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Police and Fire reports


(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Possible Drunk Driver: A caller reported that they were currently behind a vehicle possibly being operated by an intoxicated driver as the vehicle was swerving all over the road. Officers contacted the driver who had been fishing all day, was tired and on his way home to go to bed. Alcohol was not a contributing factor to the bad driving.

ETOH Pedestrian: Officers requested a couple of intoxicated pedestrians move along as they were being quite loud while loitering by a business that had residences on the second floor.


Suspicious Person: Dispatch received a report of two suspicious looking individuals hanging out in the woods by Valdez Mobile Home Park. The caller thought that since one was carrying a rifle, they were looking to shoot the sow and cub that had been sighted in the area. Officers contacted two individuals who stated they were carrying a rifle for bear protection as they were searching the woods for a missing dog.

Animal Bite: A dog bite was reported to the VPD. The Community Safety Officer investigated and determined the victim had been bitten by his own dog, the wound was negligible and no quarantine was necessary for this incident.

Possible Drunk Driver: Officers were unable to locate a grey truck reported as swerving all over the road and being operated by an individual who was “obviously impaired.”

Flood Watch: Officers conducted water level checks on Valdez Glacier Lake and Valdez Glacier Stream following the Public Safety Announcement regarding the potential flooding warning issued by the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys.

Welfare Check: A caller reported seeing what appeared to be an intoxicated man fall over a barrier and possibly into the water on South Harbor Drive. Responding Officers contacted two individuals who reported they were fine.


Suspicious Package: Officers investigated a report of a suspicious looking package lodged between two trees near a campground. It was determined the package was a geo cache.

Theft of Property: Holly Lynne Mooney, DOB: 06/04/91, of Valdez, was summonsed to appear in court for charges of Theft 3rd Degree and two counts of Theft 4th Degree after she was found to be taking items from an individual’s office.

Misconduct involving Controlled Substance: Holly Lynne Mooney, DOB: 06/04/91, of Valdez, was summonsed to appear in court for three counts of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance 4th Degree, all class A Misdemeanors when officers were investigating the above theft and found drugs as well.

Home Confinement: Tiffany Carol Henning, DOB: 03/03/1992, of Valdez, reported to the Valdez Jail to begin the 4 day sentence of Home Confinement for the charge of Driving Under the Influence.

Assault Simple: A caller reported that an unknown male had choked her friend. Responding Officers contacted the victim who refused any medical attention and did not wish to file an assault report. Officers were not unable to locate the suspect in the area, nor did anyone involved wish to identify the man.


Disorderly: Dispatch received multiple complaints regarding a loudly intoxicated couple in a local boarding house. Responding Officers requested the couple keep the noise volume down the first time they responded, issued a verbal warning for Disorderly Conduct the second time and made one arrest the third and final time out to that address.

Arrested: Amanda Rae McKnight, DOB 10/03/1974, of Glennallen, was arrested and charged with one count of Disorderly Conduct.

Animal Info: A case of possible animal cruelty was reported to dispatch. The case was forwarded to the Animal Control Officer.


Found Property: Three youth sized jackets found at Pirate Park were turned in to the Valdez Police Department. One has since been claimed. If your child is missing a girl’s teal colored puffy jacket or a boys blue jacket with grey sleeves, please call the VPD to claim.

Civil Dispute: Dispatch received multiple calls from both parties involved in a domestic dispute regarding a recently shared domicile and the property therein.

Disturb Other: A caller requested Officer Assistance with his intoxicated neighbors as they were standing outside his home and taunting him. Officers were able to respond before the situation escalated beyond verbal insults and separated all parties for the rest of the evening.

Animal Bite: The Animal Control Officer investigated a report of a loose dog biting a juvenile. The juvenile sustained a minor abrasion.

Harassment: Officers issued a Disorderly Conduct warning to an individual who was reported as harassing his neighbor.


