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August 8, 2018

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Bear Incident – A bear was reported attempting to get into a local business. The Animal Control officer arrived but the bear had already left the area. Assist Motorist - A caller requested help in getting his car unstuck. The local tow company was unavailable. Our local wildlife trooper was able to get the vehicle unstuck.

Wildlife - A local resident caught an ermine in a trap. Animal control took possession of the weasel. After some issues of the ermine not wanting to leave the trap, it was safely relocated to another area of Valdez.

Possible Drunk Driver – A vehicle was reported all over the road. An officer was able to catch up to the driver and found the driver to have no impairment of drugs or alcohol.

Possible Drunk Driver – A caller reported that someone had left their location who was drunk and had an open bottle of wine in their vehicle. Officers were able to track the vehicle down at a local bar and contacted the driver. The driver had been drinking alcohol and was advised to take a taxi home.


Noise Disturbance – A tenant at a local apartment complex reported that other tenants were intoxicated and would not shut up. Officers arrived and gave disorderly conduct warnings to the two individuals who were fighting over a puzzle.

Arrest – Sara H Sapp, DOB 8/2/96, of Valdez, was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release. Her original charges are for Resisting Arrest and Violating Conditions of Release.

Suspicious Person – A caller reported someone hitting a golf balls in the street and the caller wasn’t sure if any damage had occurred. The individual was contacted and told that he could not hit golf balls in the street.

Found Property – A cell phone was found in the Valdez are. To claim please call the Valdez police department with descriptors.

Lost Property - A pouch with fishing license and ID was lost in the Valdez area. If found, please bring to the Valdez Police Department.

Domestic Disturbance – A caller reported that two intoxicated individuals were getting into a physical altercation. Officers arrived on scene and found no injuries and did not arrest either party involved.


Arrest - A caller reported that a man who was slurring his words, had red eyes, and was wobbling on his feet had gotten into a vehicle and drove away from a local business. Officers located the suspect vehicle and conducted a traffic stop and found Tracey N Eppard, DOB 1/3/58, of Valdez, to be impaired. He was arrested for DUI. Mr. Eppard was also charged with Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test. He remains at the Valdez Jail pending bail.

Lost Property – A small pack with a gun inside was reported lost in the Valdez area. If found, please bring into the Valdez police department.

Theft of Property – A local hotel reported two employees stole several items from the hotel. This case is currently under investigation.

Lost Property - A wallet with identification inside was reported lost in the Valdez area. If found, please bring to the Valdez police department.

Suspicious Person – A local business reported an individual was attacking a dumpster. The individual was contacted and given a disorderly conduct warning.


Bear Incident – A bear was reported getting into trash on a residential porch. The owner stated they had meat in the trash and that is what the bear was trying to get. The home owner disposed of the meat in a dumpster.

Serve Time – Clinton Maxim, of Glennallen, reported to serve 20 days on a Glennallen case for Importing Alcohol into a Dry Area.

Arrest – An Officer was checking electronic monitoring clients and found that James January, DOB 12/31/84, of Valdez, was in an area where he had previously been trespassed from. Mr. January was contacted and arrested for Criminal Trespass 1, and Violating Conditions of Release for his original charge of Criminal Trespass. Mr. January remains at the Valdez Jail pending bail.


DV Non-Arrest – A caller reported that their significant other pushed them. Officers arrived and found that alcohol was a factor and asked for them to separate until they were sober. Neither party was arrested.

Disturbance – Two individuals were reported getting into an altercation at a local business. Officers arrived to find that one of the individuals was highly intoxicated and the fight was over mistaken identity of a bicycle. The parties were separated and the bicycle was returned to its rightful owner.

Citizen Contact – While on patrol during the wine walk for Gold Rush festivities, an officer saw individuals lying on the ground in the street. The officer stopped to offer assistance and he was advised they were just taking an annual photo of themselves in the street.

Possible Drunk Driver - A motorist called to report a possible drunk driver who was swerving from line to line. An Officer was able to catch up to the driver and found that the vehicle had a tire that was wobbly which was causing the swerving. The driver was found not to have insurance so they were issued a citation.

Arrest – While an officer was on a traffic stop they saw a vehicle moving at a high rate of speed, leave the roadway and then come to a stop. The officer ended their traffic stop to attend to the driver of the accident. While investigating the crash it was found that Lindsey C Charlie, DOB 4/26/80, of Fairbanks was operating her vehicle under the influence. She was arrested for Felony DUI, Felony Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test, and Misconduct Involving a Weapon 4.


Arrest –Daniyel Henry, DOB 6/12/99, of Valdez was arrested for DUI. He supplied a sample of his breath, which registered a BrAC of .106.

Inmate Transport–James Lewis was transported to the Valdez Jail for a Change of Plea Hearing.

Bear Incident – A VPD Officer deployed a less lethal round on black bear causing issues in the area of Mineral Creek Heights.

Parking – A caller reported a continuous issue of vehicles parking on the bike path near the Hatchery, causing pedestrians and bikers to divert into the roadway to pass through. Officers contacted one violator and informed that they cannot park on the path.

Welfare Check – VPD Dispatch received a call regarding a person who was camping at a local business. The person had been told not to camp in the area but the caller was concerned for the person because they seemed like they may have other issues. An officer contacted the individual and put them in contact with the counseling center.

Arrest – Sara H Sapp, DOB 8/2/96, of Valdez, was arrested on two counts of Violating Conditions of Release on original charges of Resisting, Assault 4, Theft 3 and Theft 4. Ms. Sapp remains at the Valdez Jail until she can post bail.

Arrest – Albert Hartley, DOB 9/12/60, of Anchorage, was arrested for DUI. He supplied a breath sample, registering a BrAC of .132. Mr. Hartley was processed and released per bail schedule requirements.


Threat – VPD dispatch received a call from a local business reporting that man was inside threatening to kill everyone. Officers were dispatched and located the individual who had already left in front of another location. The individual has a history of such behavior and was trespassed from the location and given a disorderly conduct warning.

Disorderly – VPD received another call regarding the same individual above reporting that the man had urinated on their building. Officers made contact with him, gave him a warning that any more contacts and he would be spending some time in our jail facility.

Lost Property – A caller reported losing their ID card somewhere in Valdez. If found, please bring to the Valdez police department.

DWLR – Corie J Taylor, DOB 10/5/83, of Valdez, was given a citation for Driving While License Revoked.

Suspicious Luggage – The cleaning crew at the airport reported two pieces of luggage left at the airport after hours. Officers arrived to find a note with the luggage to indicate the owner was fired from a local cannery and had left the luggage there.

Found Property – An Alaska driver’s license was found belonging to Matthew Weinzappel and dropped off at the Valdez police department. This item can be picked up from Dispatch.

Gun Shot Heard – A local resident called reporting the sound of gun shots. Officers were in the area at the time and heard the noise as well. They were able to find where the noise came from and found it was fireworks. A resident lit off a firework to scare a bear out of their garbage.

Arrest: Daniel Tonty, DOB: 10/17/63 of Anchorage was arrested after a local business reported that he was hanging around and was intoxicated. Mr. Tonty was the subject of several earlier calls and was therefore arrested on charges for Disorderly Conduct, Drunk Person on Licensed Premises. Mr. Tonty remains in jail pending arraignment.

Total Calls for Police & Animal Control: 193


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