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By Tony Gorman
For the Star 

Fiber optic internet service upgrade coming to CVT customers

Appointments must be made to connect homes to the new network


When it comes to internet service in Valdez, it’s out with old and in with the new.

Copper Valley Telecom (CVT) announced that it will begin connecting customers to its fiber optic cable network that was put in place during last summer's construction season. This is the final phase of the project.

“What fiber optics brings to a particular resident or a particular business who might be connected to that network is the ability to get faster speeds than what they had before,” said Tabitha Gregory, chief customer relation officer for CVT

The internet speed of the current network is 18 Mb per second on a typical download. The new system will offer 1000 Mb per second. The upgrade will affect the core section of Valdez. This includes residences at Mineral Creek Heights, Cottonwood, Blueberry Hill, Black-Gold Subdivision, neighborhoods on both sides of the park strip and near Hermon Hutchens Elementary School.

“Putting fiber optics into a consolidated area where the homes are close together is more efficient and easier to get our hands around that going out further and further,” Gregory said.

Plans are in the works to further expand into the outer sections of Valdez and the Copper River Valley. The project has been in the works for over a year now. Last summer, crews installed conduits under homes. That was followed up with fiber splicing during the winter. For this project, crews will install the fiber optic cable into the conduits and other electronics.

The upgrade project is slated to begin on May 8. Copper Valley Telecom personnel will contact subscribers individually to schedule an appointment for installing the system in their homes.

The project is expected to last through the fall.


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