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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations

and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Abandoned: Officers found an abandoned vehicle on the road. The owner was contacted and had it moved.

Animal Impound: Complainant flagged down officer to obtain a dog found wandering around apartment building. The dog was left at the shelter until the owner retrieved it.

DWLS: Eric Folwer DOB 5/5/1970, of Valdez, was cited for Driving While License Suspended.

ATV: Caller reported 2 side by sides and 3 four wheelers driving on the flats in the protected area by Mineral Creek. Officers responded and made contact with a four wheeler, which was determined not to be one of the four wheelers originally reported.

Possible Drunk Driver: Officers were unable to locate to a report of a truck that was reported to be swerving all over the Richardson HWY heading outbound. The information was passed on to Glennallen Troopers.

Theft Bicycle: A bicycle was stolen from the basketball hoops on Hanagita. Complainant called back to let us know someone had taken the bike and returned it to his house.

Stop FI: While on patrol, officers made contact with a vehicle owner to advise them of the statute of parking too close to a stop sign and had the owner move the vehicle.


Welfare Check: A wife who lives out of town, called to request a welfare check on her husband who she thinks fell asleep while canning halibut and left the pressure canner going. An officer responded and spoke to her husband, everything was fine and burner was off.

Traffic Complaint: A boat and RV were reported to be blocking the roadway on Coho. Officers responded and the roadway was passable.

Arrest Warrant: Gerald Kompkoff DOB 12/05/70, of Valdez, was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release when he missed several required alcohol tests while out on electronic monitoring. Original charge DUI.

Animal Info: Caller reported a marmot stuck in the wheel well of their vehicle. VPD personnel extracted the marmot from the vehicle.

Arrested: Marty Brown, DOB: 4/27/61, of Valdez on an outstanding warrant for Failure to Appear for arraignment. Original charge Theft 4.

Theft: Caller reported people were stealing wood from City property that Parks and Recreation were planning on using. Officers made contact with the P&R office and was told that they were not going to use the wood.


MVA Hit & Run: A RV hit the Valdez Visitor’s Center and drove away.

Theft Property: A yellow and black Dewalt drill and one or two 4 amp batteries were stolen from the Best Western on 5/24/18.

Possible Drunk Driver: A white van was reported swerving over the white line. Officers made contact with the driver. The driver was not impaired, just eating, visiting, and showing people around.

911 Hang Up: Dispatch received a 911 hang up from the 18 mile pay phone. Caller called back on their cell phone.

Stolen Vehicle/Agency Assist: VPD had received a tip that an individual who had stolen a vehicle from Anchorage was coming to Valdez. Officers investigated and learned that the suspect was indeed in Valdez. VPD officers located the suspect, who was wanted on outstanding warrants and placed him under arrest. The vehicle was located hidden behind a house.

Warrant Arrest/Probation Remand: KristaLee Marianne Redelk, DOB 10/06/83, of Anchorage, was arrested for an outstanding Bench Warrant and a Probation Remand Warrant. Redelk was also arrested on Valdez charges for False Information when Redelk gave officers the wrong name. Redelk was later charged with Criminal Mischief after he damaged property in the jail while in custody.

Civil Dispute: A caller had questions for an officer regarding a civil matter.


Traffic Complaint: Caller reported a vehicle with subwoofers so loud it shakes items in their store when it drives by.

Lost Property: A wallet was lost around Salmon Turnaround. If found, please return to the Police Department.

Remand: VPD received a report of a highly intoxicated man on the corner by the bank. The callers reported that the man was vomiting and were concerned he may wander into traffic. A VPD officer made contact with the man who was determined to be on probation and not to drink alcohol. Jeremy Allan Bruseau DOB 6/4/1976, of Anchorage, was remanded to Valdez City Jail for Probation Violation.

Abandoned Vehicle: A vehicle was reported abandoned at the end of Airport Road.

MVA – Damage: A report of a two vehicle accident at the store parking lot. There was only minor damage so both parties were issued PAR forms.

Stop FI: Officers made contact with a vehicle driving on the shoulder of the road with hazards on. The driver stated they were driving on the shoulder because the vehicle had a flat tire.

