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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations

and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Public Assist: Officers contacted 3 individuals on skateboards in the middle of the street. After determining one had fallen but refused to go to the hospital, Officers provided them transportation to their residence.

Bear Incident: A caller reported a black bear just went through a window into a house. Officers determined that nobody was home; the bear had gone through an open, but screened window into the arctic entry. The case was passed on to the Animal Control Officer.

Missing Person: Officers investigated a report of a missing person who had recently been fired and was last seen the previous afternoon extremely intoxicated. It was determined he was not missing; he had taken a flight out of Valdez and returned home.

Child Neglect: Officers investigated a report of child neglect.

Traffic Complaint: Officers gave a verbal trespass order to an individual for a property he had been repeatedly driving through to gain access to the next street.


Bear Incident: Officers used cracker rounds to scare off a bear that had been getting into some garbage on Coho Place.

Bear Incident: A caller reported hearing a tapping noise coming from his door on E. Egan Drive, but after determining it was a black bear he decided not to answer it. The Animal Control Officer persuaded the bear to move on with the help of some rubber bullets.

Traffic Hazard: A vehicle containing some “shady” looking people was reported as losing a front tire while travelling down Pioneer Drive. The occupants ran from the scene. Public Works assisted with moving the vehicle out of roadway until a tow could be arranged.


Violate COR: Officers initially investigating a report of suspicious activity involving unknown persons with flashlights traipsing around behind a residential trailer made contact with 2 individuals. Officers arrested James Maurice January, DOB 12/31/1984, of Valdez, and he was charged with Theft 4th Degree and 3 counts of Violating Conditions of Release.

Animal at Large: Multiple calls were received by Dispatch concerning dogs running at large. The Animal Control Officer was busy reuniting loose dogs with their owners.

Fireworks: Officers gave warnings to two individuals who were shooting fireworks off at Dock Point and reminded them that fireworks are not to be set off within city limits until the 4th of July.

Camping: Dispatch received a report of a camper and two tents set up on commercially zoned property.


Abandoned Vehicle: After a vehicle was reported as being abandoned at the Ferry Terminal, dispatch was able to track down the owner who would be returning on the ferry that same day.

Bear Incident: A black bear was reported in the vicinity of the Post Office.

Bear Incident: A caller reported a black bear had gotten into some garbage left out at a trailer in Aleutian Village. The Animal Control Officer made contact with the responsible party, stood guard while she picked up the

trash and gave her a warning not to leave garbage on the porch as it was a bear attractant.

Bear Incident: A small black bear was reported to have entered a residence on Fairweather Street, briefly checked out the kitchen area and then left. No damage was reported.

Animal at Large: The Community Service Officer spoke with an individual regarding a dog at large and warned him to keep the dog on their property.

Camping: Officers contacted the occupants of an RV parked on Egan Drive who said that they had been told that it was fine to park overnight. Officers told them to move on in the morning.

Suspicious Activity: A caller reported 4 vehicles with a load of pallets by the Valdez Glacier Stream and it looked like ‘they were fixing to burn them.’ Officers contacted the individuals who did have a small fire and were fully prepared with a magnet to clean up any nails from the pallets.

Serve Time: Kalen Ryan Compehos, DOB 02/16/1999, of Valdez, reported to the Valdez Jail to be fitted with Electronic Monitoring equipment to serve a 3 days Home Confinement sentence for a first time DUI conviction.


MIW Alcohol: Officers responded to the residence of two individuals involved in a domestic dispute. Robert Gordon Stark, DOB 05/02/1987, of Valdez, was arrested for Misconduct Involving Weapons 4th Degree.

Threat: Multiple threats were received by an individual concerning the title and ownership of the now 3-wheeled vehicle involved in the traffic hazard incident from earlier in the week. Officers gave verbal warnings regarding harassment and advised all involved that the matter was a civil issue.

Animal Impound: A yellow Labrador retriever was found at large in the vicinity of Eagle’s Rest RV Park. Officers were unable to locate the owner and impounded the dog at the Animal Shelter.

Violate COR: Timothy Lynn Mills, DOB 09/28/1963, of Valdez, was arrested and charged with Violating Conditions of Release. He was arraigned in court and released on $250.00 cash bail.

Indecent Exposure: A semi-naked man wearing red shorts was reported as running around the Eagles Rest RV Park cabins alternating between howling like a wolf, growling like a bear and screaming at the top of his lungs. The caller then reported the man had collapsed in a pile behind her cabin near the bike path.

Officers were unable to locate a semi-naked, growling or howling man who was last seen walking on the bike path.

Violate COR: Fred Gregory Mailoto, DOB 03/31/1973, of Los Angeles, was arrested and charged with Violating Conditions of Release. He was released on $250 cash performance bail.

Lost Property: A Kindle Tablet with a blue flowered cover was reported lost somewhere in the vicinity of Napa or Safeway. Please contact the Valdez Police Department if found.

Bear Incident: A black bear was scared off from the vicinity of the Animal Shelter.

ETOH Pedestrians: A caller reported there were 3 intoxicated persons at the Dock Point Picnic area, including one passed out on a bench. Responding Officers contacted 3 individuals; one person was slightly intoxicated, but no alcohol was present.

Bear Incident: Dispatch received a report of a black bear with an injured leg and a small cub about 2 miles back on the Mineral Creek Trail. Officers were unable to locate an injured bear in the area.

