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Records fell last week in Valdez at the Native Youth Olympics mini-meet

Local athletes will travel to Anchorage to challenge Alaska's best in traditional games


April 18, 2018

Tony Gorman photo

The wrist carry is one of many tests of strength and endurance that challenged athletes in the Native Youth Olympics.

Record performances last weekend by Ben Kompkoff and Evan Alexander record highlighted the Valdez NYO Mini-Meet. The two athletes set or tied records during the two-day event that determines who represents Valdez at the State Meet.

"Some kids really rose to the occasion this weekend," Valdez NYO coach Rod Morrison said.

Alexander set a new school record in the boys' scissor broad jump at 31'3 ¼" feet. The record was previously held by Charles Selanoff, who recorded a 28'7" jump. Alexander also finished third in the two-foot high kick and the one-foot high kick.

Kompkoff tied Jesse Johns' one-foot high jump record with a 100" jump. He also finished second in the Alaska high kick and the scissor broad jump and third in the Indian stick pull.

Dakota Brown had a stellar weekend with three first place finishes. He had jumps of 39 ¼", 84", and 70" in kneel jump, two-foot high kick, and Alaska high kick to place first in all of those in events.

Quinton Cox also had three first place finishes along with a third-place finish. He finished first in the Eskimo stick and Indian stick pulls and the seal hop. Cox finished the Seal Hop at 54'5 ¼". He placed third in the Alaska high kick.

On the girls' side, Ambrosia Woodgate and Chevon Oxford were the top performers. Woodgate collected three first place finishes and five Top 3 finishes over the weekend. She held on for 64'8 ½" feet in the wrist carry, jumped 62" in the one-foot high kick, and beat out several competitors in the Indian stick pull to place first in each of those events. She also finished second in the scissor board jump and third seal hop.

Chevon Oxford finished first place in three events and second and third in two more events. She jumped 60" inches in the Alaska high kick, stretched 50" in the one-hand reach, and went 53'11 ¼" feet in the seal hop to place first in those events. Oxford finished second in Eskimo stick pull and third in the one-foot high kick.

In other results, Sierra Lesniak won the girls' kneel jump with a 21" jump. Faith Grey placed first in the Eskimo stick pull. Lydia Robart's 19'11 ½"-jump won her the scissor board jump. Hunter Francis finished first in the boys' wrist carry by hanging on for 61'9".

Even though the Mini-Meet is billed as a qualifier for the Valdez High School and Middle School teams, the results are not final. In the lead-up to the State Meet, athletes will have opportunities to replace the top-finisher from Mini-Meet through challenges at practices. Some athletes were unable to participate last weekend due to the ACT and Aurora Music Festival. In all of his year's coaching the team, Morrison has seen a lot changes in the State Meet roster through the challenges.

"It's just kind of a way to let the kids challenge each other and work a little hard to see if they get higher heights to ensure that we have the best team when we travel to State," Morrison said.

The State NYO Meet will take place on April 26-28 at the Alaska Airlines Center in Anchorage.

Girls Results:

Kneel Jump: 1st 21" Sierra Lesniak; 2nd Zoe Brown; 3rd Cora Kagak

Alaska High Kick: 1st 60" Chevon Oxford; 2nd Faith Grey; 3rd Lucy Selanoff

Wrist Carry: 1st 64'8 ½" Ambrosia Woodgate; 2nd Lydia Robart

One-Hand Reach: 1st 50" Chevon Oxford

Eskimo Stick Pull: 1st Faith Grey; 2nd Chevon Oxford; 3rd JoJo Ferguson

Indian Stick Pull: 1st Ambrosia Woodgate; 2nd Sierra Lesniak; 3rd Faith Grey

One-Foot High Kick: 1st 62" Ambrosia Woodgate; 2nd Zoe Brown; 3rd Chevon Oxford

Seal Hop: 1st 53'11 ¼" Chevon Oxford; 2nd Lucy Selanoff; 3rd Ambroasia Woodgate

Scissor Board Jump: 1st 19'11 ½" Lydia Robart; Ambrosia Woodgate; 3rd JoJo Ferguson

Boys Results:

Tony Gorman photo

Athletes from Valdez City Schools will be traveling to the state meet to compete in the Native Youth Olympics.

Kneel Jump: 1st 39 ¼ Dakota Brown; 2nd Conner Moore; 3rd Anthony Kelley

Two-Foot High Kick: 1st 84" Dakota Brown; 2nd Anthony Kelly; 3rd Evan Alexander

Alaska High Kick: 1st 70" Dakota Brown; 2nd Ben Kompkoff; 3rd Quinton Cox

Wrist Carry: 1st 61'9" Hunter Francis; 2nd Anthony Kelley; 3rd Conner Moore

Eskimo Stick Pull: 1st Quinton Cox; 2nd Rick Colapietro; 3rd Daniel Hundorf

Indian Stick Pull: 1st Quinton Cox; 2nd Daniel Hundorf; 3rd Ben Kompkoff

One-Foot High Kick: 1st 100" Ben Kompkoff; 2nd Dakota Brown; 3rd Evan Alexander

Seal Hop: 1st 54'5 ¼" Quinton Cox; 2nd Anthony Kelley; 3rd Ben Kompkoff

Scissor Board Jump: 1st 31'3 ¼" Evan Alexander; 2nd Ben Kompkoff; 3rd Dakota Brown


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