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Police and Fire reports


December 6, 2017

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Found Property: A set of keys with a beaded chain were found at the Post Office and turned into the Valdez Police Department. If you have lost your keys please call the Police Department with description to claim.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual. An Officer made contact with the individual and told them to call their employer.

Theft Other: A caller reported a gun stolen from his home while he was out of town. This case is currently under investigation.

Agency Assist: A caller reported almost getting run off the road at MP 27 of the Richardson Hwy. This information was passed on to MATCOM who is the responsible agency for that area.

Public Assist: A caller reported his vehicle had broken down and requested someone to jump start his car. An Officer assisted the driver with starting his car.


Citizen Contact: While on patrol an Officer contacted a driver that was playing Pokémon in the Old Town area. The Officer advised the driver to not use a touch device while driving.

Abandoned Vehicle: A vehicle was reported to be abandoned down in the small boat harbor area.

Minor in Possession/Minor Consuming: VPD received a report that a minor had brought alcohol to school. The officer determined that the minor had consumed a portion of the alcohol and was subsequently issued a citation for Minor Consuming Alcohol.

Animal at Large: The Animal Control Officer received a report of a white and gray husky type dog at large. He responded to the area found the dog and while trying to catch it the owner showed up and captured it.

Public Speaking/Appearance: An Officer gave a detective class for a Girl Scout Troop.

Abandoned Vehicle: A caller reported a vehicle that had been parked on the street for the past 2 weeks is now in her yard. She was advised to contact her landlord who could have it towed.

Fraud Check/Cash: A caller reported that a person was interested in buying an item that he had for sale on Facebook but wanted to overpay for the item. This would in turn require the seller to purchase a money order made out to a shipping company for the overpayment amount. An Officer spoke to the caller and explained that it was a scam.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual that was possibly going to harm himself. An Officer responded to the residence and found that the individual was fine.

Fraud: A caller reported receiving a call from three police officers advising her that she missed jury duty and a warrant was out for her arrest. The call sounded very convincing and the caller was then instructed to go to the court house to get a form and a gift card for $1000 and mail to the US Court Clerk in Fairbanks. The caller reported that the person was familiar with the Valdez area and it did not sound like a scam. An Officer contacted the Postal Inspector Service and filed a fraud claim. The envelope was retrieved from the Postmaster and returned to the caller. The caller had already given the suspect the card number as well as the pin so there was no money left on the card.

Animal at Large: A caller reported a dog on her back porch that she could not catch. An Officer responded to the residence but could not get close enough to catch the dog. The dog ran home.

Disturbance Noise: A complaint of loud music playing for 15-20 minutes was called in. An Officer responded to the area and contacted the individual playing the music who agreed to turn it down.


Minor Operating: While doing a routine traffic stop an Officer charged Nathan Long, DOB: 12/21/1998, of Valdez with Minor Operating after Consuming and with Possession by person under 21. Jared Newbill, DOB: 06/01/1999 of Valdez was cited for Minor Consuming. Daniyel Henry, DOB: 06/12/1999 of Valdez was cited for Minor Consuming and 1 other minor was cited with Minor Consuming.

Bench Warrant: Eric Anthony Auten, DOB: 12/29/70 of Valdez was arrested on a Civil Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear on an Order to show cause. Mr. Auten was booked at the Valdez Jail and released on bail.

Traffic Complaint: A caller reported a passenger van speeding. The caller then reported the incident to the director of the business to which the van belonged. No further action requested.


Theft Information: An Anchorage business owner called to report a person involved in a theft from his business was suppose to be heading to Valdez.

Snow Removal: Numerous vehicles were impeding snow removal. The owners were all given warnings.

Bench Warrant: Cale Harrison, DOB: 03/01/84, of Valdez was arrested on a Failure to Appear for arraignment bench warrant. Original charge was Theft of Property. Mr. Harrison was booked into the Valdez jail and arraigned the next day.

