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February 6, 2019

(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)


Possible Drunk Driver: VPD Dispatch received a call stating a man was driving around Valdez high and drunk. Officers located the man and determined that he was negative for alcohol or drug impairment.

Burglar Alarm: A burglar alarm was activated at a local business. Officers responded to find a maintenance worker was working on the building and set it off in error.

Animal at Large: A warning for Animal at Large was issued to a dog owner after Officers followed the dog home from another location.


Snow Removal: Several warnings were issued for vehicles impeding snow removal. VPD would like to remind citizens to make sure their vehicles are off public streets prior to any expected snowfall. #ticketsarecoming

Public Assist: An officer assisted a motorist who ran out of gas by driving them to the gas station and back to their vehicle. #beatthatresponseAAA

Public Assist: While on routine patrol, an officer found a vehicle stuck in a driveway close to the highway. The officer assisted by attempting to push the vehicle out, but it was unmovable. #gainsfail #dontskiplegdaynexttime

Traffic Hazzard: An unoccupied vehicle was reported parked on Egan Drive with its hazard lights flashing. Officers made contact with the owner who was checking a weather station nearby. #yepstillsnowing

Public Assist: An officer helped a motorist free their vehicle from a snow berm.

Parking: Two vehicles were impeding snow removal at the Valdez Small Boat Harbor. Dispatch contacted the owners of the vehicles and they were advised to move them for snow removal.

Assist Medical: Officers assisted EMS crews on a medical call.

Threat: A citizen reported that she, her ex-husband, and his caretaker were threatened by an employee at the local grocery store over $20 that the employee is owed. The complaintant just wanted to let VPD know in case the issue persists.

Traffic Hazzard: A loader was parked in a driveway with its high beams on, impeding traffick with its luminosity. Officers made contact with the owner, who was not inside the loader. He agreed to turn off the high beams.

Found Property: A wireless speaker was turned into VPD. Please contact VPD with descriptors to claim. #missinyobeats #dancepartydispatch


Transport other: A mas was given a ride home by an officer when he became unruly and was asked to leave a local establishment. The man was turned over to a relative who agreed to care for him the rest of the evening.

Traffic Hazard: An anonymous caller reported they ran over a ladder in the roadway but did not turn around and remove it. Officers went to look for the ladder in the roadway as described and were unable to find it.


911 Hang Up: A 911 call came from a local hotel. When contacted, the hotel front desk advised that there was a guest that had an issue calling out and accidently dialed 911.

Civil Dispute: A landlord requested advise on a landlord-tenant issue and the process of eviction. An officer spoke with the individual and eventually referred them to District Court to begin the process of eviction. #renterproblems

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an elderly person. The caller was not able to get ahold of the individual and was concerned for their safety. Officers were able to locate the person in question and found they were fine and their phone had been turned off.


Alarm/Fire: A fire alarm was triggered at the fire department and throughout city hall from burnt popcorn in the microwave – at the FIRE DEPARTMENT. #onlyVFDcanpreventpopcornfires #irony #mmmmmburtpopcornsmell #quickresponsetho

Harrassment: An individual contacted the police department about someone continually flipping them the bird whenever that person saw them driving around town. They were concerned that it might escalate and they wanted to report it in case it got worse. #wecanrelate #internationaldistresssignal #whatsworsethanthebird #thedoublebird


Animal Noise: A caller reported that a dog was continually barking and was wrapped around their leash outside of a residence. The caller thought it was too cold for the dog to be out as long as it was. An officer contacted the owner and they agreed to bring the dog inside.


DUI: An officer saw a vehicle driving with only their fog lights on. The officer pulled the driver over to let them know that they could not drive with only their fog lights on while it was dark. During the stop the officer observed an oder of alcohol on the driver and initiated a DUI investigation. The driver performed poorly on their PST's and was then arrested for DUI. Daniel R Jordan, DOB 8/30/80, of Valdez, was arrested for DUI. His datamaster result was a .202 BrAC. #foiledbyfoglights

Welfare Check: A caller requested a welfare check on an individual who was highly intoxicated and walking into town. An officer attempted to locate the individual but they found no one walking on the highway.

Total calls for Police and Animal Control: 89


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