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Police and Fire reports


August 9, 2017

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Welfare Check: A report of a woman screaming was received, but the caller reported that no one was screaming at this time. Officers drove thru the area but did not hear anything.

Domestic Non arrest: A caller reported her boyfriend was breaking into her house and would not leave. Officers responded to the residence. The man left to stay with a friend and he was advised not to come back any more that night.

Bear incident: The Animal Control Officer responded to a report of a brown bear nesting by a connex. After investigating the area it was determined that a bear had been there but it was all old and no bear was in the area.

Permit Alcohol: An alcohol permit was requested and approved for the Valdez Gold Rush Days.

Theft Property: A local business called to report theft of several very nice furs. The suspect has been identified in this case.

Public Assist: The trooper assisted a motorist towing a boat that had a broken axle. The tow truck was dispatched and the trooper conducted traffic control until the boat was loaded on the tow truck.

Animal at Large: The Community Safety Officer responded to No Name Creek on Dayville road for a report of a dog running free. He attempted to catch the dog but it would not come near him. He stayed in the area until the owners came to retrieve the dog.

Suspicious Activity: A caller reported a man and a woman carrying open containers of alcohol and were trying to get into the Coop Preschool and would not leave. Officers responded to the area and spoke with the individuals who did not appear intoxicated and they did not have any open containers.

Camping: While on patrol an Officer stopped to talk to a person that was camping at the end of the run way at the airport and advised them to find a better place to camp.


Bear Incident: A caller reported a bear laying in their yard and it won’t move. An Officer responded to the area and used hit the bear with a non lethal round to scare the bear away.

Trespassing: A business called to report someone trespassing. An Officer responded to the business. The individual had never been formally trespassed but he has been informed of the trespass.

Lost Property: A caller reported her Black cowgirl hat with red lining inside, black band on the outside with a tiny buckle on the side as missing. If found please turn into the Valdez Police Department.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested at Robe Lake due to the fact that a single kayak was floating in the water about 40 feet off the bank. An Officer responded to the area and found it was the kayak they use for weed eating. No missing person or lost kayak.

Permit Alcohol: An alcohol permit was requested and approved for the Gold Rush Days dinner and show at the Civic Center.

Bench Warrant: Nickolas Shaen Lynn Mills was arrested on an Anchorage Warrant for failure to appear for pretrial Conf on call assault 4.Mr .Mills was remanded to the jail until bail was posted.

Parking: A caller reported a Motor home parked on the street and has not seen anyone in the area. An Officer responded to the area the motor home was not parked improperly, nothing further required.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Injuries: A call was received requesting to give notice to the hospital that an ATV side by side accident happened and a person was on their way to the hospital. Officers followed up on the accident to investigate and speak to the individuals involved.


Traffic Complaint: While on patrol the Animal Control Officer saw a vehicle driving on the bike path. He informed the driver that they could not drive or park on the bike path.

Camping: Parks & Recreation reported a camper parked in a no camping area. The Community Safety Officer responded to the area but could not find the owner of the RV, he left a door hanger.

Littering: A report of some young boys over turning trash cans was reported. The Community Safety Officer responded but did not see any trash in the area.


Disturbance Noise: A caller reported hearing a loud alarm type noise and wanted to know what it was. Officers responded to the area but were unable to locate any alarms or noise in the area.

Disturbance Noise: A report of loud music and people being loud on a Troller was reported. Officers responded to the small boat harbor and spoke with the individuals involved and they agreed to turn the music down.

Bear Incident: A large black bear was reported getting close to the construction workers at Glacier Stream Bridge. Upon Community Safety Officer’s arrival, the bear ran into the bushes. The officer hung around for a few minutes to make sure the bear wasn’t going to cause any trouble.

Bear Incident: A brown bear was at the Baler Facility chewing on the bales and the workers were unable to scare it off with their equipment. The Community Safety Officer was able to haze the bear with bean bag rounds.

Domestic Non-Arrest: An individual reported that his friend was making suicidal threats. Officers responded and investigated and found that it was a civil dispute that the parties were fighting over and that no suicidal threats were made. Both parties were separated.

