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October 10, 2018

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Intoxicated Pedestrian: An intoxicated individual was stumbling down Airport Rd causing the complainant to nearly hit them. Officers responded and found that they had another mysterious case of gravitational force perception and balance impairment. Due to level of the subject’s intoxication, EMS was requested to transport them to the hospital until they could recover.

Animal at Large: A Rottweiler was reported running loose in Alpine Woods. Upon CSO arrival, the dog was back on its property. Attempts were made to contact the owner.

Domestic Disturbance: A man reported that his girlfriend kicked him in the head and refused to return his belongings. Investigation revealed that a crime had not been committed, however officers went to the residence with the man to maintain the peace so he could collect his belongings and move out of the apartment.

Animal at Large: A little blonde Chihuahua was roaming around by the Fire Station in Alpine Woods. Upon CSO arrival, the dog ran in to the brush. The owner was contacted.

Da’ Bears: Dispatch has received several calls regarding a small bear roaming around Alatna and Chena St. and the sow seemed to be nowhere in sight. Officers are monitoring the young cub.

Fireworks: Several callers reported fireworks in Valdez Mobile Home Park. Officers responded to the area and contacted three different individuals. All of them denied being involved and directed the officers in different directions. Officers were unable to find the source of the fireworks.


Violate Conditions of Release: Corie James Taylor, DOB 10/05/1983, of Valdez was issued a summons to appear in court for violating his conditions of release. Original charges are as follows: Two counts of DV Assault 4, DV Criminal Trespass 4, and Resisting Arrest. On two separate occasions, Taylor’s GPS ankle monitor indicated that he was not at his residence during the court-imposed curfew hours. Taylor was subsequently released on his own recognizance the next day.

Theft/Shoplifting: Officers responded to Safeway for a report of shoplifting after a female was observed by staff walking out of the store with several items that she had not paid for. A review of store surveillance video led to the identification of the suspect as Tisha Watts. Watts selected a Halloween decoration, some deli food and some frozen pizzas before leaving the store without paying for the items. Watts was later contacted by officers on her phone and she agreed to come to VPD to talk about the incident, however she never showed up.

Tisha Dee Watts, DOB 06/30/1982, of Valdez was issued a summons to appear in court for a charge of Theft in the 4th degree.


Burglar Alarm: An alarm was activated at a local business. Officers contacted the responsible party and found that their code wasn’t working and got them straightened out.

Possible Drunk Driver: A vehicle was reported driving at inconsistent speeds. An officer contacted the driver who stated that they had swerved to go around a pick up on the side of the road and that they were having difficulty seeing due to the fog. The officer was pleased to see that it was not another case of driving while feasting on roast chicken or DWFRC as we’ve come to call it here at VPD.

Fish & Game: A deceased deer was reported by the creek in old town with a pile of salt next to it. CSO responded to the area and found the pile of salt however, the deer carcass was nowhere to be found. Please be on the lookout for zombie deer during this Halloween season.

Agency Assist: Officers assisted the Fire Department on a fire call.


Fraud: A fraudulent charge was charged to a credit card from the Juicy Crawfish in Houston, TX. The complainant hadn’t recently visited Texas. They were provided a case number.

Animal Neglect: CSO investigated a report of animal neglect. Two dogs were reported to be tied up outside and bark all the time. It was found that the dogs had sufficient shelter and all appeared well.

Animal at Large: A white dog was running around on Egan Dr. The dog was very wily and was unable to be caught by responding officers.


Animal at Large: An off-duty officer observed a Chihuahua barking at cars and running into traffic on the highway. The dog was being very elusive and was nowhere to be found when the CSO arrived.

Animal Info: A dog was seen with porcupine quills in its face. The complainant called back advising dispatch that someone had picked up the dog.

MVA - Damage: A caller reported hitting the city dock with his vehicle. There was no damage to the vehicle or the dock.

Suspicous Person: Suspicious individuals were reported lurking around the vehicle bone yard new Aleutian Trailer Park. This incident is under investigation.

Family Issues: A parent called dispatch reporting that their son had not come home from school and suspected that he might have been at the basketball games. The juvenile later returned home after he was done watching the basketball games.

Suspicious Vehicle: A white pick-up truck was reported driving up and down Falcon Dr. shining a flashlight towards others’ residences. Officers patrolled the area but found no white pick-up truck in the area.


Disturbance: An ex-employee at a local hotel was causing a disturbance. Officers stood by while the individual packed up their belongings.

Strange Activity: A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend was experiencing a mental break and had scattered his belongings outside of a local hotel. Officers advised the caller to notify VPD if she ends up with any of the belongings.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual who was suspected to be experiencing a full-on psychotic breakdown. Officers contacted the individual and determined that they were not a danger to themselves at that moment.

Theft of Property: A caller reported an iPad, flat screen TV, a pocketknife, binoculars, and some cash stolen and had a suspect. Officers searched for the individual and were later advised that they had left town. This is currently under investigation.


Indecent Exposure/Title 47: A man was reported “streaking” on Egan Drive near the Keystone Hotel. Officers responded to the area and the man was taken into protective custody and transported to the Valdez Jail for a Title 47 hold.

Found Property: Two sets of downhill skis were sitting on the southwest side of the Richardson Hwy and Loop Rd. If you were recently dirt-skiing in the area and lost them, contact VPD with descriptors to claim.

Welfare Check: A man calling from out of state requested a welfare check on his wife whom he hadn’t been able to get a hold of. The woman was located and advised that she was out hiking and enjoying the scenery and didn’t have cell signal.

DUI: Daniel A. Vandermeulen, DOB: 04/20/1976, of Valdez was arrested for DUI. His breath-alcohol content registered .156. Mr. Vandermeulen was transported to the Valdez Jail to be processed and was released on his Own Recognizance to a sober party.

Total Calls for Police & Animal Control: 116


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