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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Noise Disturbance – A caller reported that his neighbor was playing their music too loud. Officers made contact and they agreed to keep the noise down.

Motor Vehicle Accident – A minor vehicle accident was reported. Report was taken for insurance purposes.

Traffic Hazard – A motorist reported rocks in the roadway in the canyon. DOT was contacted to remove them.

Harassment – A local business reported that they were being harassed by a woman who was let go. They reported that they would call back if she continued to harass them.

ATV – A driver of an ATV was contacted due to their high beams being too bright for oncoming traffic. The driver was unaware they were on high and turned them down.


Arrest – During a traffic stop, officers determined that the driver, James M. January, DOB: 12/31/84 of Valdez did not have a valid Driver’s License. He was currently out of jail on conditions from another case. His conditions stated that he would not violate any laws. Mr. January violated the law by driving without a license. He was subsequently arrested and charged with Violating Conditions of Release. He was held at the Valdez Jail and arraigned the following day. Mr. January also received a citation for Driving While License Revoked/Suspended which has a mandatory court appearance.

Bear Incident – VPD received a report that a bear had gained access to trash inside a residential garage. The caller had inadvertently left the door ajar. The owner of the residence sprayed the bear with bear spray, angering it, and the bear ‘bluff’ charged him before taking off.

Criminal Mischief – A caller reported that someone had thrown a big rock through the windshield of her vehicle. This case is under investigation.

Theft – The theft of a street sign was reported. The caller stated that they had already called public works to get a replacement.

Animal Bite – VPD dispatch received a report that a young girl was bitten by the neighbor’s dog. The girl’s parent took her into the clinic as a precaution. The dog was given a 10-day home quarantine sentence.

Theft – A local business reported the theft of a firearm. Upon further inspection it was determined that the missing firearm had already been reported months prior and the box for it was set aside in the storage room, making it look like it was a recent theft.

Bear Incident – A caller reported a black bear out at the Valdez Glacier Campground. The caller was reporting it due to their being a group of girl scouts in the area. The bear was gone when the officer arrived.

Marijuana – A VPD Officer made contact with two individuals who were smoking marijuana in their vehicle. They were advised of the laws regarding marijuana in public and issued a warning.

Public Consumption – A VPD Officer made contact with a group of people at the Valdez Glacier viewing point who were consuming alcohol. The Officer informed them of the laws regarding no alcohol allowed in public areas.

Noise Disturbance – A caller reported that his neighbor was playing their music too loud again and were intoxicated. Officers made contact with the home owner, who was indeed intoxicated, and she agreed to keep the noise down.

Unattended Camp Fire – While conducting a security check around the area of dock point and the new harbor project a VPD Officer extinguished a camp fire that was left unattended.


Animal Noise – A caller reported that a white dog was tied up outside a house and was barking and howling over the last hour. Officers made contact with the owner who agreed to bring the dog inside.

Welfare Check – A caller from out of state requested a check on her daughter. Officers made contact and assisted the individual with making contact with a friend that would be able to stay with her and get her the help she needed.

Parking - A vehicle was reported off the roadway quite a ways. The back end of the vehicle was visible. Officers determined that the occupants had already left and tagged the vehicle.

Bear Incident – A black bear was reported to be in the area between Galena Drive and Egan. The bear was not causing any problems.

Domestic Violence Hearing Notice – A notice was served on an individual informing him of a Long Term Hearing for a Protective Order that he was required to attend.

Property Damage – A caller reported that their neighbor’s trampoline blew into his vehicle causing damage. Involved parties are taking care of the issue.

ATV – An individual was seen driving this ATV on the bike path on Dayville Road. VPD Officer made contact with the driver and informed him that no motorized vehicles are allowed on the bike path.

Neighbor Dispute – A caller reported that her neighbor is upset about a cable running through her yard. The caller did not know what the cable was for. When Officers arrived on scene the upset neighbor was not at home. The caller wanted the information documented in case the issue continues.

ATV – A group of young kids, who never have helmets on, were reported to be racing around the Alpine Woods Subdivision on four wheelers and dirt bikes. The suspects have not been located. It is advised that the parents of these youngsters let them know what the rules are for ATV/Motorcycle use is on public roadways.

Intoxicated Pedestrian – A caller reported that an intoxicated man was hanging around the skate park. A VPD Officer made contact with a man matching the description of the suspect. The man was not intoxicated but admitted to having a beer earlier. He was issued a warning about drinking in public.


Assault – VPD dispatch received an anonymous call reporting that “my so called brother” hit me. The caller stated they would call back and hung up. Dispatch was able to determine a possible area of the call. Officers responded and made contact with several intoxicated people standing outside of a residence. The individuals reported no physical harm was made, verbal arguments only.

Warrant Arrest - Jarvis H. Prince, DOB: 3/14/89 of Anchorage was arrested on an outstanding Anchorage Police Department warrant for Failing to Appear an Arraignment-Original Charge was Petition to Revoke Probation.

