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October 31, 2018

From the desk of Gov. Bill Walker

I am profoundly grateful to the thousands of our campaign donors, volunteers, staff and supporters who have supported me and to the outstanding Alaskans who have served in my Administration. In the week since announcing the close of my re-election campaign, I have received an outpouring of support and positive messages from Alaskans. First and foremost, I want to say thank you.

I have also received many questions about how we will use our remaining resources, including the signs and materials, remaining campaign funds, and reserved ad time, in the last two weeks of the election. We have followed up with APOC as to our legal obligations and options, as well as the media, to provide clarity on these issues:

• In accordance with Section 15.13.112(b)(7), we are not legally able to donate any funds from our campaign to another candidate or group (including an IE).

• In accordance with Section Sec 15.13.116(b)(4), campaign signs cannot be given away or sold until AFTER the election has taken place. You may recycle your signs or bring them into a regional office for us to dispose of them for you, but we encourage you to take down all Walker Mallott yard signs - and any large signs our team may have missed - from public view immediately.

• With some exceptions, reserved ad space that cannot be reimbursed will be used to make it clear that we have ended our campaign and say thank you to our supporters. We are happy to confirm we will not require any additional fundraising to meet our debts.

• We will use the remaining campaign funds to fulfill outstanding debts such as office leases across the state, payroll, and contractual obligations. Since we have already spent 90% of our funds, providing reimbursement to donors at this point would be logistically challenging and somewhat impractical at just 10 cents on the dollar and having to follow up on thousands of reimbursement checks to make sure they get deposited. Since we do not have a final accounting, no final decisions have been made but it appears likely that any remaining funds will be used for a Future Campaign Account and nonprofit donations.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team. I urge voters to choose a candidate who will stay the course with our progress on the Alaska Gasline, a sustainable fiscal plan, Medicaid expansion to provide healthcare to 44,000 Alaskans, and improved relations among state and tribal governments.

It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve as your governor.

God bless Alaska!


I will be voting YES on Ballot Measure 1.

Ballot Measure 1, initiated by Alaskan citizens, is under attack from well funded opposition. Ads are full of misinformation and some downright hysteria.

Let me just focus on the “ruining the economy” claim. Our family fishes for salmon. Salmon provides us with a fine lifestyle. Commercial salmon provides for crew members, boat builders, gear and electronic stores, tradesmen, processors, boat yards, etc. Commercial sport salmon adds to our economy: guides, sport shops, tourism….. You get the drift. Let’s not forget personal use and subsistence fish and how much recreational and protein value is in our freezers. Thousands of Alaskans benefit economically right now from salmon.

We in the last frontier have the advantage of knowing that major salmon runs in Europe, on our eastern seaboard, and all up our Pacific coast have been decimated. We can see what our frontier’s future will hold if we don’t upgrade our watchfulness for this incredible gift – salmon.

I truly believe that we are also lucky enough to live in a time of advanced technology. We can figure out how to mitigate and how to build responsibly.

Follow the money on the TV ads, the slick mailings, the endorsements. Decide what is “foolish” and short sighted. I’ll be voting YES on 1

Claudia Anderson



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