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January 23, 2019

(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)


Civil Dispute: A caller called VPD upset that a local business was charging her additional fees for services she had prepaid for. The caller was advised by Officers that her complaint regarding a disparity between the cost of prepaid services and the actual services was a civil matter.

Open Door: Dispatch received a report that the front door of a residence was left open. Due to the superior investigatory skills of responding officers, an open car door was located in front of a different house down the street. Officers secured the car door and the house door. #Knockknock #Whosthere? #Chuck #Chuckwho? #Chuckandseeyourdoorsareclosed! #VPDdadjokes

Public Assist: Apparently unsatisfied with the results of a previous inspection, the same safe from last week was brought back to the VPD to be re-examined and deemed secure enough to hold prescription medication. Officers once again advised the complainant that the safe appeared secure. #cantbetoocareful #areyoureallyreallysure

EM Case Work: Officers investigated possible non-compliance issues with location restrictions for a person on electronic monitoring. No violations were found to have occurred.

Minor Possession of Marijuana: Officers received a report of a vehicle "hot-boxing" while travelling on Hazelet Avenue. Officers found the vehicle and did verify that there was a large amount of smoke emitting from the car. Two juveniles were contacted in the vehicle. One was taken home and the other who was in possession of the marijuana was escorted to the station where they were issued a citation for Minor in Possession of Marijuana and released to their parents.

Relationship Issues: Officers were requested to assist in securing property from an individual who, due to the recent demise of a personal relationship, no longer had access to a residential property or a vehicle that they had been driving. Officers were unable to locate the person but did find the missing vehicle and informed the owner of its whereabouts.


Traffic Compliant: A dark colored SUV was reported as spinning brodies in the Hermon Hutchens Elementary School parking lot several hours earlier that morning. Officers were unable to positively identify the vehicle on video, nor find it in the area after so much time had passed. #wedontlikethosekindofdonuts

Family Issues: Dispatch received a report of an intoxicated father hitting his child with a mattress. Responding officers found the incident had been verbal only and that the alleged mattress assault had not occurred.

Woodcutting: Officers responded to a report of illegal wood cutting at 18 mile in the right-of-way are by the power transmission line and found a CVEA crew cutting trees that were encroaching on the right-of-way.

Family Fights: A mother was reportedly being verbally abusive towards her 10-year-old child. Officers contacted the parties and determined that nothing criminal in nature had occurred. The Office of Children's Services was contacted and a referral was passed onto them.


Noise Disturbance: A Caller reported hearing people arguing and hollering, dogs barking and a man walking around like a zombie in Aleutian Village Trailer Park. An officer immediately responded to the area only to find no noise (human or canine) coming from or around the suspected residence, nor any zombies walking around in the area. #whoyagonnacall? #vpdzomsquad

Suspicious Activity: Several juveniles were reportedly digging a snowmachine out of the snow on private property. The complaintant believed the individuals did not have permission from the owner. An officer contacted the owner who indicated that they did have permission to retrieve and use the machine.

Domestic – No Arrest: A woman reported that her boyfriend was very intoxicated and wanting he to hit him and call the cops. She did not fulfill his request to assault him, but she did contact VPD. An officer contacted both individuals and the male party decided to stay at a friend's residence for the evening to prevent further problems.


Welfare Check: A complaintant reported that her husband texted her stating he was going to sit outside until he froze to death. Officers contacted the husband and found that he was in the company of another individual who was caring for him. The caretaker promised officers that they would not let the man sit outside and freeze to death.

Commercial Sex Acts: VPD is investigating a report of possible sex trafficking in the Valdez area. The caller reported that she had received a report from a friend regarding the friend's granddaughter possibly wanting to join a local sex-trafficking ring. Officers are in the process of contacting all parties that may be involved.

Possible Drunk Driver: A caller reported a possible drunk driver driving outbound on the Richardson Hwy. Officers contacted the driver at his residence and found that he was not impaired. The driver did, however, admit that he may have gone on the other side of the road while eating his eggroll that he had just purchased from the deli. He advised officers that he knew better and would refrain from #eggrolling in his vehicle in the future. #justdrivingtoflavortown

Violate Conditions of Release: Officers responded to a disturbance in Aleutian Village Trailer Court. A male was allegedly trying to break in to a residence. Subsequently, Corie James Taylor, DOB 10/05/1983 of Valdez was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release. His original charge was DV Assault 4th Degree. Mr. Taylor is currently being held at the Valdez Jail on $3,000 cash only bail.


Missing Person: A manager of a local business reported one of their employees had went on vacation six weeks ago and had not returned. The manager was concerned because the employee at the business had left many of their belongings at his apartment. Another employee at the business was later able to contact the missing man in Mexico via an online messaging service. He indicated that he did not like Valdez, or his job there, and was never coming back. #okaythen

Agency Assist: An officer conducted probation checks for Palmer Adult Probation. Everyone was behaving and in compliance. No arrests were made. #learningfrommistakes #behaving


Agency Assist: More probation checks were conducted for Palmer Adult Probation. All contacted individuals were found to be in compliance.

Aggressive Animal: Three dogs reportedly went on an individual's property and attacked them. Thankfully they were wearing rubber boots so there were no injuries. An officer responded to the area and wrangled up the dogs and returned them to their home. The report was forwarded to the Animal Control Officer for further investigation.

Security Checks: Several security checks were conducted around town.All was secure. #Keepingbusy


Fraud: A caller reported that a "Sherriff Office" in Texas had been calling him advising him that he had a warrant and he needed to pay them immediately or "charges" would be filed against him. An officer advised the caller that this scam has been going around and to block the number. #nicetry

Animal Impound: An officer contacted a dog at Dylen Drive and Richardson Hwy. with no identification tags. The dog was given a ride to the Animal Shelter, where it remains in custody.

Officer Advice: An individual flagged down an officer out on patrol and asked if they could drive his full-size vehicle onto the Valdez Glacier. VPD strongly recommends against driving onto any glacier with a full-size motor vehicle. #notallideasaregoodideas

Burglar Alarm: A burglar alarm was activated at a local business. An officer contacted the janitorial crew who had accidently activated the alarm. #juststealingtrashandgrime

Noise Disturbance: Just before midnight, VPD Dispatch received a noise complaint on Dadina Street. The complainant's neighbor was trying to move a connex with a loader and the noise had been going on for an hour. An officer contacted the individual who agreed to cease relocation operation for the night. #quiettimestartsat10pm #somepeepsgottasleepyo

Total calls for police and animal control: 96


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