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July 18, 2018

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Title 47 ETOH – After being warning for Disorderly Conduct earlier in the night, an individual was remanded by VPD for a Title 47 non-criminal hold until he was sober or could find a sober party to take responsibility of him.

Noise Disturbance – A report was made of a party going on with loud bass. Officers made contact with the suspected parties and advised them to keep the music down.

Citation Minor Offense – Symone S. Stewart, DOB 7/31/1988, of Spring, Texas was cited for Driving without a Valid Operator’s License.

Traffic Hazard – Rocks were reported falling into the roadway by Allison Point and Solomon Gulch area. VPD dispatch contacted DOT to remove the rocks and debris.

Bear Incident – Complainant reported her daughter had a close encounter with a black bear. ACO responded and the bear had already moved on out of the area.

Suspicious Person – A caller reported a suspicious person with an eye patch, wild long hair, and dark clothing was picking flowers while walking towards the VPD. Officers were unable to locate the suspicious person.

Traffic Hazard – A report was made that a campaign sign was blocking the view of the road and could cause an accident. Officers determined the sign was not a safety issue.

Civil Dispute – An individual spoke to an Officer regarding what to do legally about someone spreading rumors about them.

Civil Dispute – VPD has received several calls from parties about an ongoing civil dispute regarding the sale of a vehicle.

Violate COR: Fred Gregory Mailoto, DOB: 3/31/1973, of Los Angeles, CA was issued a summons to appear in court for Violating Conditions of Release.

Violate COR: Glen Randall Mills, DOB: 5/29/1970, of Valdez was issued a summons to appear in court for Violating Conditions of Release.

Animal at Large – A loose dog was reported in the caller’s yard. Officers were unable to locate the dog.

Bear Incident – A screaming bear was reported to be in a tree behind a residence.

Violate COR – Osvaldo Carrillo, DOB 7/10/1987, was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release.

MVA-D – Officers responded to MVA involving a motorcycle and minivan. Officers were able to obtain video of the collision and used that to assist with the completion of the Alaska Motor Vehicle Collision Report.


Suspicious Activity – A caller reported what they thought was suspicious activity. Officers responded to an intoxicated individual who did not speak fluent English and appeared to be hurt. The intoxicated individual took a spill outside a local business. EMS was requested to treat the person.

Bear Incident – A bear possibly caught up in a dog leash was reported. The caller said the bear limped away.

Welfare Check – Officers responded but were unable to find a child that was reported to be 7-8 years old, unattended, and walking south on Meals Ave.

Noise Disturbance – A caller reported GODZILLA just drove by his house. Caller stated he has made multiple complaints concerning the loud music and bass playing from that truck.

Fraud – It was reported an individual was targeted by an email scam.

Bear Incident – A caller reported they have a young black bear in their yard with a possible injured paw. Caller also reported another bear sounded wounded and crying behind their home on the hillside. Officers responded but were unable to locate any bears in the area.

Fraud – Complainant reported purchasing a prepaid Visa card at Safeway. The complainant states when he tried to activate the card, the company asked for his Social Security Number and driver’s license to be faxed over. The individual was advised to not fax his Social Security information or his driver’s license.

Fish & Game – Officers made contact with people who were fishing beyond the NO FISHING sign at the Hatchery. The people complied and moved back into approved fishing areas.

Trespassing – Several individuals were trespassed from a local business for loitering on the businesses porch drinking, smoking and leaving their trash strewn about.

Lost Property – A caller reported they forgot their shoulder bag at the railroad tunnel in the Keystone Canyon. If found, please return to the VPD.

Fish & Game – VPD Dispatch received a report of a tourist standing on the side of road by the Hatchery, holding a fillet of salmon and staring up into a tree. The Animal Control Officer responded, did not see anyone matching this unique identifying information, but did speak to a group of individuals nearby about the proper care of fish fillets.

Bear Incident – A neighbor scared off a black bear eating another neighbor’s garbage. A patrol of the area revealed no trash was spread out.

Stop FI – Four individuals were trespassed from Dock Point for the day and received warnings for Public Consumption of Alcohol.

Bear Incident – A report of a bear running in-between houses by the Barney Meyring Park Strip was made. Officers located the bear behind the hospital and discharged less lethal rounds at the bear. The bear vacated the area.

