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Police and Fire reports


December 13, 2017

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Civil Issue – An individual called in requesting to speak with an officer about a civil issue between herself and a person she was paying to fix her car. Officers advised her to try and work it out with each other first, and then call back if they needed further assistance.

SAM – VPD received a report of possible sexual abuse of a minor. This case is under investigation.

Animal at Large – A pug wearing a leather jacket was wandering the streets of Valdez. A Good Samaritan brought the dog out of the rain and took it to the shelter.


Theft – A caller reported noticing a set of narrow tire tracks possibly belonging to a small truck or car going towards her fuel tank. Caller suspected a theft of fuel, but waited until her fuel company came out to confirm. She estimated about 100-120 gallons of fuel missing based on historical usage. The complainant now has locking fuel caps installed.

Animal at Large – Officers were unable to locate a dog at large reported running in the vicinity of Dayville Road and Robe River.

Domestic Disturbance – A caller reported that their daughter was having some issues and had cut herself and bit her father. Officers responded and separated the parties as well as provided transportation for the daughter to stay at a friend’s house for the night.


Impeding Snow Removal – Several vehicles were given warnings for impeding snow removal by parking on the streets overnight.

Citizen Assist – Officers assisted a driver stuck in her driveway.

Citizen Assist – Officers assisted a motorist who was stuck in the snow. After getting the vehicle back in service, officers stayed to assist another motorist who came and got stuck there as well.

Citizen Assist – Officers assisted another stuck motorist. Busy snow day.

Animal at Large – Officers were unable to locate a small brown and white puppy running around by the Best Western.

Animal at Large – A plow driver reported a brown lab running around in the street, afraid he was going to get hit. The dog was nowhere to be found by officers.

MVA Damage – A caller reported that an individual who was packing the snow down in his driveway had backed into and damaged his vehicle. The subject had already left, but officers located him and issued PAR forms.

911 Hang-Ups – A caller called 911 and hung up. Dispatch called back and got no answer. A few minutes later, dispatch was able to get the caller to answer the phone, and the caller seemed confused and/or impaired but said that she didn’t need assistance. Dispatch informed her that officers were already on their way. The caller then hung up and redialed 911 to request officers to respond to her residence. Officers and EMS responded to the residence to provide care.


Impeding Snow Removal – Owners of a vehicle impeding snow removal were contacted and advised to move their vehicle.

Welfare Check – Friends were unable to get a hold of an individual after the individual. Officers conducted a welfare check and found the subject was going through some issues but doing okay.

Fraud – An individual was instructed by their bank to contact local police after being scammed out of $850 by a caller who claimed to be his grandson. The caller had sent the money via his bank, and then the scammer requested more money which finally raised suspicion with the scam victim. The bank put together a consumer fraud report.

Fraud – A scammer attempted to get information from a victim by stating, “This is card services calling to verify your information.” Guard your information carefully, do not give it out to anyone that calls you.

Fraud – A caller reported that someone went online to Speedy Cash and gave them his information to receive $300. Now collectors are contacting him trying to receive back the money that somebody withdrew in his name.

Suspicious Person – A man was attempting to get into someone’s vehicle while the owner was shopping. Officers were unable to locate the individual, but have a suspect.


Threat – A landlord received threatening text messages from a tenant.

Noise Disturbance – A loud party was reported. Officers responded, listened for a while, and found a few friends having a relatively quiet backyard bonfire. The people were contacted and asked to keep it down.


Threat – A landlord contacted VPD wanting to turn in some tools that belonged to a tenant she hasn’t been able to contact. The tenant had made some threatening comments in the past. Officers spoke with the landlord and took the “tools,” which turned out to be machetes.

Welfare Check – Officers conducted a welfare check on a woman who was not heard from following an altercation with her significant other. Officers found her to be just fine.

Citizen Contact – Officers contacted a man who was rummaging through a dumpster behind a local business.

Noise Disturbance – A bass guitar-playing man was given a warning to keep it down.


Theft of Property – A caller reported that a rod vault was stolen from his vehicle.

Safety Hazard – Some kids were playing on thin ice around Mile Post 1 of the Richardson Highway. They had departed the area by the time an officer got there.

Welfare Check – A dizzy man called requesting an officer to come check on him. An officer responded, as well as the fire department to check for carbon monoxide in the residence. No CO was detected.

Disturbance Disturbance – It was reported that there was a possible domestic violence case in progress. Officers responded to find both parties yelling at each other. The fight was verbal only, and the parties were separated.

Harassment – A Police Agency from Utah contacted VPD about a Valdez resident who has sent them approximately 800 messages in the last few days. This case is under investigation.

12-4-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical assistance.

12-6-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual having medical issues. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center

12-8-17 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fuel tank that was knocked over. The scene was investigated and secured. The property owner was notified of the situation.

12-8-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual having medical issues. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

12-9-17 Valdez EMS assisted with a medivac request.

12-10-17 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical assistance. The patient was treated at the scene.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 98


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