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Police and Fire reports


October 11, 2017

Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations

and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Fraud Credit Card: A report of credit card and identity fraud was received. An Officer spoke to the complainant.

Found Property: An I-phone was found at Glacier Lake and was turned into the Police Department. If you have lost yours please call with Identifiers to claim.


Suspicious Vehicle: A caller reported a vehicle with its lights on parked for a couple of hours across the street from a local business. Officers responded to the area and found the vehicle unoccupied and not running. The owner was contacted.

Fraud: A person called to report a possible telephone scammer who tried to get them to send money for their prize. An Officer advised them to not give out any personal information, block the phone number and do not send any money.


Animal at Large: A caller reported that they found a dog at large by the Betty Cato Bridge and were taking it to the Animal Shelter to drop off.

Criminal Mischief: A local business called to report that a customer was upset with his bill and slammed the door which damaged the wall. The individual then left the scene. An Officer responded and investigated the incident and later contacted John Alan Grigsy, DOB: 04/17/66 of Valdez who was issued a summons to appear in court for Criminal Mischief 4th Degree.

Abandoned Vehicle: A report of an abandoned vehicle at MP 12 was received. An Officer investigated the incident and the owner of record was contacted.


Littering: The Valdez Baler Facility called to report someone illegally dumping tires at the baler facility. An Officer made contact with the individual who returned and disposed of the tires properly.

Littering: A caller reported several bags of garbage on the curb that was not in garbage bins. An Officer responded to the area contacted the resident and explained the ordinance on trash disposal.

Citizen Contact: While on patrol at the Small Boat Harbor an Officer stopped to talk to a man carrying a rifle.

Traffic Complaint: Dispatch received a report that a vehicle did not stop for the School Bus even though there was plenty of time to stop. An Officer investigated the incident.

Suspicious Vehicle: A report of a vehicle parked at the Solomon Gulch trail head was received. An Officer responded to the area and determined that the owner was probably hunting.

Stop & FI: While on patrol, an Officer stopped to investigate a vehicle that was parked by the Harbor. Everything was fine they were just listening to music.


Theft: A caller reported his I-phone had been stolen from an office at the airport. This case is still under investigation.

Threat: An individual came to the Valdez Police Department to report being threatened by another individual.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual who was not answering their phone and had missed a meeting. An Officer responded to the subject’s residence and found the individual eating a sandwich and doing just fine.

911 Hang up: A caller tried a button on his phone that called 911 and immediately hung up. Officers responded to the residence to make sure everyone was fine. Resident was not home but came back to speak with the Officer.


Criminal Mischief: A caller reported that the barrier between sawmill and Valdez Mobile Home Park has been taken down. An Officer confirmed and passed it on to the City Shop.

Fish & Game: A caller reported a group of kids fishing in a pond and thought that it was illegal. An Officer responded to the area but did not find anyone fishing.

Animal at Large: A caller reported a tan pit mix dog running around by the tennis courts. An Officer responded to the area but the dog could not be located.

Burglar Alarm: A burglar alarm was set off at a local business. An Officer responded and found an employee had accidentally set off the alarm.

Welfare Check: A caller reported an unresponsive man lying in the ditch by the tide flats. An Officer responded to the area and found an intoxicated man who was trying to determine where he needed to go. The Officer transported him to his residence.

Civil Matter: A caller reported that they had hired someone to work on their vehicle and thought they were selling it off for parts. An Officer spoke to the individuals involved and this is a civil matter.

Suspicious Person: A caller reported a young boy shooting a compound bow on Hanagita. An Officer responded to the area but could not find anyone matching the description given.

Found Property: A caller reported a black bike parked by the ATM at Wells Fargo Bank. Caller did not see anyone in the area. An Officer responded to the bank and everything was secure. The bike was left on scene.


Suspicious Person: A caller reported that a man in a light blue van approached him for money and then tried to sell him some semi tires. Officers responded to the area. The driver was issued a citation for Insurance Required & Misuse of License Plates. The owner of the tires has yet to be determined. This case is under investigation.

Animal Information: A caller reported a bat on the playground side of the Elementary School. Officers responded to the area and relocated the bat.

Criminal Mischief: A caller requested to speak to an Officer regarding some property that was damaged. This case is currently under investigation.

911 Hang Ups: A 911 hang up call was received. An Officer investigated and confirmed that the parties involved were fine, a young child had dialed 911.

10-2-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to a mobile home fire. The fire was extinguished and one occupant was treated at the scene.

10-4-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to a house fire. The fire was extinguished.

10-4-17 Valdez Hazmat team responded to a possible fuel spill along Fairbanks Street. The team investigated the area and cleaned up the spill along the street.

10-7-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to a dumpster fire. The fire was extinguished with no injuries to anyone.

10-8-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.


Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 102


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