Suspicious Activity – A caller reported that electrical noises going up and down from an unknown area across the street from the caller’s home were making his dog bark. Officers responded to find the noises were coming from an RV camper and relayed the information to the caller.

Phone Person – An individual wanted to speak to an Officer regarding another individual blackmailing them. The complainant had provided inappropriate photos to the suspect who now wanted more. Remember – once you have sent the photos, you have lost the ability to control who may see them. It is advised that, if you send photos, you only send those that you are OK with others seeing.


Welfare Check – A concerned father requested a welfare check on his children who he suspected were home alone. Officers responded and found that the mother was at home with the children.

Bear Incident – VPD received several bear sighting calls as it was trash day.

Stop FI – A warning was issued to a parked semi truck that was obstructing pedestrians on the sidewalk. The driver moved the vehicle.

Fish & Game – Officers made contact with a few people fishing near the weir at Solomon Gulch.

Oil Spill – VPD received a report of a waste water spill at Alyeska Terminal.

Animal at Large – A dog was reported running loose. ACO was able to locate the dog and return it to the owner.

Animal at Large – A brown and black dog was reported running loose by the construction work on West Klutina. The owner of the dog was issued a warning for Animal at Large.

Found Property – A driver’s license belonging to Haze Williams was turned into the VPD. Haze, please contact VPD to pick up your driver’s license.

Stop FI – Officers made contact with individuals who traded vehicles and the plates were mixed up. Individuals were also referred to the DMV.


Bear Incident – A sow and two cubs were reported in a dumpster at Aleutian Village.

Bar Disturbance – A bar fight was reported at a local bar. Officers arrived to find it was a verbal argument, nothing physical had occurred.

Welfare Check – Caller reported that her boyfriend did not make it home after the softball games. Caller called back shortly after to report he made it home.

Bear Incident – A small black bear was reported getting into garbage on Coho Street.

Criminal Mischief – VPD dispatch received a report of graffiti alongside the boardwalk at the harbor and on the harbormaster building. Nicknames Buckey and Gaffman or Sassman were written in graffiti. If you have any information, please contact the VPD.

Bear Incident – Two deterrent rounds were fired at two brown bears at the COV Landfill.

Animal at Large – A dog at large was reported at the H dock. The dog was picked up by its owner.

Indecent Exposure – Officers responded to a call about a man who had stripped down to only his skivvies. The Officers found a man with shorts to his knees, but no man in only his skivvies.

Violate COR – Sara Helen Sapp, DOB 8/02/1996, was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release.

Bear Incident – A black bear was reported looking lost and trying to leave the area. ACO responded and found it up in a tree near South Central Hardware.

Welfare Check - A welfare check was requested on an individual who was thought to be depressed and possibly suicidal. Officers spent about 30 minutes talking, but mostly listening, to the individual – who was deemed to not be a danger to themselves or others.

Fish & Game – Officers contacted two people near the weir taking pictures of the sea lions. They were advised to move away from the area of the injured sea lion.

Gunshots Heard – The sound of gunshots were reported in the Valdez Mobile Home Park. Officers reported and spoke with several individuals, who provided conflicting locations and assessments of fireworks vs. gunshots. Officers were unable to locate the person(s) responsible and eventually left the area.

Animal at Large – A Doberman Pincher was reported running loose without its owner.

Animal Impound – VPD dispatch received a few calls about a husky in the highway at Richardson and Airport road. A concerned citizen picked up the dog and transported it to the Valdez Animal Shelter.

Welfare Check – A parent called in a welfare check on their child because they thought the child wanted to do self harm. Officers were able to locate the juvenile, who had not harmed themselves.

ETOH Pedestrian – A caller reported a woman was too intoxicated to take care of herself and was concerned she was going to fall into the harbor. Officers located the woman and helped her back to her hotel room.

Disturbance Noise – Reports of excessively loud music was reported by the Valdez Small Boat Harbor. Officers made contact with a band playing outside a local business by the Small Boat Harbor and they said they were done for the night.


Bear Incident – The Animal Control Officer responded to a call about a bear getting into garbage at a residence where a dog was tied up outside “like bait”. The ACO issued a warning to the home owner and instructed them to keep their garbage locked in their garage.

Civil Dispute – A landlord had questions regarding what they could do if an evicted tenant did not leave the premises.

Animal DOA – ACO responded to a report of a dead rabbit in the road. This particular rabbit was confirmed deceased, but it appears the Valdez rabbit population remains healthy and plentiful.

