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January 16, 2019

(Any charges reported in this VPD blotter are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Welfare Check-A crisis center hotline called to let Dispatch know that someone in Valdez was feeling suicidal and may have broken into a building to be alone. VPD was able to locate the individual and escorted them to a family member's residence so they could make sure they stayed safe. No business was found to have been broken into. If you are feeling suicidal or having thoughts of self-harm please dial 911 or a suicide or crisis center hotline.

Curfew-A caller reported a juvenile had gained entry into their house without permission from them. Officers arrived and cited the juvenile for curfew violation and trespassed them from the residence.

Possible Burglary-A concerned neighbor called and said that they saw a person with a headlamp on in the house next door. Their neighbor was not home and they were concerned that someone was breaking into the residence. Officers arrived and found that the head-lamped "bandit" was actually the landlord attempting to get heat and power back on for their tenant.


Welfare Check-A concerned person reported that their significant other had left their house and was texting that they were suicidal. Officers were unable to locate the individual but the next day it was found that the person had been found and was safe.

Truancy-School personnel spoke to the School Resource Officer regarding their concerns about a student who had not been at school for awhile. The SRO went to their residence and spoke with the student and their parent. They agreed that their attendance would improve.


MVA w/Damage-A single-car rollover occurred when the driver took a corner at a speed too fast for the icy conditions on W. Egan and lost control of their vehicle. The car ended up driving onto a snow berm and rolling onto the driver side. The driver was wearing their seatbelt and was unharmed.

Disturbance Noise-A caller reported someone running a skid steer late at night. An officer located the skid-steer operator and advised them that the neighbors did not appreciate his attempt at a "skid-steer" lullaby. The operator agreed to cease operations until a more reasonable hour.



Traffic Hazard: While on routine traffic patrol, Officers found an errant trash can in the middle of Foraker Street and removed the potential traffic hazard.


Animal at Large: A black Labrador retriever with a reddish-orange collar was reported at large in the vicinity of W. Hanagita Street and Hazelet Avenue. Responding officers were unable to locate the animal in the area.

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Animal Info: The Animal Control Officer conducted a health and safety inspection of the Valdez Kennels.

Welfare Check: Dispatch received the report that a woman was feeling suicidal and threatening to kill herself and her children. Officers followed up on the report and facilitated her speaking with a counselor at the Counseling Center.

Fraud: A caller requested to file a report concerning the $1600 that was removed from his bank account. The case is currently under investigation.


Abandoned Vehicle: A local business reported that a vehicle with busted out windows that looked as though it had been wrecked had been parked on their property. Officers advised the business to tow it since it was on private property.

Possible DUI: A caller reported a woman who "smelled of marijuana" had just dropped her child off at the school and was possibly under the influence. Officers responded, but did not locate the driver who smelled of marijuana.

Arrest Warrant: Corie James Taylor, DOB 10/05/1983, of Valdez, was arrested on an outstanding Valdez Arrest Warrant for Assault 4th Degree-Domestic Violence. He was later released on electronic monitoring with location restrictions.

Public Assist: Officers assisted an elderly local resident who was without telephone service in finding a heating technician to fix his broken furnace.


Animal Impound: A small "custard" colored Labrador retriever mix dog was reported at large in a residential yard at Alpine Woods. The dog, who has frequently been called in at large, was impounded by the Animal Control Officer and taken to the Animal Shelter. #custardcolored? #offtodogjailwithyou


Citizen Contact: Officers spoke with a local individual who wanted to make a report of wrong-doing by his ex-wife with the knowledge and assistance of VPD Officers. The complaintant was advised to contact the Alaska State Troopers or the Chief of Police for VPD to make such a report.

Credit Card Fraud: A caller reported that her brother and her brother's girlfriend has charged in excess of $3000 on the complainant's mother's credit card. Dispatch advised the caller to have her mother cal to make the report of Theft.

Serve Time: John Wayne Dye, DOB 04/22/1960, of Glennallen, reported to Valdez Jail to serve time.


Domestic Disturbance: A distraught juvenile called 911 requesting Officer assistance at her residence because her parents were intoxicated and fighting. Responding Officers contacted the adults who claimed there was no physical altercation and the juvenile stated she only heard arguing and didn't witness anything physical in nature.

Impeding Snow Removal: Multiple vehicles were tagged with warnings for impeding snow removal on city streets. The Valdez Police Department and the City of Valdez would like to remind everyone that vehicles must be parked off the street so as not to impeded snow removal machinery.

Public Assist: Officers were requested to examine a safe brought in to VPD to determine if it was secure enough to keep prescription medication out of the hands of a houseguest who was recently released from incarceration. Officers examined the safe and deemed it worthy.

Family Issues: A concerned caller reported her neighbor is continually yelling at her kids and she is tired of it and concerned for the welfare of the children.

Driving with Suspended OL: William Ray Baird, DOB 09/13/1982, of Valdez, was contacted during a routine traffic stop and was subsequently summonsed to appear in court on the charge of Driving with License Suspended.

Total calls for Police and Animal Control: 102


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