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October 17, 2018

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Theft Vehicle – A vehicle was reported stolen. Upon investigation, Officers were able to locate the vehicle and it was retrieved by the owner.

MVA-Damage – A motorist struck and drove over a black bear on Dayville Road and sustained significant damage to their vehicle. A second vehicle ran over the now deceased bear still in the roadway, but sustained no damages and continued on their way. Officers moved the carcass out of the roadway and contacted a tow truck for the disabled vehicle. The driver of the damaged vehicle was given appropriate DMV forms and a collision report was filed.

Bear Incident – VPD dispatch received a report of a resident on Robe River Drive who leaves their trash unsecured out on the porch which then attracts bears who get into the trash and spread it all over the area. The Animal Control Officer did not see any trash in the area at the time of the complaint, but will be following up with the issue later.

Welfare Check – Officers checked on a vehicle parked at the weigh station at the intersection of Richardson Highway and Dayville Road. The vehicle was found to be unoccupied.


Bear Incident – A motorist reported he had hit a bear with his vehicle on Dayville Road. Officers responded and dispatched the critically injured bear.

Burglar Alarm – A new employee at a local business mistakenly activated the burglar alarm.

Agency Assist – Officers were requested to help escort an inmate who was released from jail but was refusing to leave. The man had become accustomed to the gourmet cuisine (Hungry Man TV dinners), cable television and open floor plan of his living quarters. Officers explained that, as he was no longer in custody, the meals and television would cease. He reevaluated his earlier reticence and willingly checked out of the Valdez Jail.

Welfare Check – A welfare check was requested for an individual who was reported to be hearing voices of people who weren’t present at the time. Officers made contact with the individual and although he was intoxicated, Officers deemed everything was fine and ensured that he had someone there to care for him.

Arrested – Craig R. Baird, DOB 7/23/1963, of Valdez was arrested for a Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear for Calendar Call on an original charge of Trespassing 1st Degree. He was later released on his Own Recognizance.

Arrested – Sheri L. McCombs, DOB 6/11/1967, of Valdez, was arrested on an outstanding Anchorage Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear for a Disposition Hearing for original charges or Driving with License Revoked and Petition to Revoke Probation. McCombs was arraigned the following day and released on a $500 unsecured bond.

Animal Information – A caller reported that a dog had just been hit by a vehicle on Egan Street. Officers were able to locate the apparently uninjured dog nearby before it ran off.

Animal Impound – A young Cocker Spaniel dog was turned into the Valdez Animal Shelter to be impounded. Shortly after, the owner called and was able to retrieve their dog.

Transport Other – An inmate was transported to Providence Valdez for medical treatment.


Suspicious Vehicle – A report of a vehicle with its lights on parked on the street was received. Officers made contact with the owner; they were getting ready for work.

MVA-Damage – A motor vehicle accident with damage was reported. Subsequently Anne Duhamel, DOB 7/17/1981, of Valdez was cited for Driver to Exercise Due Care to Avoid a Collison.

Camping Prohibited – City of Valdez Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services reported a man camping under the picnic area at the Glacier Camp Ground. Responding Officers were unable to locate the man, but did put a notice on the camper that the season was over and they would need to vacate the area.

Parking – A trailer was reported parked on Mineral Creek Drive and W. Hanagita Street for over a month. The complainant expressed concern because their bicycling spouse was almost hit by a vehicle while trying to navigate around the parked trailer and thought this would also be a safety issue for children while walking around it to and from school.

Threat – A juvenile was reported as making threats to another juvenile. This case is currently under investigation.

Abandoned Vehicle – A caller reported a possibly abandoned white vehicle that had been parked on the street in their subdivision for over a week. Dispatch attempted to make contact with the registered owner of the vehicle and left a message instructing them to contact the Valdez Police Department.

MVA-Damage – A single car motor vehicle accident occurred on private property. Officers gave the driver the case number and the proper DMV forms.

Bear Incident – A bear was reported in a tree. Upon the Animal Control Officer’s arrival, the bear was gone from the tree.

Animal at Large – Two dogs were reported running down the Richardson Highway by Glacier Haul Road. The Animal Control Officer was unable to locate any dogs in the area.

Suspicious Activity – A caller reported that three teenage boys were attempting to break in to their vehicle. Responding Officers made contact with the suspects who were actually playing an organized game of “Cops and Robbers.”

Agency Assist – A motorist reported a 4-5” fuel line across the Richardson HWY around 39 mile. The information was forwarded onto MATCOM.


Domestic Disturbance – A husband called VPD dispatch stating his wife was trying to break into their home and that she was being belligerent. The caller had locked her out knowing that she would return to the home intoxicated after darts and didn’t want to deal with her. Officers responded and separated the two parties for the evening.

Stop & FI – While on patrol, Officers made contact with a person sleeping in their vehicle.

Public Service – The School Resource Officer gave a presentation to the 4th & 5th grade class.

Bear Incident – A bear cub was reported hanging out up in a tree. The ACO was able to apprehend the bear and relocate it to a less populated area.

Disturbance Other – A caller requested Officer assistance at the grocery store because a man had “jumped all over him” regarding care he was providing to another individual. Officers determined nothing physical had occurred, merely a verbal discussion.

MVA Hit & Run – A light pole on Egan Street in front of the Royal Center was struck and damaged. This is currently under investigation. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the VPD.

