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Police and fire reports


(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations

and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Bar Disturbance: A patron was reported fighting at a local bar. Upon officer arrival, they had left the establishment. They were later contacted and advised to not return to the bar.

Agency Assist: VPD assisted the Fire Department with a vehicle that had a tire on fire.

Found Property: While on patrol, an officer found a wrench at the intersection of Airport Rd & Salcha. Contact Valdez Police Department with descriptors to claim.

Events Deemed Unsafe: A female with dark clothing on was reported walking in front of cars on the Richardson Hwy. An officer made contact with the individual and provided transportation to get her home safely.

Bear Incident: A black bear was getting into a dumpster at Valdez Mobile Home Park. The bear had left the area prior to CSO arrival. The CSO also secured the dumpsters. VPD would like to remind residence to keep all garbage inside so bears cannot get into it as well as securing all dumpsters after disposing of trash.

Domestic Disturbance: Officers responded to a possible DV in progress. Investigation determined that it was a verbal argument only.

Lost Property: A small black clutch type wallet with two zippers containing personal items was lost in the Valdez area. If found, please return to the Valdez Police Department.

Bear Incident: An officer fired cracker rounds at 2 bears roaming around the Landfill area.


Bear Incident: The ACO popped 2 brown bears with bean bags that were digging up trash in the Landfill. The bears ran into the woods.

Animal at Large: A dog that is frequently at large had entered a shed and caused damage by tearing up objects. The owner was contacted and advised to keep the dog tethered up in their own yard or they will be cited.

Lost Property: A Samsung S6 cell phone was reported lost in the Valdez area. If found, please turn in to the Valdez Police Department.

Bear Incident: A bear was seen walking towards Coast Guard Housing. The bear hunkered itself down in an old metal locked shed and officers were unable to get the bear out. VPD would like residents in the area aware of this potential hiding spot for bears.


Animal Impound: The ACO responded to a dog at large on Egan Dr. After an attempt to contact the owner, the dog was taken to the animal shelter.

Bear Incident: A brown bear sow and two cubs were walking around the Southern end of Barney Meyring Park area going towards the college. The ACO patrolled the area and never crossed paths with them.

Animal at Large: A lab was running loose in the parking lot of a local business. An officer was able to contact the owner and they were given a warning for dog at large.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual who had posted suicidal thoughts on social media. The individual was reported to be in the Wasilla area. Information and contact numbers was forwarded to Matcom.

Bear Incident: A sow and cub was roaming around a residence on Coho St and getting into the garbage. An officer fired off a cracker shell which finally scared them away. The homeowner cleaned up the garbage and secured it in a closed area so the bears would not return.


Welfare Check: A caller out of Wasilla received a text from a friend in Valdez stating that she couldn’t breathe and her whereabouts were unknown. Officers were able to confirm the last place she was at. The caller later reported receiving another text from the individual stating she was with her friends and that she was fine.

Bear Incident: A sow and two cubs were in a tree behind a home on Pacific Ave.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual who hadn’t been heard from for awhile. Officers were unsuccessful at getting a hold of the individual. Further investigation indicated that they had left town.

Lost Property: A Swiss brown colored bi-fold men’s wallet was lost at either Bear Paw RV Park or Safeway. The wallet contained an Ohio driver’s license and other cards. If found, please turn in to the Valdez Police Department.

Welfare Check: A caller requested a welfare check on her children whom she had not been able to get a hold of. Officers were able to contact the children. It was determined that their guardian was having issues with their phone.

Welfare Check: A caller requested a welfare check on their granddaughter. Officers were able to contact the granddaughter and father and found everything to be fine.

Suspicious Person: A suspicious male was reported outside of a local business trying to talk to young girls and was making them feel uncomfortable. An officer contacted the individual and advised him that he cannot be disturbing people and to leave the teenage crowd alone.


Public Appearance: Officers participated in story time at the library with the VPD robot.

