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November 7, 2018

Upcoming Events:

* Valdez Varsity Volleyball at State Championships in Anchorage, Nov. 8-10, at the Alaska Airlines Center

* Wrestling at ACS Tournament on Friday and Saturday

* Rifle Team at Home vs. Delta on Saturday

State Swimming by Coach Carl Young

We had a lot of fun over the weekend. Chase Randall and Jeffrey Prevost had the opportunity to take part in the State Swim Meet in Anchorage. They were able to watch and learn from some of the best high school swimmers in the state. Swimming is the only sport in Alaska that is divided up by 3A and 4A divisions. All schools in the state compete against one another at the State Championships no matter their size.

Chase Randall swam hard in his events and did the best he could. Overall Chase placed 15th in the 100 Backstroke and 16th in 200 Individual Medley in the entire State of Alaska. Chase had an excellent season and I look forward to his future seasons on the Buccaneer Swim Team.

The VHS Swim Team had one of the best seasons in the last eight years and our team continues to grow I look forward to the rising success of swimmers. A very good job to our Buccaneer Swim Team and I will see you all next season!

Valdez Rifle Team results vs. Delta. (Submitted by Coach Victoria Hedman)

The Valdez Buccaneer Rifle team shot well in their meet against the Delta High School team.

Their standing air 60 shot match was shot as a postal with Valdez earning a total score of 2229 points with 74 center shots against Delta's 2246 points and 74 center shots. Ashlee Schaeffer scored a personal best of 556 and 18 center shots. Sara Bauman also shot a personal best of 559 and 21 center shots.

Saturday's three-positions small-bore match was a close competition. Delta shot a total of 2177 points with 59 center shots. Valdez shot 2170 with 60 center shots. With the scores of the two days, combined Delta came out 24 points ahead with 4423 points to Valdez's 4399 points.

This was Jared Humphrey's first traveling match and he shot well enough to be one of the four shooters who contributed to Valdez' overall score. Tiffany Larcom was the top shooter overall and Sara Bauman took second overall in the small-bore match.

The whole team did a great job and looks forward to shooting against Delta again, this coming Saturday (the 10th).

Valdez Varsity Volleyball results Aurora Conference Regionals.

(Submitted by Coach Adam Sharrai)

Regionals 2018 Delta: Valdez Lady Bucs-Undefeated!

The Lady Bucs held to their plan in Delta last weekend taking Delta 3-0, Hutchison 3-0, and Monroe 3-0 in straight wins moving on to State and remaining undefeated in both conference play 10-0-0 and regional play 3-0-0.

Leading serving against Delta in game one, Kendall Wesenberg held true to form shoving over nine for seven with 3 aces followed by Jillian Fleming who was seven for five with one ace. Sydney Johnson led the kills off with seven for six floored, followed by Kassi Howard at five for three to finish 25-14. Howard led serving in set 2 with six for five with one ace, Carlee Fleming was five for four, Johnson four for three and Jade Watts three for two, also contributing one ace. Ally Sieber heated up game 2 with some kills going eight for six, followed by Johnson at six for five; Howard tagging three for two, and Macy Hansen one for one. Serving was spread around with Howard leading serving six for five with one ace, C. Fleming five for four, Johnson four for three, Wesenberg four for two, Watts three for two, and J. Fleming two for one, ending it 25-12. Game 3 followed in similar fashion with J. Fleming serving eight for six with two aces, C. Fleming six for five, Johnson five for four, and Wesenberg four for three to end the match 25-10 and get rid of some first game jitters!

Hutchison was up next as they beat Monroe and the Lady Bucs knew that winning this match placed them in the championship and automatically qualifies them for play at State so they got ready to earn every point. Game one, C. Fleming served it up going eight for six with one ace, Johnson six for four, and Watts not only throwing in two for one with an ace but leading the kills as well flooring five for five, followed by Howard with four for four.

It was a long wait for the Lady Bucs Saturday for the Championship at 2 p.m. with Monroe, which bested Hutchison in the semi-finals just prior to playing the Lady Bucs.

