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Police and emergency


September 5, 2018

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Suspicious Person – A man reported hearing a vehicle outside of his house. He was concerned because he recently was a victim of property theft. An officer responded to the location and found no one in the area.

MVA Hit & Run – A vehicle sustained damage while parked down by the Small Boat Harbor.

Harassment – A report about a coworker making inappropriate comments and touching inappropriate was made.

Driving While License Suspended/Revoked – An anonymous report was made to VPD that a person known not to have a license was driving. Officers responded to find the person driving did indeed have a valid driver’s license.

Domestic Issues – A couple was reportedly having a very loud disagreement inside a local business. Officers responded and separated the two parties.

Animal at Large – Two large Rottweilers were reported running loose at Alpine Woods Subdivision.

Domestic Issues – A report came into VPD dispatch that a man and woman were having a verbal disagreement outside a local business. The woman was trying to walk away but the man would not let her. An officer responded and spoke to the woman who stated everything was fine, they were just having a disagreement.

Lost Animal – A white and tan cat was reported missing.


Stop & FI – An officer made contact with two individuals hanging outside a local business after hours. The two men advised taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

Animal at Large – A short haired, brown dog was reported at large by an RV park. The Community Service Officer responded to find the dog belonged to someone staying at the RV park.

Missing Child – A caller reported her three-year-old child wandered off from her grandparent’s home. The child was found in the callers’ back yard.

Animal Impound – A young yellow lab without a collar was reported running loose in Valdez Mobile Home Park. The Community Service Officer retrieved and impounded the dog at the Valdez Animal Shelter.

Bear Incident – A report was made that a beagle treed a bear. The owners retrieved their beagle and the bear moved on. The beagle was advised that this type of behavior was not recommended as it could result in serious injury.

Animal at Large – Two Rottweilers were reported running loose at Alpine Woods Subdivision and were in the caller’s yard. The CSO responded and was unable to locate the dogs.

Welfare Check – A motorhome parked close to a local church had alarms going off inside. The owners of the motorhome showed up and did not want any type of emergency response. No smoke or fire was visible.

Transport Other – An officer assisted an individual by providing transport.

Fish & Game – A dead seal was reported at the Kelsey Dock. The proper authorities were notified.

Domestic Issues – A man and woman were arguing in front of a local business. While the caller was making the report, the parties separated. Officers were unable to locate anyone in the area matching the description given.


Agency Assist – Officers assisted EMS personnel on a medical call.

Bear Incident – A man reported a black bear stuck in the arctic entry way to his home. The bear had become trapped inside after the front entry door closed behind it. This naturally aggravated the bear as it wished to leave the area. The bear proceeded to “rearrange” the property inside the entryway to show its’ distaste for being confined. Officers responded and with some careful planning and resourcefulness, they freed the bear.

Animal Impound – VPD dispatch received two calls about a large yellow lab at large by the grocery store. The lab was picked up and impounded at the Valdez Animal Shelter.

Information – Suspected elderly abuse was reported. This is currently under investigation.

Fish & Game – A report of people fishing at Salmon Turnaround with a dip net was made. The Community Service Officer responded to find Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game collecting fish for study samples.

Animal at Large – A small yellow dog known to roam at large in the Alpine Woods subdivision was retrieved and delivered to its owner by a neighbor.

Found Property – A backpack was turned into the Valdez Police Department. If you are missing a backpack, you may come to VPD to claim it with a more detailed property description.

Possible Drunk Driver – An anonymous tip was made that someone was drinking in their vehicle. Officers responded to find the driver was not impaired, however, the passenger was intoxicated.

MVA-D – A fender bender occurred outside a local business on private property. Participant forms were issued.

Possible Drunk Driver – A small red car was reported driving erratically heading outbound on the Richardson Highway. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

Camping Prohibited – VPD dispatch received a complaint a camper pulled up by Allison point and started to set up tents on the bike path. Officers contacted the campers and they agreed to move their tents off the bike path.

Welfare Check – A concerned citizen reported seeing flashlights behind the high school on high school high half way up the mountain. The caller observed no signs of distress but wanted to make it known. Officers responded to the area. The hikers did not appear to be in distress.


Bear Incident - A caller reported a bear in a big bag of garbage from a neighbor’s trailer. An officer responded to the area but the bear had already left. The officer stayed to make sure the bear didn’t come back and cleaned up the trash. This case was referred to the animal control officer to speak to the owner of the trash.

Possible DUI - A REDDI report was called in by a concerned driver who witnessed a vehicle swerving over the fog line multiple times and slowing down and then speeding up. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

Welfare Check – A concern citizen saw a flare shot into the air in the old town area. Officers responded to the area but were unable to find anyone in distress.

Arrest – A local business called to report that a gentleman, who was intoxicated, was asked to leave the business but refused. Officers arrived and discovered the gentleman was on release conditions in a prior criminal case. His conditions stated that he was not to be drinking alcohol. Kenneth C Butts, DOB 7/7/71, of Anchorage, was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release on his original charges of Resisting Arrest, Criminal Trespass and Disorderly Conduct.


Animal Bite – A child was playing with a dog and the dog bit the child in the groin area. The child was taken to the hospital and the dog was quarantined by the animal control officer.

Disturbance – A caller reported hearing yelling from two individuals but they were unsure exactly where it was coming from. Officers arrived in the area but did not hear anyone yelling.


Arrest – William J Gittins, DOB 9/27/86, of Valdez, was arrested for Violating a Protective Order and Resisting Arrest. Gittins remains in custody at the Valdez Jail.


Bear Incident – A caller reported that a bear charged at them and they shot a round off in the area of the bear. The bear was not hit and ran off into the woods.

MVA Hit and Run – A parked car was struck at a local gas station and the vehicle then drove off. The owner of the hit vehicle was able to get the license plate but officers were unable to locate the vehicle. Only minor paint transfer occurred during the incident.

Agency Assist – Officers assisted the search and rescue team to rescue two stranded individuals who got their truck stuck in the Valdez Glacier Stream. One of the officers assisted both individuals to safety and were checked out by EMS personnel and released in good health.

Total Calls for Police & Animal Control: 136


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