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October 3, 2018

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations

and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Fraud - A resident reported being the target of a phone scam in which the caller requested a credit card number. (The Valdez Police Department would like to remind people that it is poor practice to provide any financial account numbers to random people calling you on the phone. Also, such scams increase in frequency this time of year, with the recent issuance of the PFD)

ATV - A green & black sporty side by side drove through the complainant’s yard on multiple occasions. Officers identified and spoke to the suspect.


Truancy - A juvenile was reported by the parent to be absent from school but cannot leave work to go find him. Officers located the subject at home. The juvenile stated that he was late, but heading to school now.

Bear - Dispatch received multiple calls regarding a black bear carousing around the downtown area. The Animal Control Officer monitored the movements and ensured the safety of the citizens - particularly when the school day neared its end.

Open door - A concerned neighbor called to report the back door of a residence was open. VPD Officers checked the residence and secured the door.

Bear - An Officer deployed a bean bag round to entice a bear to leave the area. The bear had been checking out homes and getting into trash in the area.

**REMINDER - The bears are taking advantage of the spectacular September and October weather to gorge themselves prior to hibernation. Please keep trash and other attractants secured and inaccessible**


Stalking Protective Order - VPD served a protective order on a Valdez resident alleged to be stalking/harassing another individual.

Possible Drunk Driver - A caller reported that a man had been drinking at the bar and was kicked out for becoming unruly. The man reportedly left in his vehicle heading outbound on the Rich Hwy. Officers were in the area on patrol, but could not locate any vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle.


Welfare Check - VPD Dispatch received a call from a woman who seemed to be in distress; reporting that she had woken up in a different room than she had been in when she went to bed. Responding Officers found her extremely intoxicated and difficult to comprehend. After talking with her for a period of time, the Officers determined that a crime did not appear to have occurred. They subsequently transported the complainant to a location of her choosing.

Found Property - A phone found in Glennallen was dropped off at VPD. Attempts have been made to contact the owner without success. If you have lost your phone in the Glennallen area please contact VPD with further descriptors to claim.

Agency Assist: US Marshal Service contacted VPD regarding an individual with a warrant. Officer were unable to locate the individual at the address given.

Concealment: A local business contacted VPD regarding an individual seen on camera leaving the store with items that hadn’t been paid for. The individual was identified and charges are pending.

Bear Incident: Caller reported seeing a dead animal near a creek bed on Dayville. ACO responded and found a very young bear carcass and it appeared someone had tried to salvage part of it after it had been struck by a vehicle. AST was notified.

Civil Dispute: Complainant requested Officer assistance with a tenant that was not paying rent and refusing to leave. They were advised it was a civil issue and they needed to go through the eviction process, as spelled out by Alaska Statute.


Bear Incident: Caller reported an injured bear in the middle of the road on the Tide Flats. Officers responded and found a bear had been struck by a vehicle. There was no damage to the vehicle, and the bear appeared to be fine and walked into the woods.

Bear Incident: Complainant reported a bear in the dumpster near their residence. Officers responded and coaxed the bear away from the area by utilizing a bean bag round. Officers also contacted appropriate personnel to fix the locking mechanism that had been damaged and was not functioning properly.

Traffic Complaint: Caller reported a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed and spinning circles/donuts near the Valdez City Schools Admin building. Officers contacted the driver and issued a warning for their manner of driving.

Animal Noise: Complainant called to report that a dog tied up on the porch of a nearby residence was howling, caller thought it might be injured. An Officer responded to the residence, the dog appeared to be fine and wasn’t making any noise at that time.


Rabbit Issues: Caller reported a bunny had been attacked by a raven and was in pretty bad shape.

Littering: Complainant reported that an individual was seen dumping garbage, a mattress and a box spring at Robe Lake. The caller stated they had followed the person to their residence and questioned why they had dumped their garbage there and that it needed cleaned up. The individual said it was for a bonfire that was planned for later that night. The caller returned to Robe Lake the next morning and found the items still there. Officers contacted the person who left the items and informed them they would be cited for littering if there was any debris remaining in the area.

Domestic Disturbance: Caller reported having issues with their spouse. Officers responded and separated the individuals for the night.

Alarm - Burglar: Burglar alarm was activated at the Teen Center. Officers arrived to find that the employees had accidentally triggered the alarm.


Domestic Violence Protective Order: Officers served a Valdez resident with an ex-parte DVPO at approximately 1600 hours.

Violate Protective Order: At approximately 1626 hours Richard McAlister, DOB: 10/1/1966, of Valdez, was arrested for Violating a DV Protective Order. McAlister is currently being held at the Valdez Jail.

Domestic Assault: Officers responded to a report of an assault that occurred during an altercation between a landlord and tenant. Arrested: James Aleshire, DOB: 11/25/1953, of Valdez, was arrested for DV Assault 4th Degree. Aleshire is currently being held at the Valdez Jail.

Family Issues: Complainant reported an altercation between adult siblings. Officers arrived and separated the siblings for the night.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual after their caretaker was unable to contact them for a couple of hours. Officers responded to the residence and the individual was just getting home from being at a function and was fine.

Disturbance - Noise: Complainant reported loud bass coming from a nearby residence. Officers contacted an individual at the residence who agreed to turn the music down.

Domestic Disturbance: Caller reported hearing a mother and son yelling at each other. Officers contacted both individuals and discussed parenting, grounding, etc.

Domestic Disturbance: Complainant reported that their roommate smacked them in the back of the head for playing music too loud. Officers contacted both individuals and they agreed to separate for the day.

Domestic Disturbance: Officers made contact with the roommates from the previous call after another roommate called to report the individuals were not getting along again. Charles Vorheis, DOB: 3/5/60 of Valdez was given a warning for Disorderly Conduct.

Theft of Property: Officers were once again summonsed to the above mentioned residence, this time for a report of a theft. One of the roommates reported that their clothes were missing from the dryer and suspects the other roommate threw them in the dumpster. Complainant called back to say they looked in the dumpster and the clothes were not there. Officers responded and spoke to everyone that lives at the residence, no one had any information about the missing clothes. After Officers left, the complainant called back to say they had found their clothes in the washing machine under another load of clothes that had been put in on top of their clothes. Case sufficiently sorted out.

Bear Incident: Caller reported a large black bear walking near the bathrooms at the Harbor Master. The bear was gone when Officers arrived. However, the bear was then called in at Mike’s Palace heading towards Fat Mermaid. Officers watched the bear roam the docks then make its way over to Fidalgo before heading back into the woods.

10-2-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to an individual needing medical assistance. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

10-2-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to a request for assistance on a medivac.

10-2-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to an individual needing medical assistance. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

10-2-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to a public assist request.

10-2-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to a possible car fire. The fire was extinguished by the owner prior to the Fire Department arriving on scene.

10-3-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to a public assist request.

10-6-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to a public assist request.

10-6-18 Valdez Fire Department participated in the Community Flu Preparedness Exercise.

10-8-18 Valdez Fire Department responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

Total Calls for Police & Animal Control: 118


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