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Police and fire reports


(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Bear Incident- Bears got into a full dumpster out at the shooting range. The baler was asked if they could dump it so the bears wouldn’t have anything to attract them.

ATV- Juveniles were reported driving a side-by-side with more juveniles and a load of kayaks on board. The driver and his father were informed that the driver is not to be driving on the road as he does not have a license, and also informed that the vehicle could not be driven on city streets without registration and insurance.

Bear Incident- A caller reported a large black bear on the bike path behind the Senior Center, but the bear ran off when it saw him. Officers responded, but no bear was seen.

MVA-No Damage- A driver hit a cyclist with their vehicle. The cyclist took off, and the driver of the vehicle remained on scene until sorting things out with officers.

Trespassing- An individual was having problems with an ex-girlfriend coming to his home and taking things from his house. He requested the individual be trespassed from his house.

Traffic Hazard— Several callers reported a tree blocking the southbound lane of Corbin Loop. DOT removed the tree and debris.

Disturbance Noise— There was a report of a large party going on downtown with loud conversation, yelling, and too much fun. Officers contacted a large group of happy people and told them to keep the noise down. They said they would.


Agency Assistance- A caller reported a possible drunk driver heading to Glennallen. Caller was transferred to Matcom.

Bear Incident- There were three brown bears at the trap shooting range. Multiple vehicles stopped to observe. The bears moved on.

Misrouted 911 Call- A caller from Cordova requested an ambulance and was transferred to Cordova PD as they were the appropriate agency to respond.

Bear Incident- A large black bear was in a driveway trying to get into a chicken coop. Complainant did not want officers to respond, just wanted to provide information. He released his dog and the bear ran off.


Traffic Complaint- A semi blew through a stop sign at the Salmon Turn and the complainant had to slam on his breaks to not hit the semi. Officers were unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

Possible Drunk Driver- VPD dispatch received a call from an individual reporting that he saw a driver drink from a beer. Officers were unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

Protective Order- Officers served a short term protective order on an individual in Valdez.

Possible Drunk Driver- Individual reported a possible drunk driver swerving all over the roadway from Duck Flats all the way into town. Officers were unable to locate said vehicle.

Abandoned Vehicle- A vehicle was parked for several days at the Valdez High School. The owner was contacted.


Bear Incident- A small brown bear cub was getting into the garbage at the landfill. When officers approached, the bear quickly retreated into the woods.

Citizen Assist- Officers assisted an individual with hooking up a trailer to her vehicle.

Animal DOA- There was a report of a dog that may have been hit by a car and looked deceased. The dog was indeed deceased and was taken to the shelter.

Found Property- An individual reported that a mountain bike had been propped against a flag pole for two days. A VPD officer retrieved the bike and placed it in the garage holding area. If you are missing your bike, please call VPD to claim.


General Contact- Officers made contact with two females in the downtown area. One was trying to get the other one to go home. Alcohol was involved, and officers just stopped to make sure everything was okay.

General Contact- Officers made contacted with a juvenile who was out after curfew. The juvenile was just taking the trash out.

Disturbance Bar- There was a report of a large fight at a local bar. Officers talked to the witnesses but the suspect was never located.

ETOH Pedestrian- A caller reported that there was a man rolling around on the sidewalk. Police made contact with the man and gave him a ride over to a hotel.

Family-Neighbor Fights- There was a domestic disturbance in which one individual accused the other of stealing items from the home. Neither party would disclose the items taken.

Welfare Check- Officers responded to do a welfare check on a report of a motorcycle laying on the side of the road. Owner could not be located.

Theft of Bicycle- There was a report of a bike that went missing from a garage sometime last week while the owner was gone fishing. The house sitter did not notice that it went missing. If you have any information regarding this incident please call 835-4560.


Agency Assistance- A river rescue instructor called to report that a raft had flipped in the Lowe River with 6 people on board. He reported that the boat and all passengers were out of the water and one person requiring medical attention was already enroute to the hospital.

Burglary Residential-A caller reported that two males appeared to be breaking into a house. Police investigated and found that the two men had just purchased the home.

Littering- We received a report of someone littering up Mineral Creek Canyon. The caller said he witnessed the incident.

Possible Drunk Driver-We received a call about a vehicle driving dangerously and swerving all over the road. Officers were unable to make contact with the vehicle.


Sound of Shots Fired- A caller reported that they heard gunshots in the area. Officers responded and could not find the source of any gunshots.

MVA-Damage- Officers responded to a report of a one car rollover in Keystone Canyon. Officers determined that the driver had fallen asleep, causing the crash. The driver was then issued a citation for negligent driving.

Abandoned Vehicle- A vehicle was reported abandoned at a local restaurant. The owner was contacted. She said it was broken down but would move it as soon as she could.

Burglar Alarm - An alarm was set off at a local bank. Officers responded and found that it had been workers installing a new exterior sign on the building.

Found Property- A debit card was turned in to Valdez Dispatch that belongs to Sunny Hamilton. It can be claimed at VPD.

Arrested-Derek Washam, DOB: 08/17/81, was stopped for speeding on Airport Road. He was subsequently arrested for felony DUI. He was also charged with Felony Refusal and Misconduct Involving Weapons in the 4th degree. Mr. Washam remains in the Valdez jail pending arraignment.

6-6-17 Valdez EMS responded to a request for an individual needing medical treatment. The patient was treated at the scene.

6-8-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to a home with smoke coming from the chimney. After investigation of the area, there seemed to be a faulty furnace. The home was aired out from the fumes.

6-9-17 Valdez EMS assisted with an individual who needed medical assistance. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 123


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