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DMV office in Valdez will remain open after Becky Tetz retires in 2018

Budget crunch threatened to close the local office Dept. of Motor Vehicles


November 8, 2017

For many people, the Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office is one of their least favorite places to go. From taking a driver's test, renewing a license, registering vehicles: the experience can be quite taxing.

In Valdez, Becky Tetz made sure that those coming to the local DMV had a different experience.

"My goal was to be the friendliest DMV in the state," Tetz said.

It was a decision that didn't come easy for Tetz, who said she considered her health and the pending birth of a first grandson before making a final decision.

"I had to think twice about retiring because I'm really going to miss it. I'm now going to have to hang out at the post office or the store to see people," Tetz joked.

People are one of the reasons why Tetz took the job at the DMV. The other reasons are - incredibly - her love of numbers and filling out paperwork. Those aspects of the job that can be tedious for most people, but they were fun for Tetz.

"I just love working with people and filling out forms," she said. "I just always like to do that."

Within those ten years, Tetz has seen everyone - and not just Valdez residents.

"I get people coming down Fairbanks, Wasilla, Palmer and Glennallen to do business," Tetz said. "Not sure why. They say I'm friendly."

Tetz has made going to the DMV sweet.

"I wanted to make this a good place to go to," Tetz said. "So, I supplied candy for ten years which, the new person is going to have to carry on, I hope."

Tony Gorman photo

Becky Tetz, hard at work Monday, at the Valdez DMV office.

While the Valdez DMV gets its share of out-of-town visitors, Valdez residents almost became visitors to the Glennallen Office. When Tetz put in her retirement back in June, she contacted the Governor's office to make sure the Valdez office would stay open. When she submitted her paperwork, the director told her that DMV was going to try to get the city to run the office as a cost-cutting measure. But, the governor's office decided that the Valdez Office would stay open. If that didn't happen, then Valdez residents would have to go the Glennallen office to conduct business. That office is run by a contracted worker.

Tetz's official last day is January 16.

Her replacement will be a full-time employee with benefits. That person will receive training in Anchorage before coming to Valdez to train with Tetz.


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