Police and Fire reports


January 3, 2018

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations

and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Harassment: A caller felt as if they were being harassed after someone who claimed they were from Publishers Clearing House was continuously calling them. VPD advised them to block the number and to not give out any personal information.

Parking Problems: A report was received regarding a vehicle parked on a City street, and impeding snow removal. The RO was given a warning about the vehicle and to have it moved.

Noise Disturbance: A caller reported a child crying within a mutual apartment complex. Officers responded to the location and found everything to be ok. It was explained to the complainant that there will be noise where small children are living.

Agency Assist: VPD assisted VFD with a vehicle that had caught on fire after the RO was trying to thaw out the door lock.


Domestic Assault: Dispatch received a report of two intoxicated individuals fighting. Officers responded and, after an investigation, arrested Ryan Olaf Stock, DOB 04/21/1983, of Valdez for DV Assault in the 4th Degree and Violating Conditions of Release on an open case of DV Assault 4. After appearing at mandatory arraignment, Mr. Stock was released on bail of $500.

Criminal Mischief: Suspected vandalism was reported on a vehicle parked at a local business. This case is under investigation.


Problems with Neighbors: A caller requested to speak to an officer about their neighbor trespassing on their property.

Information: A vehicle was reported damaged possibly by a loader plowing snow. This case is currently under investigation.


Animal Cruelty: VPD received a report that a video on Snapchat was posted of someone killing a rabbit with an ice pick. An officer contacted the subject who admitted to killing the rabbit. This case was forwarded to the Animal Control Officer.


Gunshots Heard: A caller reported hearing 2 gunshots around Coast Guard Housing area. An officer responded to the area and was unable to locate or hear any gunshots.

Disturbance: Two individuals appeared to be fighting and arguing in front of the hospital. An officer found it to be two juveniles playing in the snow.


Strange Activity: A bag containing a rabbit head was found outside of a local church. If you have any additional information regarding this, please contact the Valdez Police Department.

Citizen Assist: Officers assisted a citizen whose vehicle had run out of gas and was disabled on the side of the highway.


Animal at Large: A yellow lab was wandering around Hanagita St. The complainant stated the dog lives on Chena St. The dog had left the area prior to officer arrival.

Fish and Game: A wounded owl was picked up in the middle of the road at Alpine Woods. The Community Safety Officer collected the owl and transported it to the animal shelter where it will be prepared to be sent to Anchorage for some TLC.


Gun Shots Heard – Gun shots in the 10 mile area. Officers arrived in the area and drove around for several minutes and did not see or hear anything suspicious or anyone outside.

Fireworks – Fireworks were reported being shot off in Robe River Subdivision. Two different residents were found to be shooting fireworks and they were told that they were upsetting their neighbors and kindly asked to cease firing.


Residential Burglary – A burglary was reported at a local residence. The suspect was reported to be a friend of the homeowner. This case is currently under investigation.

Theft – Theft of heating fuel was reported in the Aleutian trailer court. This case is currently under investigation.

DUI – Arrested Darren P Mitvitnikoff, DOB 8/15/78, of Valdez, for DUI. His BRaC was .169 at the time of arrest. Mr. Mitvitnikoff was held at the Valdez Jail pending arraignment.


Suspicious Person – A caller reported that someone was in the graveyard with a flashlight. They thought it was suspicious because it was 1:00am. A VPD officer contacted an individual who was just visiting graves on their way home.

Animal Neglect – A caller reported that their neighbor’s dog has been left outside for 3 days. The animal control officer responded to the residence to check on the dog. The owners were not home so the officer gave the dog some water. The ACO was able to make contact with the owner later in the day to discuss the situation with the animal.

Fraud Credit Card – A credit card was reported stolen and someone had attempted to use it to get a hotel room. This case is currently under investigation.

Possible Drunk Driver – A vehicle was reported weaving over the center line. Officers contacted the driver and found no impairment of alcohol or drugs.


Home Confinement – Darren P Mitvitnikoff, DOB: 8/15/78, of Valdez, reported to serve 5 days of home confinement for a DUI conviction.

Traffic Hazard – A vehicle was reported broke down on the side of the road and the occupants were arguing. Officers responded to the area but the individuals and vehicle were no longer at the scene.

Animal Cruelty – A caller reported a dog tied to a dumpster and was concerned for its safety since it was so cold. The animal control officer attempted to contact the owner. When the officer went to check on the animal it was gone.


Possible Drunk Driver – A vehicle was reported driving in the opposite lane and almost going into the ditch on the other side of the road. Officers responded to the area but were unable to find a vehicle matching the description given by the caller.

Open Door – A door was reported open at a local business. Officer responded and made entry into the business and found no one inside. The owner was contacted and the door was secured.


Driving without a License – A caller was concerned that someone they knew is driving without a license. Officers at the time were not able to contact the subject of concern.


Hit and Run – A parked vehicle was reported hit by another vehicle. Officers attempted to find the suspect vehicle but did not see a vehicle matching the description that was given by several witnesses.

Traffic Complaint - A caller reported several vehicles blocking a roadway and lighting off fireworks. When officers arrived the vehicles were gone.


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