Parking Problems: The front half of a mobile home was left in the driveway of a residence. This is a civil issue that is being resolved between parties.

Bear Incident: A black bear was sighted by the Skate Park. The ACO followed the bear as it walked away and wandered back in to the woods.

Bear Incident: Multiple calls were received about a bear wandering through Black Gold Subdivision. The bear made its way towards the river.

Bear Incident: A black bear cub wandered into the shed at a residence. The caller was concerned because their dog was chained up outside of the shed. The ACO responded and cleared the building and found the cub to be gone and everything else was secured.

MVA – Damage: A vehicle went off the roadway back Mineral Creek Canyon. Upon officer arrival, the occupants of the vehicle had already left the scene. After investigation, Racheall Addun, DOB: 06/01/1984, of Valdez was summonsed to appear in court for Failure to Give Immediate Notice of Motor Vehicle Accident.

Fireworks: Multiple fireworks were reported in the Valdez area.

****Reminder – Fireworks are not allowed within the city limits. The only exception for use is on July 4th.****

Burglar Alarm: An alarm monitoring company reported a burglar alarm going off at a local business. It was found that the cleaning crew had accidently activated the alarm.


Fireworks: Multiple calls were received regarding several fireworks being let off around Zook Subdivision. Officers contacted the parties and reminded them of the firework law.

Disturbance: Roommates were having a verbal disagreement. Officers responded and recommended the parties to separate for the night.

Bear Incident: A caller reported that their neighbor had put their trash out and a bear was trying to get into it. An officer tried contacting the owners but they were not home and secured the garbage as best as they could. The officer hazed the bear and scared it back towards the mountain.

Public Consuming Alcohol: An officer contacted individuals at Dock Point drinking alcoholic beverages. They were cited for public consumption.

**Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at Dock Point**

Domestic Assault: A caller reported that she had been punched in the chest. After investigation, Kyla Patrick, DOB: 04/07/1994, of Valdez was arrested for DV Assault in the 4th degree. She was remanded to the Valdez Jail until arraignment the following day.

DUI: VPD received a report that a man had gotten out of his vehicle and urinated on his back door. He then staggered back inside his vehicle and drove away. Officers located him in his vehicle, parked in the handicapped spot at the Small Boat Harbor. Michael Scott Moutoux, DOB: 01/12/1961, of Fairbanks was arrested for DUI and Violating Conditions of Release on a current open DUI case. He registered a breath-alcohol content of .174. Mr. Moutoux also received a citation for Parking in a Handicapped parking spot.

Traffic Complaint: A caller reported 3 motorcyclists were running stop signs. An officer contacted the individuals who denied running the stop signs. They were foreign nationals that were on their way to Tok.

Noise Disturbance: A noise disturbance was reported at a local hotel. Officers contacted the intoxicated individuals and they were given a warning for Disorderly Conduct.


Lost Property: A pair of Black Diamond hiking poles with blue highlights was lost near the washout area at Mineral Creek Canyon last Friday. If found, please turn in to the Valdez Police Department.

Animal Neglect: A dog was reported outside on its leash with no water. The dog was brought inside prior to CSO arrival.

Welfare Check: A concerned caller requested a welfare check on some children who were playing and it appeared as if a baby fell out of the stroller. An officer made contact with the children and confirmed that they were just playing and everyone was ok and the child in the stroller was not a baby but an older toddler.

Bear Incident: Two brown bears were reported walking down the bike path at Richardson Hwy & Mineral Creek Loop Road. Upon officer arrival, the bears ran into the woods.

6-19-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to a vehicle fire.

6-19-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire alarm, the culprit was a faulty smoke detector.

6-19-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the Senior Center.

6-24-17 Valdez EMS responded to medivac assistance.

6-24-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention at the Valdez Jail. The patient was treated at the scene.

6-25-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention on the Richardson Highway near Thompson Pass. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 142


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