Agency Assist: A caller reported a broken water line on Atigun Street. The City Shop responded to the area and found a garden hose running. It was not creating a problem.

Family Issues: A caller reported having issues with his step dad and wanted to meet an Officer at the High School to discuss the incident. An Officer responded and spoke to the individual and to the parents. It was a verbal issue only.

Reckless Driving: Two vehicles spinning brodies in the Valdez Mobile Home Park was called in. Officers responded to the area but were not able to locate any vehicles matching the description given.


Parking: A caller reported that a jeep has been parking at the Teen Center parking lot overnight. The owner was notified and instructed not to park overnight anymore.

Disturbance: VPD received a request to check on two individuals that were intoxicated. Officers responded and provided the female a ride into town.

Serve Time: Kimberly Odell Hendrickson, DOB: 08/20/70, of Valdez checked into the Valdez Jail to serve 120 days. Original charge of Driving Under the Influence – Felony.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual that had not been heard from in a couple of days. An Officer responded to the residence. The individual was fine and the caregiver had been by earlier in the day.


Vehicle in Ditch: A single vehicle accident was reported on the Valdez Tide Flats. An Officer responded to the area where he found a second vehicle had attempted to pull out the first vehicle and ended up in the ditch also. The tow truck assisted with pulling both vehicles from the ditch.

Traffic Complaint: A caller reported a driver of a blue semi-truck with trailer had passed 4-5 vehicles in an unsafe manner near Robe River Subdivision.

Vehicle in Ditch: A vehicle went in the ditch near the location of the other vehicles. An Officer was able to pull the vehicle out.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual. An Officer went to the residence and found everything was fine.

Lost Property: An IPhone in a purplish/pink case was lost near Cottonwood manor. If you have found this phone please drop it off at the Valdez Police Department.

Traffic Hazard: A report of power lines hanging low over the road by MP 1 on the Richardson Highway was received. The information was passed onto Copper Valley Electric who fixed the issue.

Welfare Check: Whittier Police received a 911 that they believed was in the Valdez area. Officers tried to contact the party but they no longer had that cell phone and did not know who did.

Snow Removal: Numerous vehicle owners were contacted to move their vehicles so the snow plows could remove snow. Just a reminder: Do not park on the streets during the snow season or you may find that your vehicle was towed during the night.


Traffic Hazard: Several individuals were attempting to build a jump for snowboarding on North Harbor Drive. An Officer advised them not to do that.

Barking Dog: A report of a dog barking for several hours was received. An Officer responded to the area but the dog had stopped barking.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an 18 year old female that seemed disoriented and wandering the area. An Officer responded to the area but was unable to find anyone matching the description given.

Animal Impound: A stray black lab was reported in the Safeway parking lot. An Officer responded to the area and impounded the dog and took it to the animal shelter.

Civil Problem/Dispute: A dispute over a vehicle that was still in custody of a mechanic was called in. An Officer advised the caller that it was a civil dispute and to try to work it out.

Agency Assistance: Valdez Police assisted Alaska State Troopers with traffic control at MP 43 due to several Semi’s that were in the ditch.

Disturbance Other: Providence Hospital requested assistance with a patient that was leaving against medical advice and a danger to themselves. An Officer responded and patient was released to a guardian.

11-28-17 Valdez EMS assisted an individual needing medical attention.

11-28-17 Valdez Fire responded to the fire alarm activation at Pioneer Field Airport. After investigation of the area, no fire was located and the alarm was reactivated.

12-1-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire alarm activation in a home. After investigation of the area, no fire was located and there seemed to be a malfunction of the fire alarm being reset.

12-1-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual having medical issues. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

12-2-17 Valdez EMS assisted with a medivac request.

12-3-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to furnace fire on Fidalgo Drive. The fire was contained and extinguished.

12-3-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to concern of an odor at the Small Boat Harbor, Dock A. The area was secured and an odor coming from one of the vessels seemed to be an issue with the batteries on the vessel. The owner was notified with the concern.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 113


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