around town

No on 1 signs are sprouting up on lawns and snow banks throughout Valdez


No on Prop 1 signs are peppering lawns, snow banks and buildings throughout Valdez.

Proposition 1, a ballot measure that will be put to Valdez voters in the May 2 municipal elections, asks voters to repeal city zoning ordinances that were enacted last year to allow commercial marijuana establishments.

If passed by voters, the proposition will force the closure of all licensed marijuana-based businesses operating in Valdez - and will not allow new legal pot ventures to open or operate within a ten-mile radius of the city limits.

This includes existing legally operating businesses, namely Herbal Outfitters, the town's only legal marijuana retail store, and two state-licensed marijuana growing facilities.

There is no clause in Proposition 1 to "grandfather" existing businesses to allow continued operation.

State law does not allow municipalities to outlaw the private use or growing of marijuana; state law does allow municipalities to regulate commercial marijuana operations, including full-scale bans.

The full text of the proposition is published on the City of Valdez website, and is reprinted below:

The following proposition will appear on the May 2, 2017 official ballot.


Shall the City of Valdez Adopt a Local Option to Prohibit the Operation of Commercial Marijuana Establishments,

Including the Following License Types:

A. A retail marijuana store:

A "retail marijuana store" means an entity registered to purchase marijuana from marijuana cultivation facilities, to purchase marijuana and marijuana products from marijuana product manufacturing facilities, and to sell marijuana and marijuana products to consumers.

B. A marijuana cultivation facility:

A "marijuana cultivation facility" means an entity registered to cultivate, prepare, and package marijuana and to sell marijuana to retail marijuana stores, to marijuana product manufacturing facilities, and to other marijuana cultivation facilities, but not to consumers.

C. A marijuana product manufacturing facility; and

A "marijuana product manufacturing facility" means an entity registered to purchase marijuana; manufacture, prepare, and package marijuana products; and sell marijuana and marijuana products to other marijuana product manufacturing facilities and to retail marijuana stores, but not to consumers.

D. A marijuana testing facility.

A "marijuana testing facility" means an entity to registered to analyze and certify the safety and potency of marijuana.


(" Yes" means that commercial marijuana establishments will be prohibited within the boundaries of the City of Valdez to include a 10 mile area within the adjacent unincorporated borough.)


("No" means that commercial marijuana establishments will be allowed in the City of Valdez as authorized and regulated in Chapter 5.06 of the Valdez Municipal Code.)

Valdez Star photo

Signs are dotted around Valdez urging voters to cast their ballot against the proposed commercial marijuana ban.


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