MVA-D – Complainant reported someone rammed into his boat while it was docked at the “F” finger of the Small Boat Harbor. Officers took photos of the damage, but were unable to locate any witnesses. If you have information regarding this event, please contact VPD and refer to case #18-3600.

Panic Alarm – A panic alarm was accidentally activated at a local business.

Noise Disturbance – A caller reported that his neighbor was playing their music too loud again and were intoxicated. Officers made contact with the home owner, who was not intoxicated and the volume of the music did not violate Municipal Code.

Title 47 ETOH – It was reported that an employee was extremely intoxicated and threatening self harm. The individual was remanded by VPD for a Title 47 non-criminal hold until she was sober and able to speak with a mental health professional.

Welfare Check – Officers responded to a residence where a man was highly intoxicated and unable to take care of his child. Arrangements were made for the child to stay with family friends.

Theft Bicycle – A Trek bicycle was stolen from the fish cleaning station closest to dock point. If found, please return to the Valdez Police Department.

Bear Incident – A black bear was spotted behind Napa Auto Parts building. ACO responded and had the onlookers move on, which facilitated the bear in moving on as well.

Disturbance Other – Officers were requested at the Valdez Small Boat Harbor for a guy who was “flying off the handle”. Officers made contact with parties involved. There was a disagreement over where to park a boat, but they were able to get it squared away.

Disturbance Other – A report was made by a caller stating his neighbor who was called in earlier, is breaking all of his stuff. After Officers responded, the complainant declined to press any charges. Officers issued a warning to his neighbor for Disorderly Conduct.

Runaway Juvenile – Mother reported her daughter from North Pole may be in the Valdez area. After investigation, Officers determined the party that the juvenile may have been with left Valdez about a week ago.

Lost Property – A Nikon Cool Pix camera was reported lost. If found, please return to the Valdez Police Department.

Fish & Game – VPD dispatch received a call about a magpie with a broken leg that was hanging out in the caller’s yard. ACO responded, but the magpie had left the area. It is believed it flew away.

Disturbance Other – A concerned citizen reported an employee working on the roof of a local business was dropping F bombs every other word. The complainant is offended and fears the casual use of such blasphemous swear words will harm the delicate ears of passing children.

Disturbance Other – A report of a man screaming a few houses down ended up to be the same man from earlier disturbance calls. The man was issued his final Disorderly Conduct warning and was taken in by a neighbor to help calm him down.

Bear Incident – Dispatch received a report of a black bear crossing the intersection of Hazelet and West Lowe. The ACO was unable to locate the bear in the area.

Misrouted 911 Call – VPD dispatch received a 911 call regarding a traffic complaint 58 miles outside of Glennallen. The caller was transferred to MATCOM to file their complaint.

Found Property – A report of a suspicious package was made about a bag left in front of a vehicle at the airport. Officers investigated the suspicious package to determine it was luggage most likely set down and forgotten. Please contact the VPD to claim.

Bear Incident – Less lethal rounds were discharged at a large brown bear at the City Landfill. The bear temporarily moved out of the area.


Noise Disturbance – A caller reported their neighbor’s music is too loud, preventing them from sleeping. Officers made contact, the people were having a birthday party, they were advised to take the music inside and keep it down.

Bear Incident – A sow and two cubs were reported spreading garbage around Valdez Mobile Home Park. ACO responded and found no bears in the area.

Bear Incident – Less lethal rounds were discharged at brown bears at the City Landfill. The bears temporarily moved out of the area.

Citizen Contact – An Officer was flagged down by a tourist and asked about the food options in Valdez. The gentleman was informed about Valdez’s different eatery options.

Family Issues – A woman reported she had an altercation with her son. She requested Officer’s assistance to enforce her parental rights and to bring her son to the PD to ‘scare him into shape.’ She was informed to go pick him up and if there was a problem later, to call back.

Found Property - A citizen turned in a pistol to the Valdez Police Department that was found in the Kenai River in October 2017. If you know anyone that has lost a pistol in the Kenai River please contact the Valdez Police Department.

Bear Incident – VPD dispatch received several calls regarding a black bear in the Resurrection Loop area. VPD would like to remind citizens to secure your garbage inside and it will help prevent bears from frequenting the area as they are being provided a food source.