It is always tough to come into a game with a team who has just played and is warmed up but the Lady Bucs, not really finding their rhythm, held on and surged ahead taking game one 25-20. Johnson led serves six for four with one ace while Watts was four for three with two aces.

Game 2 was another story. The Lady Bucs struggled through game two serving 42 percent, setting up a harder battle but they kept pushing and still searching for their rhythm. Sieber led off the kills with eight for seven followed by Johnson at seven for five.

The Lady Bucs came out on top 28-26.

Game 3 serving proved a little more advantageous with both Watts and Howard leading off six for five with two aces while Johnson led kills at five for five. The Lady Bucs took game 3 with a 25–17 score to win the Aurora Region Conference Championship and remain undefeated in conference play before going into the State competition next week.

The Awards and All-Tournament Team honored a few Lady Bucs as well! Macy Hansen had to sit out last year with a shoulder injury but has returned this year with an attitude every coach loves to have and added positivity, skill, and confidence not only to herself, but all others on the team which earned her Coach Sharrai's choice for Good Sport-Keep up all the hard work and great effort Macy-great job! Earning All-Tournament honors chosen by the opposing team coaches were Sydney Johnson, Jade Watts, and Kassi Howard with Carlee Fleming receiving MVP. Coach Sharrai was humbled in also receiving Coach of the Year.

I would like to thank the Lady Bucs for a great season filled with incredible play both in 3A and 4A, adventures to new places, and stories filled with laughter and smiles. Keep up your tenacious efforts, admirable team-work, kindness and support with one-another-it is what matters and that which you will remember. This has been noticed by your competitions communities and parents as well. The genuine comments I have received throughout this season regarding your overall conduct and integrity couldn't make me more proud and happy for you all.

Now, go make some more, because you better remember it's about the journey and you all have one week left to –as you say, "Kick Booty!"

Valdez Wrestling at "Top Dog Invite" in Nikiski.

(Submitted by Coach Tyler C-Thompson)

The Valdez wrestlers hit the road for the Top Dog Invite in Nikiski. After the long journey we had a great weekend of wrestling showing a lot of improvement all around. Highlights of the weekend include the following:

1. Rafael Alfaro 160 lbs: I want to start by saying that It is hard to believe that Rafael only a first-year wrestler. This has most to do with his incredible work ethic and dedication to getting better every day. He has shown much improvement throughout the season and I look forward to seeing him continue to improve.

2. William Benes 171 lbs: William picked up his first high school victory this weekend by pinning Bruce Graham from Homer High School. William has been working incredibly hard in the room and we are starting to see that play out on the mat.

3. Kyle Henderson 189 lbs: Kyle wrestled five matches this weekend picking up three pins to fight back for 7th place. Kyle Showed that he can bounce back from a tough loss and take care of business. This was a great weekend to help Kyle figure out what he needs to do to end up where he wants to be at the end of the year.

4. Jana Allen 215 lbs: Due to low numbers in the 235lb girls division Jana took on the challenge of wrestling in the 215 lb boys division. Although Jana was unable to pick up any wins throughout the weekend she is ready to get back in the room and work on the things that will help her come out on top in matches to come.

5. Cora Kagak 145 lbs: Cora took to the mat for the first time this year and showed great improvement from last year. Cora showed a lot of aggression on the mat against some really tough opponents. In fact, Cora had the opportunity to wrestle McKenzie Cook from Homer High School who is currently ranked at the national level. She is ready to get back in the room and prepare for ACS this coming weekend.

6. Oceana Holt 160 lbs: Oceana hit the mat this weekend with a goal of being the most dominant wrestler in Alaska at 160lbs. Oceana wrestled four matched pinning each opponent in the first period taking the Top Dog Title in the 160 lbs Girls Division. Oceana has her sight set on the top spot in the state and is ready to put in the work to reach that spot.

