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November 14, 2018

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Aggressive Animal: Complainant reported an ongoing issue with a neighbor's dogs running loose and almost being bitten by one. The caller had already texted the owner of the dogs letting them know they were running loose again.

Parking Issues: Airport personnel called to report that a vehicle has been parked in the parking lot for approximately 6 weeks and it was unknown if the owner was out of town or if the vehicle had been abandoned. An Officer was able to contact a family member of the owner.

Animal Impound: A local business reported a brown lab mix puppy was inside the store and a black Pit Bull was outside. The Community Service Officer retrieved the puppy but was unable to locate the Pit Bull. The puppy was taken to the Animal Shelter.

Poultry Problems: A citizen reported seeing a small gaggle of geese being harassed by a dog and chased from a yard to a pond. The caller was concerned as the geese had not left the pond since. The Animal Control Officer left a message for the owner of the geese.

Parking Issues: A caller reported a vehicle had been parked on the street in front of a business for a week. Investigating Officers determined that the vehicle belonged to an employee of that business.


Agency Assist: Providence Valdez Medical Center requested Officer assistance with an intoxicated individual, they were concerned for his safety and well- being. An Officer spoke with the individual and transported him home.

Civil Standby:Officers assisted an individual with getting personal belongings from their residence.

Animal Impound: A dog was picked up near 6 mile of the Richardson Hwy by a passerby and dropped at the Animal Shelter.

MVA–Hit & Run: A complainant reported their vehicle had been damaged while parked at either the Senior Center or Teen Center between noon-1:00pm; the vehicle sustained damage to the driver's side. Please contact VPD, reference case 18-5945, if you have any information useful to the investigation.

Harassment: A caller reported receiving text messages from their landlord threatening to kick in the door because they had left a light on in their room. The caller was disappointed to discover that leaving home did not necessarily prevent nagging about unnecessary consumption of utilities.


Citizen Contact: An Officer spoke with an individual who had concerns/issues with a custody order that had been issued by the courts.

Intoxicated Pedestrian: An intoxicated pedestrian was reported to be walking outbound on Egan Drive. Officers were eventually able to locate the individual inside a local business. The individual did not want to speak to officers nor did they want a ride home. Later in the evening, the individual came into City Hall and after being scolded for attempting to smoke indoors, took a nap on the bench for a few hours. After waking feeling refreshed and well-rested, they left in a cab.


Disturbance: A third-party caller reported receiving an odd call from their friend in reference to a bobcat coming around their residence at a local trailer park and requested a welfare check. An Officer spoke with the original complainant who informed them that a lynx was in the area with six lynx kittens. The complainant also advised Officers that the lynx was trying to fend of two coyotes and they were concerned for the welfare of them. Officers conducted an investigation and no animal tracks were found in the area. The Officers eventually concluded that the complainant was having an alcohol-fueled mental health episode.

Poultry Problems: A flock of chickens were clucking around at large again in the Alpine Woods Subdivision. The Community Safety Officer contacted the owner of the chickens who stated that they would ensure the chickens were contained by the next day.

Animal at Large: Two dogs were in a storage yard on Airport Rd. The Animal Control Officer contacted the owner and they discussed measures to the get the dogs rounded up. Later in the day, one of the dogs was impounded and while the other remained at large.

Found Property: An Alaska ID and Quest Card for an individual with the initials S.R. was turned in to the Valdez Police Department. If this could possibly be your cards, contact the Police Department to claim.

Suspicious Person: A homeowner reported hearing an individual walking the perimeter of her home. She had let her dog outside to scare the person away. Officers responded and did not see an individual snooping around the area nor any foot prints in the new snow that had fallen.


Aggressive Animal: A woman was attacked by her neighbor's dog and was bit in the buttocks. An Officer secured the dog and the case was passed on to the Animal Control Officer for further follow-up and enforcement action.

Post-Conviction Electronic Monitoring: Monika Anita White, DOB 12/06/1972, reported to the Valdez Police Department to get set up for electronic monitoring which was approved through DOC to serve her sentence of 20 days. Original charge was DUI.

DUI: Ronald Elwood Heskett, DOB 12/09/1966, of Anchorage was arrested for DUI. VPD subsequently applied for and received a warrant for the individual's blood. The blood will be sent to the crime lab for analysis. Mr. Heskett was released on bail of $1,000 the following afternoon.

DUI/Leaving the Scene: A caller reported witnessing a Jeep Cherokee back into a truck in the parking lot at a local bar and leave the scene. Officers responded to the establishment and began an investigation. Shortly after, they located the individual whom had been seen by several bar patrons operating the Jeep at the time of the collision. Cody Lee Allen, DOB 07/16/1987, of Valdez was arrested for DUI and Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident. His breath-alcohol content registered at .261 at the time of his arrest.

Sound of Shots Fired: VPD received two reports of a single gunshot heard at Valdez Mobile Home Park. Officers patrolled the area and contacted an individual who admitted to firing off a single bottle rocket. They were issued a warning for using fireworks where prohibited.


Animal at Large: VPD received yet another call about the same two dogs roaming around on Airport Rd. The Animal Control Officer impounded both dogs.

Juvenile Issues: A concerned citizen called when a juvenile showed up at their home stating that their parent was out of town and they were locked out of their home and had nowhere to go. An Officer contacted the parent of the juvenile who stated that they were in fact in town and at home and unsure why the child would say that. The child was told to return to his residence.


Sounds of Shots Fired: Multiple gun shots were reported coming from Old Town area. An Officer patrolled the area and was unable to locate anyone in the area.

Traffic Hazard: A driver reported a large rock in the outbound lane as they passed Salmon Turnaround. An Officer responded to the location and removed the rock from the roadway after they ran over the rock themselves with their patrol vehicle. You know, just to make sure......

Total Calls for Police & Animal Control: 107


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