Traffic Complaint – VPD dispatch received a complaint about two ATV’s driving outbound on the bike path. Officers made contact with the drivers and issued warnings to both drivers not to drive on non-motorized trails.

Runaway Juvenile – Officers apprehended a runaway juvenile and later released her back to her parent.

Bear Incident – A bear was reported on the caller’s porch. Her dogs barked and scared it off.

Agency Assist – VPD assisted a misrouted 911 call for a Domestic Violence Assault that was occurring on the Glenn Hwy near Eureka and assisted the caller with getting assistance through MATCOM dispatch.

Disturbance Noise – A residence was reported playing very loud music. Officers advised this is the last chance for loud music, as they have had previous calls at this residence.


Traffic Hazard – The handicap sign from First National Bank Alaska was in the middle of the turning lane on Egan. Officers put the sign back in the parking lot where it is supposed to be.

Citizen Contact – An Officer made contact with a few tourists and gave a young child a tour of the police car.

Criminal Mischief – A man reported he was camping at Dock Point with his girlfriend and kids. He stated that some cannery workers were being loud and shooting off fireworks so he confronted them and advised them to keep it down or he would call the police. When he awoke the next morning, he found his campsite to be wrecked. Officers investigated to find a tarp string was cut and beer bottles were left at the campsite. The incident remains under investigation. Also, be advised that there is no camping at Dock Point.

Bear Incident – A report of a bear by a dumpster with kids in the area was made. The ACO found that the bear had decided to take a nap in a tree between Chena and Dadina.

Bear Incident – Two bears were reported in the area by Subway.

Animal Impound - A large husky dog was found at large dragging a leash or a lead. ACO was unable to locate the owner and impounded the dog at the Animal Shelter.

Agency Assist – Officers assisted AST Fish & Game with an investigation into Excessive Bag Limits (daily) for pink salmon.

MVA-D – A report was received that a vehicle backed into another vehicle. PAR forms were issued.

Theft Property – A backpack containing a cell phone and ID was reported stolen from the Boardroom. If you have any information regarding this, please contact the VPD.

Home Confinement – Sheldon Eugene Innes, DOB 11/08/1995, of North Pole, reported to the Valdez Jail to serve a 3 day sentence on a DUI conviction. Mr. Innes was set up on Electronic Monitoring to serve his time on Home Confinement.

Domestic Assault – A report was made of a male and female arguing and the male would not let the female past him. Officers responded and determined there was no need for further law enforcement interaction- no altercation had occurred.

Bear Incident – Several calls about bears in the South Meyring Park strip area were received.

Stop FI – While responding to a bear call, officer’s saw an individual with a sawed off 12 gauge shotgun. They stated it was not loaded, but they brought it out for protection from the bear because kids were in the area. Officers advised not to discharge the shotgun in town and the individual seemed to understand.

Stop FI – Officer issued a warning for Public Consumption of Alcohol to an individual and issued a trespass warning to them from Dock Point for the rest of the day.

Stop FI – Officer spoke with 12-13 people drinking at dock point. Everyone was given a verbal warning for Public Consumption of Alcohol.

Animal at Large – A Doberman Pincher was reported in the complainant’s yard again. Officers were unable to locate the dog. The RO of the dog called VPD dispatch later to report they found their dog.

Stop FI – Officer made contact with someone working on their vehicle at the old weigh station.

Fireworks – Fireworks were reported being shot off by the Keystone Hotel area. Officers responded and did not find anyone shooting off fireworks.

Agency Assist – USCG called to see if a particular boat was still at the Valdez SBH. Officers were unable to locate the boat in question.

Bear Incident – Caller reported a bear with an injured paw was in her neighbor’s yard. Upon ACO arrival, the bear had departed the area and headed in the direction of Eklutna.

7-9-18 Valdez EMS assisted with a medivac

7-9-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene.

7-10-18 18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene

7-11-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene.

7-11-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

7-11-18 Valdez EMS was requested for an individual needing assistance in returning home from the hospital.

7-13-18 Valdez EMS was requested for an individual who needed assistance in their home.

7-13-18 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

7-13-18 Valdez EMS assisted with a medivac.


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I found your comments on the blasphemous words hurting the tiny ears of children comment to be rude... if you had to listen this language being screamed at the top of someone’s lungs daily maybe you would to, in fact I couldn’t send this as written because some words were deemed to offensive. That’s hypocrisy at its finest.


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