Bear Incident – A caller reported that a bear is tearing up his neighbors trash and dragging it into his yard. The Animal Control Officer shot some pepper rounds at the bear and it ran into the woods.

Traffic Complaint – A black ford ranger was reported to be continually speeding through the parking lot of a local apartment complex. Officers made contact with the owner and gave them a warning and told her to slow down.

Lost Property – A rose colored Iphone 7 was reported lost near the Elementary school. If you have found this phone please turn it into VPD Dispatch.

Remand Arrest – An individual who had been arrested two weeks prior for consuming alcohol, which was against his conditions of probation, was located passed out behind a local business. Jeremy Bruseau, DOB: 6/4/76, of Anchorage was again remanded into custody due to his level of intoxication. He remains in custody on $20,000 bail and will be transported to Anchorage.

Traffic Complaint – VPD received a report of an individual driving without a license. A VPD Officer later contacted the individual driving on the Richardson Hwy. The driver, Robert Gillespie, was issued a mandatory court appearance citation for Driving While License Revoked/Suspended.

Animal Bite – A dog was reported to have bitten a man as he walked by the dog and its owner. The bite did not break skin but tore the man’s pant leg. The Animal Control Officer was notified of the incident, and a civil arrangement was made for the torn pants.

Bear Incident – A caller reported that a black bear was stuck in an enclosure and ‘tearing up the place’. Officers did not locate the bear or any sign of damage to the property.


Possible Drunk Driver – VPD dispatch received a report of an individual leaving an establishment who was intoxicated. Officers responded and looked in the area for the suspect vehicle but could not locate a match.

Bear Incident – A large brown bear was spotted in a dumpster preventing an individual from getting into his house. Officers responded and were able to scare the bear away. A half hour later, the bear was back. Officers shot firecracker rounds at the bear and followed the bear across town where it was last seen on the tideflats.

Bear Incident – Several hours after the first calls, dispatch received several more referencing a brown bear near the High School & Senior Center. Animal Control kept track of it for over an hour.

Custody Dispute – Two individuals were having differences in interpreting their current custody paperwork. They were advised to address it at their upcoming court date.

Found Property – An ID belonging to Stephanie Kompkoff was turned in. Several attempts to contact Ms. Kompkoff were made but not successful. If you know Stephanie, let her know she can claim her ID at the Police Department.

Parking Complaint – A vehicle was parked in the “red” zone. An Officer made contact with the owner and had him move the vehicle.

Theft – A caller reported the theft of an item out of her car while it was parked in McCarthy.

Trespassing – A home owner requested assistance in removing two juveniles who did not have permission to be on his property. The juveniles were given a ride to a relative’s house.


Bear Incident – A brown bear with two cubs were in the Robe River Subdivision area getting into trash. Animal Control did not locate the bears.

Lost Property – An individual reported leaving their backpack in their hotel room in Valdez. This was the last place they remembered seeing the backpack.

The backpack contained a laptop computer, Bose ear phones, sunglasses and cash.

Bear Incident – Brown bear and cubs are back in the area on Falcon Drive.

Child Custody – Two individuals (not the same as the report on 6/15/18) having custody issues.


Child Custody – Two individuals (not the same as the report on 6/15/18 & 6/16/18) having custody issues.

Bear Incident – Brown bears are back in the Robe River Subdivision Area. Caller reported hearing a gun shot. Officers made a contact with an individual who reported one of the bears charged at his dog but he did not fire his gun. Only 1 person had heard the shot out of several who were contacted. The bears were located getting into the trash at a residence. The Officers fired 6 super socks and one fire cracker round at the bears. The bears did not seem too concerned or scared.

Welfare Check – A caller requested a Welfare Check on a co-worker who did not seem like themselves lately and who had not shown up for work.

Bear Incident – A caller reported that there was a big brown bear in about 300 feet in front of him on the roadway. An officer responded and found a small black bear trying to get into a boat. The bear was scared off.

Domestic Disturbance – An individual was reported to be drinking in violation of his conditions of release in which one of the conditions were not to consume alcohol. Osvaldo Carrillo, DOB: 7/10/87 of Valdez was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release on an original case of DV Assault 4th Degree. Mr. Carrillo was required as part of his conditions to submit to a PBT upon reasonable suspicion. Mr. Carrillo’s PBT result was a .345

6-12-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

6-13-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire alarm activation at the Hermon Hutchens Elementary School. After investigation of the area, no fire was found and the fire alarm panel was reset.

6-13-18 Valdez EMS responded to the USCG assisting individual on a vessel needing medical attention. The individual was treated at the scene by USCG Medic and transported to Anchorage via USCG helicopter.

6-14-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

6-17-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

6-17-18 Valdez EMS was requested to assist with a medivac.

6-17-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention.

The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

6-17-18 Valdez EMS was requested to assist with a medivac.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 147


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