Bear Incident: Upon returning from vacation, a family in Corbin Creek Subdivision found that a bear had gotten into a freezer on their porch and destroyed $500 - $600 worth of food. Officers were dispatched to their location as the brown bear soon returned for another snack.

Burglary - Non-Residence: A caller reported witnessing a man break a window, enter an office on the 2nd floor of the Harbor Landing building and leave a few minutes later with an armful of items heading towards the harbor.

Burglary - Residence: A caller reported returning to her apartment located adjacent to the Hotel Glacier and finding the door standing open and items missing from inside.

Disturbance – Bar: A local bartender requested Officer assistance with a man who was trying to start a fight with other patrons. Responding Officers identified the man and the armful of items he brought into the bar as the perpetrator of the burglaries reported minutes earlier.

Arrested: Fred Gregory Mailoto, DOB: 03/31/1973, of Los Angeles, CA, was arrested and charged with Burglary 1st Degree, Burglary 2nd Degree, Theft 3rd Degree, Theft 4th Degree and 2 counts of Criminal Mischief 4th Degree. He is being held at the Valdez Jail until he can post a $5000 bail.

Disturbance – Other: Officer assistance was requested at a local trailer park with an intoxicated roommate who was trying to pick a fight with the other occupants of the home. The complainant then called back to report that his roommate had finally gone to bed and assistance was no longer needed.

Juvenile Issues: A camper staying at Glacier View Campground reported hearing what sounded like 2 women and a man screaming and yelling from a couple campsites down. While Officers were responding, Dispatch received another call from a woman staying at the campground who stated her juvenile daughter had consumed a bottle of alcohol, was being belligerent and running around screaming that people were trying to kill her. Officers placed the juvenile under protective custody until she was released to her parents the following day.

ETOH – Pedestrian: A highly intoxicated person unsuccessfully attempting to walk a bicycle was reported as making no progress in any direction while in the middle of the street by Safeway. Responding Officers were able to get the individual and the bicycle safely home.

Domestic Non-Arrest: Officers revisited the scene of an ongoing domestic dispute to pacify both involved parties.

Civil Stand-By: Officers conducted a civil stand-by while an individual collected uncontested property from an until recently jointly cohabitated domicile.

Fireworks: Officers contacted an individual regarding fireworks and advised her to not shoot anymore off until the allowed times.

Disturbance – Noise: Heavy metal music was reported being played at a loud volume in the vicinity of the John Kelsey Dock. Upon responding, Officers did not hear any music in the area.

Animal Impound: The Animal Control Officer impounded a very friendly Springer Spaniel dog from a local RV park after management and guests made every effort to locate the owner.

Bear Incident: A black bear was reported to have entered a local residence through an open door. Responding Officers determined the bear had just gone into the arctic entry, then left.

Open Window: Officers contacted the owner of a local business after a window was reported as left open.


Traffic Hazard: A truck pulling a trailer broke down in the outbound lane at 21.5 mile of the Richardson Highway. The Department of Environmental Conservation was contacted as there was a large amount of fuel and fluids spilled on the roadway. Officers gave two individuals a ride back to town.

Civil Dispute: A neighbor dispute stemming over the ownership of firewood from a winter wind storm felled tree that happened to fall on the wrong side of a property boundary culminated in some harsh words.

Camping: The Animal Control Officer contacted some individuals camping alongside Dayville Road and advised them to move on.

Gunshot Heard: Officers contacted a large group of campers near the 12 mile gravel pits after receiving a report of shots fired in near proximity to another group of campers.

Bear Incident: At approximately 9:00 p.m. Sunday, Valdez Police Dispatch received notification from an individual camping on the south side of the softball complex that a brown bear had entered the camping area. David M. Avery, a 39-year old Fairbanks resident, fired two rounds at the bear using a hunting rifle. Reports indicate the bear was wounded, but ran into the woods behind the complex. Mr. Avery was cited for unlawful discharge of a firearm within City limits and Trooper Beck seized the rifle used in the incident. The AST investigation will determine if shooting the bear was in compliance with the state of Alaska statute for defense of life and property.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 115


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