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Free energy credit for households and businesses

Popular Valdez program now open for commercial users also


November 7, 2018

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There is a population survey of households included with the energy credit application process.

An energy credit once open only for households can now be granted to businesses.

The yearly energy credit the City of Valdez has granted to households each year was extended to some businesses thanks to a move by city council.

All Valdez households that pay a fuel or electric bill have been eligible to receive a $550 credit towards their winter bill for electricity or fuel – there are no income requirements; applicants do need to bring proof of residency and either a fuel bill or an electric bill for service to the address of their identification.

Business owners must bring a current business license for the address and also include a utility bill for the address.

Two credits cannot be applied to the same address.

Applications became available at City Hall last Thursday.The form can also be downloaded from the city's website and returned in person with the required documentation.

A credit application can be submitted by mail, but it must include a notarized registration form.

"Eligible households may register via US Mail as long as all required documentation is attached to a notarized registration form and all information is received in City Hall by December 31, 2018," the public notice from the City of Valdez says.

Those who wish to apply in person at City Hall can drop by Monday through Friday during regular business hours, 8:30 a.m. through 5 p.m.

Hours will be extended until 7 p.m. on Nov. 28 and Dec. 28 according to the public notice.

The program is not an income-based assistance program - it was originally implemented as de facto property tax rebate and as a way to fight high energy costs for all residents regardless of income.

Applicants that are found to owe the city money will have the amount owed deducted from the credit.

Residents who do not have a fuel or electric bill are not eligible.

There is a population survey of households included with the energy credit application process.


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