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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Summons: Agnes P. Harper, DOB 11/26/58 of Valdez has been charged with Harassment, Theft 4th Degree, and Disorderly Conduct.

Animal Impound: A dog reported at large was captured and taken to the animal shelter

Possible Drunk Driver: A driver was reported weaving on the road and crossing the lines multiple times. Officers responded and found that the driver was negative for alcohol, but rather had been talking on his cell phone while looking at the mountains.

Drug Info: Someone called to report that they thought they had drugs in their cabin after they had let some people stay there. Officers found that it was actually food remnants wrapped in tinfoil.

Traffic Hazard: A wheel fell off a Jeep Liberty while driving down the road. The owners were able to get it off the road and tow it themselves.

Barking Dog: A caller reported 4 dogs outside barking all the time.

Traffic Hazard: A caller reported a moving van to be smoking, possibly the brakes. Officers did not find any vans in distress.


Welfare Check: Family members requested a welfare check on an individual after receiving alarming Facebook messages. Officers contacted the individual and put her in contact with a counselor.

Parking Problems: A driver was warned about parking on the sidewalk.

Theft of Property: A caller reported some personal property had been stolen. This case is still under investigation.

Bear Related Calls: Animal Control stayed on standby at the tide flats while tourists observed a couple of bears come and go.

Child Custody Disputes: In response to a complaint about not adhering to court rulings in regards to custody agreements, Officers reviewed court paperwork and contacted both parties.

Controlled Substance Problem: Four adults were smoking marijuana at the Overlook Trail. Officers advised them not to smoke marijuana in public.

Animal at Large: Animal Control reunited a dog with its owner after finding it wandering around.

Traffic Complaint: A warning was issued to a driver after receiving a report of them passing a semi on a blind corner with oncoming traffic.

Possible Drunk Driver: Officers were unable to locate a vehicle that had been reported to be swerving on the roadway.


Fish & Game: An eagle was found struggling in the water by one of the fish cleaning stations at the small boat harbor. Officers were able to rescue the bird. While waiting for animal control to come care for the bird, the eagle flew away.

MVA-No Damage: VPD received a report that a vehicle had possibly hit a bicyclist. Officers found that the cyclist had not been hit. The cyclist pressed the front brake on his bike instead of the back brake. He sustained a few injuries but did not want any further assistance.

Welfare Check: Someone called the VPD and hung up. Officers stopped by his house to make sure everything was okay.

Domestic Assault: Trevin G. Barnes, DOB 09/31/91 of Valdez has been charged with Assault 4th Degree. Upon arriving at the Valdez Jail, it was discovered that he had a controlled substance tentatively identified as methamphetamine in his pocket and was subsequently charged with MICS 4th Degree.

Traffic Complaint: A driver was warned about his erratic driving after peeling out and whipping down the street, leaving black tire marks on the roadway near where children play.

Criminal Mischief: A homeowner reported somebody had been driving on his lawn, leaving tracks.


Strange Activity: Four adult males were reported wearing trench coats and dark clothing, lurking at a local business and eye-balling a security guard. Officers responded and the individuals left.

Possible Drunk Driver: VPD received a report of a possible drunk driver. Officers found the suspect negative for alcohol impairment, but issued a citation for failure to provide proof of insurance.

Parking Problems: A driver was contacted for parking in front of a local business for several days.

General Contact: An Officer contacted a woman who was driving around with her purse on the hood of her car and hadn’t noticed it.

Suspicious Person: A caller reported that three women tried to coax his 3 year old daughter to leave the playground with them. Police were unable to locate persons matching their description.

Aggressive Animal: Animal control recovered a dog that had attacked another dog.


Fish & Game: An eagle hit a power line and died.

Traffic Complaint: An individual was contacted about placing boards and sharp objects to deter people from driving on the park strip. The individual was told to remove them, however driving on the park strip is still not allowed.

Animal DOA: A caller reported a dead white dog on the road. The responding Officer found a white sorbent pad and not a dog after all.


Child Custody Disputes: Officers contacted individuals about their child custody agreement.

ATV: A VPD Officer contacted some kids driving a 4-wheeler.

Camping Prohibited Area: A camper was observed to be setting up camp in a prohibited camping area. He was advised as to where he is allowed.


DUI: A vehicle attempted to evade police while on a routine traffic stop. Donney S. Carlson, DOB 12/30/93 of Valdez was arrested and charged with Failure to Stop at Direction of Police Officer, DUI, and 2 counts of Reckless Endangerment. Mr. Carlson is being held at the Valdez Jail on a $5,000 Appearance Bond and $5,000 Cash Performance Bond. His Datamaster result was .180

Assist EMS Crew: Officers assisted the EMS crew with an inmate experiencing abdominal pain.

Traffic Hazard: Officer removed a trash can from the roadway.

MVA-D: Two vehicles were issued PAR forms after getting in a fender bender at the Stampmill parking lot.

5-21-18 Valdez EMS responded for a public assistance request.

5-21-18 Valdez EMS responded for a public assistance request

5-22-18 Valdez EMS responded to assist with a medivac.

5-23-18 Valdez EMS witnessed and responded to a dirt bike accident. The patient was treated and the scene.

5-24-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

5-24-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire alarm activation at the Valdez Museum Annex. After investigation of the area, no fire was found and the alarm was reset.

5-25-18 Valdez Fire Department investigated some smoke smell in the front office of city hall. No fire issue was found.

5-25-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 142


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