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Police and Fire reports


October 19, 2017

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations

and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Bar Disturbance – Police responded to a disturbance at a local bar. The suspect had left the scene.

Welfare Check – A caller reported a man lying on the sidewalk in front of a local business. Police responded and made sure the man got to his hotel room safely.

Hit and Run – It was reported to VPD that somebody hit a city light pole and fled the scene. This case is under investigation. Drivers please be aware of your surroundings when parking & backing in areas near these new lights poles; the City is low on spare parts for them.

Harassment – One person filed a complaint about another person who keeps giving her the finger. The offender was spoken to and claimed that he was jokingly flipping off his friend who was in the parking lot next to the complainant.

Theft of Property – A cell phone was taken from a display case at a local business. This case is under investigation.


Theft From Vehicle – A vehicle was possibly broken into. Owners found it open and damaged, but unsure if anything was missing. This case is under investigation.

Animal at Large – A caller reported a dog barking that seemed to be in distress. An officer responded and found the dog in a kennel and it was fine.

Lost Property – An individual lost his debit card at Captain Joe’s. He has cancelled the card, but if found please turn in to Valdez Police Department.

Agency Assist – Valdez Police notified Alaska State Troopers of a reckless driver. AST witnessed the driver and issued a citation.

Found Property – A customer left his wallet at South Central on Mineral Creek Loop Road. The owner claimed the wallet the next day.


Stop for Information – Officers stopped with some individuals having a campfire at Dock Point and informed them of the open container ordinance.

Possible Theft – A concerned neighbor reported a truck loading up stuff from a residential construction site. Officers responded and found the owners loading up some equipment to go hunting.

Abandoned Vehicle – A vehicle that had been parked on the side of the street for three weeks was towed. VPD attempted to contact owners prior to towing, but with no response. Owners were left a message to contact VPD.

Civil Standby – Officers conducted a civil standby for an individual to retrieve some belongings out of another’s car.

Open Door – It was reported that there was an open door on the inside of a local bank. VPD officers responded and found the custodial staff on site. All was well.

Found Property – A cell phone and wallet were found in the Safeway parking lot. If you have lost these items please swing by the VPD at City Hall or call 835-4560.

Public Appearance – Animal Control Officer gave a bear safety presentation to Mr. Weber’s Outdoor Education class at Valdez High School.


Civil Dispute – Officers responded to a child custody dispute and turned over the child to the appropriate parent per agreement with the court.

Hazmat – A school bus was evacuated because one of the passengers reported smelling something burning. Police responded and found no smoke, no flames. The bus was sent back to the barn.


Lost Property – Somebody lost a gold Harley Davidson money clip somewhere in the Valdez area. If found, please turn in to the VPD at City Hall or call 835-4560.

Animal at Large – Officers responded to the report of a brown pit bull and a white and black dog that were running loose and barking at the complainant. Officers were unable to locate the dogs after going through the entire subdivision.

Bear Related Call – A brown bear was limping on the tide flats. Officers observed the bear and determined that it was limping but was still moving along just fine and that no action needed to be taken at this point in time.

Open Door – A door was left open at a local business after hours. Police secured the building and notified the owner.

Traffic Complaint – A vehicle was reported driving around at night without headlights on. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

Arrested – Brian S. Lafond, DOB 01/12/82, of Fairbanks was arrested for one count of Assault 4th and one count of Criminal Mischief 5th. Lafond plead guilty and was held to serve 3 days in jail.


Alarm – Officers responded to a very strange and somewhat creepy vehicle back in the woods that had an alarm that was honking intermittently. Officers disconnected the battery so the nearby homes could get some sleep.

Animal Information – Animal control picked up an injured eagle off the side of the Richardson Hwy and sent it to Anchorage TLC.

Violate COR – Officers arrested Derek Washam, DOB 08/17/81, for violating the conditions of release on his Felony DUI case. Mr. Washam is being held until his bail review.


Disturbance – Dispatch received a report of two or three people in both a physical and verbal altercation in their apartment. The parties involved were having roommate problems and the roommate left for the night.

Welfare Check – A realtor requested a welfare check on an individual who usually responds promptly to calls and texts, but had been unresponsive the last 2 days. Officers found the subject alive and well and informed him that his realtor was trying to get a hold of him.

10-9-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical assistance. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

10-9-17 Valdez Fire Department inspected a chimney in which the owner was concerned with a fire hazard.

10-10-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire on Oumalik Street. After arriving the fire team deemed the call a control burn and advised the owners to contact the Fire Department when a controlled burn.

10-12-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

10-13-17 Valdez Fire Department participated in a Fire Prevention Week presentation at Hermon Hutchens Elementary School.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 140


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