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Police and Fire reports


November 16, 2017

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Burglar Alarm – An alarm company called to report that a burglar alarm at a local business had been set off. The key holder met officers at the scene. Everything was safe and secure and the key holder reset the alarm.

Public Speaking – Valdez Police Department ALICE Instructor conducted active assailant training for hospital administration.

Civil Standby – A caller requested a civil standby to retrieve belongings from another person’s property. The complainant did not have a proper writ of assistance, so officers were unable to assist in the retrieval of the items.

Traffic Hazard – A tree and other debris were reported in the middle of the road on Dayville. Information was passed onto D.O.T.

Traffic Hazard – The wind had picked up a couple sheets of metal outside a local business, causing them to fly around. An officer secured the material.

Welfare Check – VPD received a call for assistance with a juvenile who was attempting to harm herself. The juvenile was unharmed and referred to mental health professionals.


Fish & Game – Somebody called to report that they hit a bunny and it appeared to be partly paralyzed and in the middle of the lane. The bunny was gone by the time officers responded.

ALICE Training – The VPD hosted the annual ALICE instructor training.

Protective Order – VPD served a long term protective order hearing



Welfare Check – Officers conducted a welfare check on an individual who had been having suicidal thoughts. Officers found that the subject was physically unharmed.

Fish & Game – A driver reported that he had hit an eagle, but couldn’t find it when he stopped and got out of his vehicle to check. Officers patrolled the area and were unable to locate a wounded eagle.

Missing Person – A caller reported a missing juvenile. The caller later called back to report that she had found the child asleep & burrowed under some laundry on the couch.


Possible Drunk Driver – A caller reported that a vehicle was swerving and driving in the wrong lane. When officers contacted the vehicle after seeing it cross the fog line a few times, they found no evidence of drugs or alcohol and the subject stated she was simply a bad driver.

Welfare Check – Glennallen State Troopers called requesting a welfare check on two individuals travelling down to Valdez for the basketball tournament. The subjects had been reported to be having car problems, and family had not heard from them. They made it to Valdez safely.

Suspicious Vehicle – A suspicious vehicle was reported at a local business after hours. The driver was contacted, and determined to be the owner of the business.

Runaway Juvenile – A female juvenile, who was reported as a runaway, was reported to be traveling to Valdez for the weekend. The subject was located and returned to her parent. The juvenile has since runaway again.

Fraud/Theft – VPD received a report that a female had stolen a check from her mom. This case is under investigation.


Open Door – The doors to a local business were blown open by the wind during closed hours. Officers checked the building, secured the doors, and the owner was contacted.

Alarm – A residential alarm was reported going off. Owner of the residence was contacted who stated that he was having issues with his smoke detector going off. No issues found at the home.

Found Property – A driver’s license and debit card were found and turned into the Police Department. The owner was contacted and stated that she had already replaced the items and requested that the VPD shred the cards.


Assault – A disturbance was reported at a local bar. A woman punched another woman at the bar and then fled the scene. Officers spoke to the victim and the witnesses and the victim did not want to press charges.

Intoxicated Pedestrian – An officer gave an intoxicated individual a ride home after his friends and cab driver refused to drive him.

Animal DOA – It was reported that there was a dead cat in the road. An officer responded to find that the dead cat was in fact a rabbit. The rabbit was removed.

Traffic Hazard – A caller reported that a trailer was in the middle of the road. An officer responded to the scene and removed the trailer from the roadway while dispatch notified the owner.

Theft – A caller reported that his outboard motor had been taken from his boat in September. This case is under investigation.

Felony DUI – Rachelle Krause, DOB: 01/21/1981, of Valdez was arrested for Felony DUI. Police located her after receiving calls from two separate parties. Ms Krause registered a breath alcohol on the datamaster of .283. Krause is being held in the Valdez Jail pending her ability to find a court approved third party custodian.


Animal Noise – A concerned caller reported a dog had been barking for the past 30 minutes and it sounded like it was hurt. An officer located the barking dog and it was fine. The owners did not answer their door or their phones. The dog was on a second story porch, so the officer was unable to secure it. The owner will receive a warning for his violation.

Found Property – A wallet belonging to William Gittins was turned in to the VPD. William Gittins may pick up his wallet from VPD at any time.

Burglar Alarm – A new worker at a local business set off the burglar alarm twice. Police responded and everything was fine.

Domestic Assault – Lindsey Barnick, DOB: 01/21/1992, of Valdez was arrested for DV Assault in the 4th Degree. Barnick is being held in Valdez Jail pending arraignment.

11-6-17 Valdez EMS assisted with a medivac.

11-6-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing assistance.

11-7-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire activation at 325 Airport Road. The fire alarm seem to go off during regular maintenance.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 98


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