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Pot ban defeated in Tuesday's municipal elections in Valdez

Voters reject measure that would have forced businesses to close


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Rick Ballow, owner of Herbal Outfitters, hit the streets Monday urging voters to just say no to Proposition 1, the anti-legal marijuana measure on last Tuesday's municipal ballot.

Proposition 1 - the citizen's initiative that would have banned commercial marijuana within the city limits was soundly defeated during Tuesday's municipal elections. There were 1009 votes against the measure, and only 316 votes supporting the ban.

Darren Reese was a shoe-in Tuesday for the single three-year term on city council after Tuesday's municipal elections. Reese ran unopposed for the seat.

Incumbent Lon Needles and former council member Jim Shirrell both won two year terms on the Valdez City Council with 537 and 466 votes respectively.

Candidates Doug Davies had 274 votes, Carl Hedman 213 votes, Ron Ruff 375 votes, and Sue Ellen Montes has 342votes.

Candidate Tammy Holmes easily won a two-year term on the board of education, after running unopposed for the vacancy.

Candidates Jamie Winchester (743 votes), Alan Sorum (711 votes) and Cara Bourne (627 votes) were ahead for three open spots for three-year terms.

Woody Woodgate trailed in the race with 593 votes.

There were 1,331 ballots cast in the election.

The election results were certified by the city council Wednesday evening.


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