Varsity 160

Rafael Alfaro's place is unknown and has scored 0.0 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Rafael Alfaro (Valdez High School) received a bye () (Bye)

• Champ. Round 2 - Michael Chaput (South Anchorage High School) won by fall over Rafael Alfaro (Valdez High School) (Fall 0:48)

• Cons. Round 2 - Josh Bradshaw (Homer High School Mariners) won by fall over Rafael Alfaro (Valdez High School) (Fall 1:50)

Varsity 171

William Benes's place is 14th and has scored 3.0 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - William Benes (Valdez High School) received a bye () (Bye)

• Champ. Round 2 - Jeremy DeVries (Grace Christian School) won by fall over William Benes (Valdez High School) (Fall 1:55)

• Cons. Round 2 - William Benes (Valdez High School) received a bye () (Bye)

• Cons. Round 3 - Steven Harshman (Seward High School) won by fall over William Benes (Valdez High School) (Fall 0:23)

• Cons. Round 4 - William Benes (Valdez High School) won by fall over Bruce Graham (Homer High School Mariners) (Fall 0:18)

• 13th Place Match - Cayleb Diaz (Homer High School Mariners) won by tech fall over William Benes (Valdez High School) (TF 15-0)

Varsity 189

Kyle Henderson's place is 7th and has scored 15.0 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Kyle Henderson (Valdez High School) received a bye () (Bye)

• Champ. Round 2 - Kyle Henderson (Valdez High School) won by fall over Jackson Tanner (Grace Christian School) (Fall 2:26)

• Quarterfinal - Ethan Roetman (Kotzebue High School) won by fall over Kyle Henderson (Valdez High School) (Fall 2:37)

• Cons. Round 4 - Kyle Henderson (Valdez High School) won by fall over Ryan Hicks (Homer High School Mariners) (Fall 3:50)

• Cons. Round 5 - Cooper Roberts (Colony High School) won by decision over Kyle Henderson (Valdez High School) (Dec 10-4)

• 7th Place Match - Kyle Henderson (Valdez High School) won by fall over Jesus Garcia (Redington Sr. Jr/Sr High School) (Fall 2:48)

Varsity 215

Jana Allen's place is 15th and has scored 2.0 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Jana Allen (Valdez High School) received a bye () (Bye)

• Champ. Round 2 - Loke Iese (South Anchorage High School) won by fall over Jana Allen (Valdez High School) (Fall 1:20)

• Cons. Round 2 - Jana Allen (Valdez High School) received a bye () (Bye)

• Cons. Round 3 - Andrew Bergan (Kotzebue High School) won by fall over Jana Allen (Valdez High School) (Fall 0:24)

• Cons. Round 4 - Conor Boyd (Soldotna) won by fall over Jana Allen (Valdez High School) (Fall 1:24)

• 15th Place Match - Jana Allen (Valdez High School) won by forfeit over Ethan Suarez (Anchorage Christian Schools) (FF)

Girls 145G

Cora Kagak's place is 4th and has scored 4.0 team points.

• Round 1 - Eve Negovanna (Barrow High School ) won by fall over Cora Kagak (Valdez High School) (Fall 1:21)

• Round 2 - McKenzie Cook (Homer High School Mariners) won by fall over Cora Kagak (Valdez High School) (Fall 0:46)

• Round 3 - Kaitlin Laasch-Gray (Colony High School) won by fall over Cora Kagak (Valdez High School) (Fall 1:28)

Girls 160G

Oceana Holt's place is 1st and has scored 18.0 team points.

• Round 2 - Oceana Holt (Valdez High School) won by fall over Emily Hoke (Kotzebue High School) (Fall 0:31)

• Round 3 - Oceana Holt (Valdez High School) won by fall over Rebecca Toston (Colony High School) (Fall 0:27)

• Round 4 - Oceana Holt (Valdez High School) won by fall over Kallie Tolstrup (Redington Sr. Jr/Sr High School) (Fall 0:18)

• Round 5 - Oceana Holt (Valdez High School) won by fall over Seirra Lancaster (Houston) (Fall 1:19)


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