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Polls open Tuesday


Polls will open at 7 a.m. sharp this Tuesday for the municipal elections.

Voters will be casting ballots for three city council seats, four school board seats and deciding whether or not to outlaw commercial marijuana within the city limits.

Polls close at 8 p.m.

There are two council terms open for two years, and one three year term.

Darren Reese is the lone candidate running for a three year seat.

Doug Davies, Lon Needles (incumbent), Carl Hedman, Ron Ruff, Sue Ellen Montes and Jim Shirrell are all vying for a two-year term.

There are four candidates vying for three seats with three year terms on the board of education: Woody Woodgate, Jamie Winchester, Alan Sorum-incumbent, and Cara Bourne.

Tammy Holmes is the only candidate running for the one-year term that is open. The one-year term is due to the pending resignation of current board member Melissa Cockerham.

Voters are also asked if commercial marijuana operations in Valdez should be banned.

A "yes" vote on Proposition 1 will force the closure of the city's one licensed retail marijuana store and two state-licensed growing facilities.

There is no "grandfather clause" in the proposition that would allow existing business to remain open. If Proposition 1 is passed by voters, Herbal Outfitters, the retail marijuana store, and the two growing facilities will be forced to cease operations and shutter the doors within 90 days of passage.

It will also stop legal marijuana operations from opening within a ten-mile radius of the city limits.

Valdez Star file photo

City clerk Sheri pierce with the voting machines the city leases for municipal elections.

It cannot ban the personal use, possession or growing of marijuana by private individuals over the age of 21 who comply with state regulations.

A "no" vote on Proposition 1 will allow legal commercial marijuana operations in Valdez to remain in business and other establishments to open in the future.

Polls are open for those who wish to vote in person at city hall during regular business hours before the election. That option is available until 5 p.m. Monday.

There are three precincts in Valdez. Precinct 1 is located at the Teen Center on Hanagita Street. Precinct 2 is located in the City Council Chambers next to city hall. Precinct 3 is located at the fire station on River Dr in the Robe River subdivision.


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