Police and Fire reports


September 6, 2017

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations

and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Strange Activity-Three individuals were seen lurking around the college campus, one of them on the roof. The vehicle keys belonging to the individual on the roof were taken into custody by police for the owner to retrieve at the VPD later, and the two individuals on the ground were sent home walking. The college was notified the next day. No damage was reported.

Criminal Mischief-An unknown suspect damaged property of the City of Valdez by cutting a wire from the generator to the remote of a gate. This case is under investigation.

Lost Property-A black Motorola flip phone was lost at Fish Central. If found, please turn it in to the Valdez Police Department.

MVA-Damage-A driver out of North Pole hit the light pole at NAPA and drove away. The driver was found near the small boat harbor who stated that he was going to return to the scene but had to secure his boat first. The driver will be required to pay for damages to replace the pole.

Agency Assist-VPD assisted VFD for the report of a boat fire.


Lost Property-A brown billfold wallet was lost at Fu Kung restaurant. If found, please turn in to the Valdez Police Department.

Lost Property-A black tri-fold men’s wallet was lost in the Valdez area. Last known location was at Safeway. If found, please turn in to the Valdez Police Department.

Traffic Complaint-Police responded to a traffic complaint of a red pickup truck that attempted to pass a line of vehicles almost causing a head on collision. Officers were unable to locate a vehicle matching the description.


Flood Watch-Due to the heavy rain, VPD monitored flooding areas. Particularly, Keystone Canyon, 10 mile area and Glacier Stream Bridge.

Bear Related Calls-Animal Control Officer conducted crowd control on a vehicle pile-up because of a bear viewing at tide flats.

Possible Drunk Driver-Police conducted a traffic stop because of a report of a possible drunk driver swerving on the road. The driver was simply lost while looking for one of the museums. The driver had no impairment.


Camping-Some campers were asked to leave dock point after being informed that camping was prohibited. Campers agreed to move on.

MVA-Damage-Two vehicles were involved in a head-on collision on Pioneer Street in front of the Fire Department. The drivers knew each other and denied participating in what was believed to be a game of chicken.Both drivers were unharmed and one vehicle was inoperable and towed from the scene. Both drivers received citations for Negligent Driving. The second driver received additional citations for Expired Registration and Liability Insurance required.

Welfare Check-A caller was concerned about the safety of an approximately 10 year old boy who was out walking by himself. The caller called back and stated she was mistaken; it was a small woman.

Lost Property-A black flip phone was lost at the Small Boat Harbor. The phone had a small piece of paper on it that said “yahuna”. If found, turn in to the Valdez Police Department.

MVA Hit & Run-A Motor Vehicle Accident Hit & Run was reported at a local business.


Medical Assist-Officers responded to help 3 patients who experienced carbon monoxide poisoning on their fishing vessel.

Fish & Game-Animal Control captured an injured eagle and sent it to Anchorage for care.

Fish & Game-Officers responded to a report of a moose getting shot. After investigating it was evident that no laws had been broken.

Traffic Stop-A driver received a citation for lack of liability insurance.

Fish & Game-A dead sea otter washed up on shore at Allison Point. Officers took it to the animal shelter.

Noise Disturbance-Officers responded to Allison Point for the report of two individuals yelling and arguing with each other and disturbing other people camping. After making contact, officer’s found it to be a verbal argument only. The female drove up and started honking her horn to get her boyfriend’s attention and made people mad because it was late at night.


Animal Information-Two dogs were wandering around a Valdez neighborhood. Caretaker was notified to go pick them up.

Citizen Contact-Officers spoke with a very agitated individual who came down to the Police Department to discuss gun rights and other issues.

Assist EMS Crew-Police responded to an EMS call for two people who capsized their canoe near Allison Point. The subjects were able to swim to shore and one ran off before making contact with responders.

Bear Related Incident-Animal control officer did crowd control at the hatchery to maintain crowd safety while observing bears feeding.

Traffic Stop-Officer issued a citation for expired registration and issued additional warnings for headlight requirement and proof of insurance.

Camping in Prohibited Area-An officer contacted individuals who were reported to be camping on the John Kelsey Dock. They were fishing and having a picnic and were going to move on later in the evening.


Bench Warrant Arrest-John Thomas Tacolla Sr, dob 05/06/1961, of North Pole was arrested on an outstanding Fairbanks warrant for FTA for Arraignment. Original charge was Improper Use of Plates. Mr. Tacolla was released on bail of $150

Fish & Game-The Community Safety Officer responded to Loop Rd to check on an eagle. The eagle was collected and shipped to Anchorage to a facility for some TLC.

Welfare Check-A man dressed all in black and no reflective gear was walking along the roadway by Glacier Stream Bridge. Officers patrolled the area and didn’t see anyone walking in the area.

Bench Warrant Arrest-AST arrested Tristin Dean Harvey, dob 02/16/1997, of Copper Center and transported him to the Valdez Jail. His warrants were for FTA for Calendar Call. Original charges were Concealment of Merchandise and Misconduct Involving a Weapon in the 5th degree. Mr. Harvey was held at the Valdez Jail on $500 bail.

Arrested-After responding to the report of a disturbance, Osvaldo Carrillo, dob 07/10/1987, of Valdez was arrested for Assault in the 4th degree and Criminal Trespass in the 1st degree. Mr. Carrillo was released on bail of $1000

8-28-17 Valdez EMS responded to a welfare check request.

8-28-17 Valdez Fire responded to a possible fire on a vessel docked at the Valdez Small Boat Harbor. Upon arrival the majority of the fire was put out in the kitchen of the vessel.

8-30-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual who needed medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

8-30-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual who needed medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

8-31-17 Valdez Fire responded to a possible chimney fire at Aleutian Village.

8-31-17 Valdez EMS responded to a motor vehicle accident. No injuries.

9-1-17 Valdez EMS responded to individuals needing medical attention at the Valdez Small Boat Harbor. Both patients were showing signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Patients were treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

9-2-17 Valdez EMS responded to a canoe that had overturned near Allison Point area. Individuals did not need medical personnel.

9-2-17 Valdez Fire responded to a report of strong fire smell in the kitchen area of Safeway. No fire was located.

9-3-17 Valdez EMS responded to a welfare check on an individual at the Valdez Senior Center. The individual was located with no issues.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 131


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