Arrest – Larry M Sherman, DOB 4/13/1980, of Valdez was arrested for an outstanding Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear for Trial Call on the original charge of Assault 4th Degree. He bailed out on a $500 Appearance Bond.

Animal at Large – VPD dispatch received a report of at least 6 dogs roaming on the Richardson Highway near the Glacier Stream Bridge and Glacier Haul Road. Officers responded and found no dogs in the area.

Traffic Complaint – A concerned citizen reported a vehicle continually speeding down their street. Officers made contact with the driver who stated they would comply and stop speeding.

Bear Incident – A caller reported 4, then 6, or possibly 8 bears in a dumpster at Aleutian Village. Officers were unable to locate any bears in the area but picked up the garbage scattered around and locked the dumpster.


Vehicle in Ditch – A caller reported their rental vehicle had slid off the road and into the ditch at MP 27 of the Richardson Highway. The vehicle was undamaged and the driver uninjured. While Dispatch was still on the phone with the complainant, multiple vehicles had pulled over, offered to assist the motorist, and were able to get him back onto the road.

Harassment – VPD dispatch received a complaint regarding verbal harassment. The complainant stated that ever since he had refused to bail his son out of jail for the 2nd or 3rd time, that son (who did manage to get bailed out) was now harassing his father every time he saw him in public by spewing profanities and using choice expletives in describing certain characteristics of the father to anyone within earshot. The caller reported that these incidents are distressing to him and he would like Officer assistance. Officers contacted the son and advised him to stop swearing at his father in addition to giving him a verbal warning for Harassment and Disorderly Conduct.

Found Property – A silver colored ring with multiple clear colored gemstones was turned in to VPD. Please call with descriptors to claim.

Animal DOA – A deceased animal was reported in the roadway in front of an apartment building.


Stop & FI – While on routine patrol during the early morning hours, a VPD Officer contacted a juvenile sleeping in a vehicle parked at Dock Point. The juvenile stated he was sleeping in the vehicle because his friend’s father had kicked him out at midnight and he did not want to return home and possibly wake his family. The Officer advised him to go home and to not sleep in his vehicle at Dock Point in the future.

Animal DOA – A deceased animal was retrieved by the Animal Control Officer for cremation.

Animal at Large – While on patrol, an Officer came across a flock of chicken and geese in the roadway in Alpine Woods. As the Officer is also a self-proclaimed “Chicken Whisperer,” he was able to lure his new found feathered friends back to their coop using a juicy apple as an enticement.

Parking – A parking issue was reported at the Valdez High School when a vehicle with personalized plates was parked on the sidewalk directly in front of the main doors. It was determined to belong to one of the maintenance staff and school personnel contacted the owner.

Vehicle in Ditch – An Officer responded to what appeared to be a vehicle trying to pull another vehicle out of a ditch at MP 7 of the Richardson Highway and saw a third vehicle parked farther into the trees. Officers contacted three individuals. One person who stated they were there to help pull a vehicle out of the ditch and the other two stated they were gathering firewood in the area.

Stop & FI – An Officer made contact with the driver of a vehicle on Glacier Haul Dump Road. The driver stated they were trying to find their way off Dump Road.


Stop & FI – Officers noticed a female pedestrian being closely followed by a male pedestrian who seemed to be tracking her as she crossed the street multiple times. Officers asked the female if she was okay or needed any assistance. She responded that she was fine and entered her residence. Officers then spoke to the male who stated he was in a relationship with the woman, and that she currently isn’t very happy with him - which is why he was following behind her and not able to walk at her side.

Citizen Contact – An Officer made contact with a man who was testing out his new flashlight in the dark at Robe Lake and who seemed very happy with the quality of the flashlight.

Family Issues – A woman came to the VPD lobby to request Officer assistance with collecting property from a home mutually owned by her and her spouse although they’ve been estranged, living separately for over a year, and her husband now has a live-in girlfriend. The Officer advised her to nicely ask her spouse if she can retrieve the property and to not just enter the residence without notice. Officers also advised to sort out property disbursement during the divorce proceedings.

Civil Dispute – VPD dispatch received a 911 call from a local residence regarding someone repeatedly ringing a doorbell, banging on the front door and trying to gain access to the residence. The caller reported a UHAUL truck was parked in front of the home and an unknown woman was taking property out of the garage. Officers responded and made contact with all involved parties who agreed to a more convenient and civil method of property retrieval. See above case.

Civil Standby – Officers stood by while uncontested property was peacefully retrieved from a local residence. See above two cases.

Public Event – The Community Safety Officer attended EDDY Walks.

Disorderly Conduct – A woman was issued a warning for Disorderly Conduct and Harassment while speaking to an Officer regarding her following her boyfriend all around town, accusing him of cheating on her, and generally behaving in a disorderly manner.

Welfare Check – VPD dispatch received a call from a distraught man asking VPD to relay a message to his ex-wife as he is court ordered to not have any contact with her. As the out-of-state caller was making statements indicating suicidal thoughts, Dispatch contacted his family members and a law enforcement agency in his area to apprise them of the situation so he could get some mental health assistance.

Stop & FI – An Officer stopped for a vehicle in a ditch and noticed three people gathering wood. The parties stated they were collecting trees from the ditch.

Domestic Disturbance – A neighbor overheard a couple fighting in an apartment complex. Officers responded to find nothing physical, just verbal. Everything appeared to be fine.

Total Calls for Police & Animal Control: 127


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