Noise Disturbance: At approximately 23:20 hours, VPD received a noise complaint regarding a juvenile playing basketball under the caller’s window. Officers responded and the juvenile subject was already gone.


Stop FI: Officers made contact with a male and female who appeared to be having a disagreement. Both individuals were intoxicated, just bantering back and forth.

Bench Warrant: James January DOB 12/31/1984, of Valdez, was arrested on a VPD outstanding warrant for Failure to Appear. Original charge Trespassing. January was also cited for Driving While License Suspended.

Animal Noise: Caller reported their neighbor’s are out of town and their dog is continuously barking. ACO made contact with the dog owner.

Transport: VPD transported an inmate to Mat Su Pre-Trial.

Disturbance Other: Caller reported kids with bats hitting each other and a female, who they believe to be their mother, has been yelling at them all day. Officers responded to find everything was ok, that is just how the grandmother talks.

Theft: Caller reported his gun was stolen about a year ago. This case is currently under investigation.

MVA – I: Single vehicle motorcycle accident was reported on Richardson Hwy.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on a man who was suicidal. Officers made contact with the subject. The subject reported that he was emotional, but no longer suicidal.

Traffic Complaint: Caller reported an ATV driving recklessly on the ATV trail.

Serve Time: Stanley J Edwin DOB 6/9/1982, of Glennallen, reported to the Valdez Jail to serve time for a Glennallen case.

Possible Drunk Driver: Caller reported they believe their mother was driving under the influence to a local business. Officers responded to the business to find the suspect arriving in a cab.


Assault: VPD received a report of a man who had been assaulted by his roommate. Officers made contact with the suspect who reported that his roommate would not shut his alarm off and that he chested up to him and said “what are you going to do about it” and would not leave him alone, so he did something about it. Saul S. Venegas DOB 12/06/1988, of Salinas, CA, was summonsed for Assault 4.

Animal at Large: ACO retrieved a dog at large and returned it to its owner.

Agency Assist: VPD performed traffic control for the Relay for Life Color Run.

Public Event: VPD officers assisted SWAN at the Bike Rodeo.

Noise Disturbance: A caller reported a vehicle with a loud motor or muffler driving up and down the street by the Small Boat Harbor. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.


Suspicious Person: At approximately 1:00 a.m., a caller reported that someone was banging on their door. Officers responded and did not find anyone suspicious at the residence.

Disturbance Other: At 02:16 a.m., VPD a man reported that a girl had locked him out of building when he went outside for fresh air. The caller only had pants on but indicted that the girl had shoved his phone under the door to him. She would not give him the rest of his clothes. Officers made attempts to get her to open the door but she would not. The officers gave him a ride to another location.

Found Property: A bike was turned into the VPD. The bike was found down by the Kelsey Dock area. If you are missing a BMX style bike, please contact VPD with further descriptors to claim.

Suspicious Person: A caller reported two men followed her home the night before after making disturbing comments to her at the bar.

Bear Incident: A report of bears making sounds of agony by the City Shop was received. Officers found a sow and two cubs making their way back up the mountain.

Theft from Vehicle: An iPhone was stolen from a vehicle at Glacier Camp Ground. If you have any information on this case please call VPD.

Trespassing: Two individuals were reported trespassing at the C&D Pit. Officers made contact with them and let them know to contact Public Works department to gain authorized access to the pit.

Animal Info: VPD received a report of someone letting their dog defecate on the City Dock. The owner was identified and will be contacted by an officer.

Found Property: A cell phone was turned into VPD. The owner was able to identify and retrieve the cell phone.

Animal at Large: A dog running loose was picked up and returned to its owner.

5-30-18 Valdez EMS responded to assist with a medivac.

5-31-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene.

6-1-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene.

6-1-18 Valdez EMS responded to a motorcycle accident. The patient was treated and the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

6-1-18 Valdez EMS responded to assist with a medivac.

6-2-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to a possible oil spill. There seemed to be roughly about 1 cup of fuel spilled under a vehicle. No other fuel spill was found.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 138


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