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September 19, 2018

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Found Property – A cell phone with a credit card was turned into the VPD. Please contact the VPD to claim.

Welfare Check – A welfare check was requested by the father of a male who had not been in contact with his family in over a month. Officers made contact with the individual’s previous employer who had seen him recently. Officers passed the information on to the father.

Bear Incident – A motorist reported they hit a bear with vehicle on the Richardson Highway and Airport Road. Officers were unable to locate the bear.

Barking Dog – A report of a dog barking was made. The ACO made contact with the owner.

Welfare Check – An individual contacted VPD dispatch indicating he may cause self-harm. Officers went to the residence and spoke with the person who stated they were fine and had no intention of self-harm.

Animal at Large – A husky and lab were reported at large on Airport Road. The ACO was unable to locate any dogs at large in the area.

Fraud – ‘Representatives’ from Publisher’s Clearing House notified a local resident that her wildest dreams had come true and that she had won a new vehicle and money. The local ‘winner’ knew that the caller was trying to defraud her and terminated the phone call.

Public Service – A tour of the Animal Shelter was given to a 2nd Grade class.

Stop & FI – An officer was flagged down by a pedestrian. The pedestrian inquired about where to purchase fishing gear in town.

Public Assist– Officers assisted Valdez Mobile Home Park with a Writ of Assistance for the eviction and trespass of two tenants.

Fish & Game – VPD dispatch received a report of kids harassing bunnies by a local apartment building. The ACO responded and found no kids in the area. The bunnies were found to be relaxed and calm.

Barking Dog – A report of a dog barking passed 10:00 p.m. was made. Officers went to the reported residence and heard no barking dog in the area.

Family Issues – A caller was concerned about his daughter threatening to run away. The caller declined speaking to an officer. He was advised to call back if anything changed.


Found Property – A dry suit was found and turned into the VPD. Please contact VPD to claim.

Abandoned Vehicle – An abandoned vehicle was reported to be left on the private property.

Criminal Mischief – Vandalism on the Richardson Highway near MP 7 was reported. If you have any information regarding this, please contact the VPD.

Trespass – An individual contacted VPD to speak to an officer regarding how to trespass someone from their property.

Found Property – A TWIC card and credit card were turned into the VPD. Please contact VPD to claim.

Found Property – A credit card was turned into the VPD. Please contact VPD to claim.

Animal Impound – A black and white dog was reported at large in front of a residence in which it did not reside. Officers impounded the dog and remanded it to the Valdez Animal Shelter.


Found Property – A cell phone was found by the fish cleaning station at the Valdez Small Boat Harbor. The rightful owner was found and the phone was returned.

Assault Info – A person called to report an assault. After investigation, it was determined that no criminal charges were warranted.

Theft – A small propane tank was reported stolen from a local residence. The complainant reported seeing a suspicious orange car in the area before the theft, but had no further description.

Trespass – Five people were reported on top of the water tower at Mineral Creek. Officers contacted the group and had them get off of the water tower.

Traffic – A motorist reported a motorhome ran through a school bus red light. Officers responded, but were unable to locate the motorhome.

Harassment – A complaint was lodged regarding a man contacting a woman via phone and text excessively. An officer made contact with the man and advised him to stop harassing the female as she did not wish to converse with him.

Animal at Large – A report was made of a dog who escaped or was stolen from a vehicle parked at local lodge. The owner called back to notify VPD they had found their dog.

Arrested: Lindsay C. Charlie, DOB 4/26/1980 of Fairbanks was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release. Original charge Felony DUI, Breath Test Refusal, and Misconduct Involving Weapons 4th Degree. Lindsay posted $1000 bail.


Suspicious Activity: A concerned caller reported possible drug-dealing activities in their neighborhood. Officers increased patrol in the area.

Animal Info: A motorist reported a small dog ran out in to traffic and head-butted their car and was now laying ‘dazed’ under another car. The ACO responded to the area and found the dog was able to pass concussion tests and was ok. The owner was given a warning for not having their dog on a leash and the dog was told to refrain from running head-first into large stationary objects made of steel.

Open Door: A caller reported that their neighbor’s door was wide open and hadn’t observed anyone to be home. Prior to officer arrival, the caller called back and stated that the neighbor was actually home and that everything was ok.

Fireworks: VPD received multiple calls about gunshots. Officers found several individuals having a party and they were firing off fireworks. They were advised to keep the noise down and to refrain from detonating fireworks.


Welfare Check: An male individual who appeared to be intoxicated was staggering down the road and then laid down on the beach near Dock Point. Officers contacted the male who appeared to be intoxicated and he indicated that he wanted to take a short nap before making the 4-block journey back to their residence. The officer agreed that this was a good idea and the man was left to nap in peace.

Fish & Game: A young eagle appeared to be injured and was standing alongside the riverbed. The Community Safety Officer responded to the area to question the eagle as to why he was standing on the ground and not flying. Unfortunately, the eagle was no longer around upon his arrival.

MVA H&R: A vehicle backed in to another vehicle and left the area. Witnesses identified the young driver who later returned. Officers spoke to the driver about the incident. PAR forms were issued to both parties.

Serve Time: Edward Billum, DOB 07/29/1955, of Glennallen reported to the Valdez Jail to serve 5 days on a Glennallen DUI conviction.

Serve Time: Steven Jefferson, DOB 05/29/1990, of Glennallen reported to the Valdez Jail to serve 1 day on a Glennallen Harassment 2 and Disorderly Conduct conviction.

Noise Disturbance: Loud music was coming from a residence on Chena St. An officer contacted some individuals who were drinking wine and eating cheese whilst listening to classical music. They were compliant and agreed to be quiet.


Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on a female individual who was broken down on the side of the highway in Thompson Pass and was burning her belongings. Officers contacted the individual and helped her secure her belongings and then gave them a ride town.

MVA: Officers responded to Eagle Avenue & River Drive for a report of a side by side that had overturned. The occupants were assisted on getting the side by side turned upright and left the scene prior to officer arrival.

Security Check: Officers conducted extra patrol at the Valdez High School Homecoming Dance.

Traffic Complaint: A motorist whose tire flew off the vehicle was on the side of the highway with their hazards on. The rear lights were dim and was difficult for other motorists to see. An officer assisted her in finding the missing tire and stayed on scene until the tow truck arrived.


Assist Medical: Officers assisted EMS with a medical call.

Animal Bite: A young child was bit by a Rottweiler. The owner was issued a citation for dog at large.

Animal at Large: A small black dog was wandering around Black Gold. The dog did not wish to be contacted by police and was gone prior to officer arrival.

Total Calls for Police & Animal Control: 113


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