Fish & Game: A caller reported a Bald Eagle had killed a bunny in the parking lot of the Soundview Apartments and in the process, had lost a feather. Officers were requested to retrieve the feather as it is a federal offense for anyone other than members of federally recognized Native American tribes to possess them. The feather was retrieved.

Fish & Game: Officers responded to assist with the retrieval of a Bald Eagle reported as possibly drowning in a vat of fish offal by a fish cleaning station on the harbor. The raptor was removed and left to dry off on land. The Eagle was found deceased the following day.


Bear Incident: After examining the trail of garbage and garbage cans, Officers determined that the residence of the individual that had reported a black bear getting into his neighbors’ garbage cans was actually the one responsible for the garbage strewn about.

Title 47 – ETOH: Multiple callers reported a seemingly intoxicated man having a hard time staying upright on the Richardson Highway. Officers contacted an individual who seemed to be under the influence of alcohol in addition to other substances. EMS evaluated the patient and transported him to the hospital where he later released back to the custody of the VPD for a Title 47 non-criminal hold until he was sober or could find a sober party to take responsibility of him. His friend retrieved him a short time later.

Found Property: A concerned caller reported finding a backpack along with some other items along the bike path near the Glacier Stream and thought the owner might have had a run-in with a bear. Officers determined the property belonged to the individual Title 47’d and notified him.

Suspicious Vehicle: An agitated caller reported an RV parked at the end of Homestead Road in which the occupants were possibly cooking meth or taking part in other illicit activity as they had closed the window blinds when he attempted to view inside the RV from his porch using binoculars. Officers were unable to locate any Breaking Bad RV’s in the area.

Child Custody: Officers issued an individual a citation for Failure to Permit Visitation as a result of ongoing child custody and visitation issues.

Disturb Other: Jet Ski’s travelling at high rates of speed and causing a nuisance were reported racing up and down the Robe River between Robe Lake and the Richardson Highway. Officers were unable to locate any jet skiers in the area.

Suspicious Vehicle: A local hotel reported a vehicle had been idling in the parking lot for approximately 4 hours with no one around. Officers arrived at the same time as the driver who had exited the hotel to turn it off.

Violate COR: Osvaldo Carrillo, DOB 07/10/1987, of Valdez, was arrested and charged with Violating Conditions of Release stemming from original charges of Assault 4th Degree and Criminal Trespass 1st Degree. He was released after posting a $250 cash performance bail.

Bear Incident: A couple living on Fairweather Street requested assistance with a brown bear attempting to make off with a deep freezer kept on the porch. The brown bear had already been pepper sprayed, but still managed to get the freezer sealed with ratchet straps off the porch and out into the yard.

Responding Officers were able to hit the bear with a bean bag round and scare it off into the woods.


Domestic Assault: Robert James Lavios, DOB 07/13/1994, of Anchorage, was arrested and charged with DV Assault 4th Degree and DV Criminal Mischief 4th Degree. Due to his intoxication level at the time of his arrest, he was not eligible to be arraigned until the following day.

Lost Property: A brown purse containing assorted personal items and an insulin pen was reported lost somewhere in the vicinity of the Goldfields Softball Complex. If found, please turn in to the Valdez Police Department.

Bear Incident: A bear is assumed to be the culprit responsible for the garbage from the dumpster that was spread all over the Skate Park. No bear was present at time of the complaint.

Bear Incident: 2 black bear cubs were reported in a tree by Coast Guard Housing. The sow was nearby, but seemingly unable to be reunited with her cubs as ATV’s operating in the area kept scaring her off. The Animal Control Officer stayed in the area to facilitate the reunion.

Welfare Check: Officers responded to the vicinity of Alaska Avenue to investigate the report of a mostly submerged vehicle that had some of its contents floating away from it. Fire Department personnel determined that no one was in the vehicle. The owner had launched his boat earlier and had gotten the vehicle stuck. His attempt at pulling it out failed, so he left it and continued taking his boat to the harbor. The tide had come in after he left. The owner was later able to retrieve the truck with the assistance of a tow truck after the tide went out.

Fireworks: Officers gave verbal warnings to two individuals regarding fireworks being set off on Copper Drive.

ATV: Two possibly intoxicated women on an ATV were reported as having some mechanical difficulties in the city landfill area and were becoming worried as there was a brown bear sow and cub in the vicinity. Officers responded, located the two women, determined they weren’t intoxicated and the mechanical issue was because the ATV wasn’t in neutral and therefore wouldn’t start.

Welfare Check: Officers were requested to conduct a welfare check on an individual who had supposedly returned from Anchorage that evening. Officers did not locate the individual or their vehicle at the home residence.

MIP/MIC: An anonymous caller reported a couple in a verbal argument while walking down the street. Officers contacted both individuals in addition to multiple other family members and associates who arrived on scene. One juvenile was issued a citation for Minor Consuming Alcohol.

6-25-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to investigate oil sheen on city property.

6-27-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene.

6-29-18 Valdez Fire Department investigated a faulty fire hydrant. The fire hydrant has been placed out of service.

6-29-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene.

6-30-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

6-30-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual having issues with their life alert system.

7-1-18 Valdez EMS responded to investigate an almost submerged vehicle.

7-1-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to an activated sprinkler system at the Totem Inn Hotel.

7-1-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 172


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