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January 9, 2019

(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Impeding Snow Removal-Several people were given warnings and asked to remove their vehicles off the roadway so snow removal could be accomplished.

Electronic Monitoring Case Work: A client's electronic monitoring system base station lost power and was not transmitting a signal. An Officer went to the residence and found that an automatic "Roomba" vacuum had pulled the power cord for the base station out of the wall...If you keep this up Roomba, we've got a bracelet for you too. #vacuumbandit

Safety Hazard: A caller reported several children playing on top of a trailer and thought it was not a safe practice for the kids to be playing up there. An Officer responded to the area but was unable to find any children on a roof or doing anything else that was dangerous.

Civil Issue: A caller reported their snowmachine had been stolen. After an Officer talked to the complainant it was found that it was a mechanical repair dispute. The caller was referred to the court to pursue civil court options.

Harassment: A local business reported receiving several harassing phone calls from an individual who told them their business "sucks." An Officer contacted the individual and gave them a harassment warning.

Fireworks: A motorist was almost hit by some fireworks that were shot off a roof of a local bar. Officers informed the bartender and the patrons of the bar of the city ordinance on setting of fireworks while intoxicated.

Possible DUI: A caller reported a driver of a vehicle was belligerent and appeared intoxicated. Officers responded but were unable to immediately locate the vehicle or driver.

A vehicle was later found in the ditch matching the description from the earlier call about the possible DUI. No one was around the vehicle and Officers were unable to contact the owner.



Domestic Disturbance: A caller reported that their significant other was threatening to hurt them. Officers arrived on the scene and found no violence had occurred. The caller decided to go to another place for the night.


Assault: An altercation occurred at a residence between two individuals for unknown reasons. The aggressor of the incident left the scene before Officers arrived. The case remains under investigation at this time.


Safety Hazard: A caller notice some rebar sticking up out of the ground on private property that is under construction and they felt it was a dangerous situation that could result in someone being impaled. An Officer passed the information on to the City Building Inspector for follow-up.

MVA w/damage: A single-car motor vehicle collision occurred when a driver backed into a pole, causing damage to the side of the vehicle. No injuries were reported.

Serve Time: Gerald Kompkoff, DOB 12/05/70, of Valdez, reported to the Valdez Jail to serve time on his original charges of DUI and Violating Conditions of Release.

Lost Property: Apple Airpod headphones were reported lost in the public library's parking lot. If found, please turn them into the Valdez Police Department so we can reunite them with their owner.

Agency Assist: Alaska State Troopers request that VPD check on dead moose at MP 21 of the Richardson Highway. Officers responded to the area and confirmed that the moose was indeed still dead and had not become un-dead. The moose was determined to not be salvageable, as it had been there too long. #moosewasstilldead

Threat: A caller reported that their ex-boyfriend was saying threatening things to them in a parking lot. An Officer spoke to the caller and determined that nothing had been said that constituted an immediate threat or criminal conduct. The caller was advised to go to the court to get a protective order.

Disturbance Other: A caller reported that they needed help in getthing their intoxicated roommate to go to their room. Officers arrived on scene and found that the roommate was indeed intoxicated, loud and emotional – but they were in their residence and essentially doing nothing wrong. Officers informed the caller that just because their roommate was being "annoying" and "Whiny" that they could not force them to go into their room. The caller was advised of Alaska Landlord-Tenant Laws and the process to evict someone if they wished to do so. #onlyyourparentscangroundyou


Disturbance: Valdez Library staff reported that they had a patron who was being unruly and harassing another visitor. Officers contacted the individual, who was highly intoxicated, and advised them not to return to the library until they sobered up and could play well with the other patrons. #librarytimeout


Public Service: Officers assisted with traffic control for a funeral procession.


Fish & Game: Two geese were found wandering around the 10-mile area. Attempts to contact the owner were unsuccessful. A very helpful resident agreed to provide emergency foster care for the two very cold and hungry geese until their owner could be located. If you live at the 10-mile area and are missing two geese, please call VPD to be reunited with your fostered fowl. #gooseygang

Total calls for Police and Animal Control: 105


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