Catering Permit: An alcohol catering permit was approved for the Women’s Silver Salmon Derby event.

Traffic Complaint: A green truck was reported passing another vehicle in a double yellow line no passing zone on the Richardson Hwy. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle matching the description.

Animal Bite: VPD received a report that an individual was bit by a pitbull and had numerous puncture wounds on their hands, arms, and legs. The Animal Control Officer investigated the incident. Both parties agreed that it was a fluke incident and were not concerned with taking it any further. It was verified the dog was current on their vaccinations. No quarantine was required.

Welfare Check: Two flares were reported seeing being shot in the air by the hospital or salmon turn. An officer patrolled the area and found it to be a lantern floating in the air.


Disturbance: A caller reported that an intoxicated man urinated on their apartment door. Officers responded and made contact with the individual. After the situation was explained to the man, he agreed to clean up his own mess and he was not too impaired to take care of himself.

Welfare Check: VPD received several calls of a man standing in the middle of the intersection at Airport Road and Richardson Hwy waving his arms and flipping people off. Officers contacted the individual who stated that they were getting a ride with another individual and started feeling uncomfortable so requested to be dropped off and he was just trying to get another ride to town. An officer provided him transportation to a local hotel. No crime was committed.

Abandoned Vehicles: Several vehicles and other various items were reported set up on City owned property. Officers investigated and made contact with an individual who stated they would have the area cleaned up and the vehicles moved out.

Assist EMS Crew: Officers assisted EMS at the football field with an individual who had a possible broken leg.

Barking Dog: A dog was reported barking for hours on Cottonwood St. Officers made contact with the owner who was heading home to take care of it.

Agency Assist: Officers responded to a report of a mobile home on fire on S. Meals. Fire personnel confirmed it to be a controlled burn.

**** VPD would like to remind residence to call Dispatch and advise us of your controlled burns so they can be property logged.****

Disturbance Noise: A man and woman were arguing outside their home. Officers contacted both parties and found it to be a verbal dispute and the parties were separated.


Welfare Check: While on patrol, an officer observed a man lying in the middle of the road. He was intoxicated and his friend was trying to get him home.

DUI: Iam Cabitac, DOB: 07/12/1995, of Valdez was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. He registered a breath-alcohol content of .094 Mr. Cabitac was transported to the Valdez Jail where he was booked and released on his Own Recognizance.

Found Property: A wallet belonging to David Miller was found in the Valdez Area. Please pick up at the Valdez Police Department.

Animal Impound: A husky that was running loose was impounded and booked in to the Valdez Animal Shelter.

Gunshots Heard: A small brown bear cub was observed at the first bridge at Dayville Rd when the complainant heard about 9 gunshots coming from the brush. An officer responded and patrolled the area. No one was in the area.

Minor Consuming Alcohol: Jazz Anderson, DOB: 4/8/97, of Anchorage was issued a citation for consuming alcoholic beverages.


Search & Rescue: An officer assisted the Fire Department on a swift water rescue at the Lowe River.

DUI: Monika Anita White, DOB:12/06/1972, of Valdez was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. She registered a breath-alcohol content of .194 Ms. White was transported to the Valdez Jail. She was booked and released on $500 bail.

Welfare Check: A caller indicated that their significant other was making suicidal remarks via text message. Officers used every resource to track the individual down and was later notified that they were ok and not suicidal.

Lost Property: A woman’s wallet was lost on S. Harbor Dr. If found please return to the Valdez Police Department.

Welfare Check: A woman who appeared to be intoxicated was reported passing out behind a local restaurant. An officer contacted the woman and found she was intoxicated but not to the point where she couldn’t take care of herself. The woman left the area.

Assist EMS Crew: Officers assisted EMS on a medical call.

Public Consumption: While on patrol officers contacted an individual drinking some alcoholic beverages at dock point. Ian Elliot, DOB: 8/26/74 of Las Vegas, was issued a citation for public consumption.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 137

Total Bear Calls for the week: 6


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