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Police and fire reports


(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations

and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Disturbance Noise – A caller reported loud music coming from a residence. Officers contacted two individuals who apologized for the disturbance and turned the music down.

Sound of Shots Fired – A loud gunshot noise was reported in the Alpine Woods subdivision. Officers drove around the subdivision but no further gunshots were heard.

Animal Cruelty – Officers responded to a report of someone punching their dog in the head while riding in an ATV. Officers were unable to locate anyone in the area.

Lost Property – A wallet was reported lost at a local business. If found please bring it to the Valdez Police Department.

Welfare Check – A welfare check was requested for two small children standing on the side of the highway. When officers arrived in the area the children were already gone.

Bear Related Calls – Three bears were reported getting into a dumpster at 10 mile. Officers were successful in scarring them off. Please remember to close all dumpsters and keep trash and dog food inside to minimize the bear activity in your area.

Strange Activity – A caller stated that there was someone hanging out around their vehicle and was not seen leaving. Officers checked around the residence and the vehicle and did not contact anyone.


Traffic Complaint – A caller reported a rock truck operating on the highway without proper oversize signs. Officers were unable to find the truck.

Barking Dog – Two dogs constantly barking outside in a residential area was reported. When the animal control officer arrived the owners were not home and the dogs were inside the residence.

Trespassing – A resident requested an individual be trespassed from their home. Officer contacted the individual and told them not to return to that residence.


Animal at Large – A caller reported coming home to find a dog in their driveway which followed them inside the garage. Officers arrived and returned the dog to its owner.

Animal at Large – 2 geese, 8 chickens, and 1 rooster were reported loose in the middle of the road. Officers attempted to contact the owners in person but no one was home.

Barking Dog – An ongoing issue with a neighbor’s dog barking was reported. The community safety officer attempted to speak with the owner but no one was home. They left a door hanger explaining the policy on barking dogs.

Home Confinement - Marvin Noffke, DOB 2/13/42, reported to the Valdez jail to serve 3 days of home confinement.

Traffic Complaint – A loader was reported parked on the parkstrip. The owner was contacted and they will move it to a more appropriate spot.

Traffic Complaint – A vehicle was reported driving through a park. The vehicle wasn’t found and no damage to the park occurred.

MVA H&R – A motor vehicle hit and run accident was reported to have occurred on Saturday. The owner believed it was a snow machine trailer that hit their vehicle. Officers found the trailer responsible and the owner was contacted and will pay for the damages.

Bear Related Calls – A baby bear was reported lying down in a street with no mother around. Officer was unable to locate the cub’s mother and brought it to the animal shelter. The cub was malnourished and very lethargic.

DUI Arrest - Arrested Ramon E Miller, DOB 1/30/88, of Anchorage for DUI after he drove his vehicle into the ditch on Airport Road. His BraC was .222


Animal at Large – A local business reported a dog running loose. The animal control officer contacted the owner and warned them not to let their dog wander free.

ATV – A resident called to complain that a 4 wheeler was taking up a prime parking spot. The resident was advised that it is a public street and as long as the ATV is being used there isn’t anything wrong with them parking where they are parked.

Traffic Complaint – A caller reported a vehicle was speeding and sprayed rocks on them and their vehicle. The driver was contacted and advised that what they did was not appropriate.


Welfare Check – A welfare check was requested at a residence with a truck running for a couple of hours in the driveway and music being played very loud. An officer found that there was someone in the truck and they were told to turn the music down.

Animal at Large – A dog was reported running loose. Officers were able to return the dog to its owner.

Camping Prohibited Area – A campsite at dock point was reported. Officers contacted the individuals and advised them that they were in a no camping area and had to move. This area is a day use area only, no camping allowed.

Missing Person – A child was reported missing when they did not show up at the babysitter’s house after school. The child was found at their house instead of the babysitter’s residence.


Missing Person – A welfare check was requested for a co-worker who had not showed up for work in the last couple scheduled days. Family was contacted and they were unable to get a hold of the individual either. The missing person was found the next day and was safe.

Animal Impound – A local RV park reported a dog hanging out in their park for awhile. The public safety officer retrieved the dog and impounded it at the animal shelter.

Possible Drunk Driver – A caller reported a possible drunk driver who was crossing the center line multiple times. Officers were able to find the driver and found that there was no impairment by any substance.

Fish and Wildlife – A caller reported that someone was feeding the eagles. The individuals were contacted and they have the proper permits to be able to feed the eagles.

Domestic Non-Arrest – A domestic dispute was reported. When officers arrived the individuals had already separated.

Animal Noise – A dog was reported barking for an extended amount of time. When the officer arrived at the location the barking dog was no longer barking.

Disturbance Noise – Loud machinery noise was reported going on for awhile. Officers were able to get a hold of the company running a generator and requested that it not run in the evening hours.

Disturbance Noise – A resident reported loud noises and voices coming from a neighbor’s house. An officer contacted the individuals making the noise and requested that they keep it down for their neighbors.

Disturbance Noise – A four wheeler was reported driving up and down the highway making a lot of noise. Officers responded to the area and found a small gathering of people who admitted to driving the ATV. They said they were done for the night.


Disturbance Bar – The dispatch center received a report of a fight in progress at a local bar. By the time the officers responded to the bar the fight was over and parties had dispersed.

Theft from a Vehicle – License plates from a commercial vehicle was reported stolen. This case is still under investigation. If anyone has information about this case please contact the Valdez Police Department.

Welfare Check – A welfare check was requested for an individual threatening suicide. The individual was contacted and was unharmed.

Lost Property – A billfold wallet was reported lost in the downtown Valdez area. If found please bring it to the Valdez Police Department.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 148


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