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February 13, 2019

(Any charges reported in the VPD blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)


Suspicious Vehicle: A complainant reported a suspicious maroon van slinking around a fuel tank of a residence and were concerned they might be trying to steal fuel. #dontbethatguy #creepercar

Aggressive Animal: A complainant reported that while walking at Old Town, a pack of aggressive dogs jumped on them, tore their pants and scratched their legs. The case was forwarded to the Animal Control Officer for follow-up. #KnockKnock #Whosthere? #Donut #Donutwho? #Donutletyourdogoftheirleash! #VPDdadjokes

Disturbance: A caller reported having some issues with their significant other and requested officer intervention. Officers arrived on the scene and found only a verbal disagreement about housing and money. Both parties were instructed to separate into different rooms for the night.


Burglar Alarm: A burglar alarm was received from a local bank. It was found that the loaders outside the bank removing snow accidently set off the alarms.

Civil Dispute: A tenant reported that their landlord hit their snowmachine with a loader while removing snow. It was found that the incident occurred on private property and the caller was advised that it was a civil matter. #sledvsloader #loaderwins

Serve Time: Shawn A. McAvinew, DOB 5/9/93, of Chugiak, reported to the Valdez jail to serve 5 days on his original charge of DUI with a blood alcohol level of .246 at the time of his arrest. #adulttimeout

Possible DUI: A caller reported that they believed someone was under the influence and about to drive away. Officers responded to the area, contacted the driver, and determined they were not impaired.

Civil Problem: An employee at a local motel called to advise officers that a prior tenant in the motel had taken offense to some things that the employee had done the night prior. The employee stated that she had found a couple of condoms in the hallway of the motel and had thrown them on the bar toward the ex-tenant as a "joke." The employee advised that this evening she found two used condoms stuck against the wall of the 2nd floor hallway with a note from the prior tenant. The caller wanted the event documented since the ex-tenant had previously been issued a trespass for the entire motel. #super #nope #notonlynope #wholebagofnopes #sogladyoudocumentedthat


Lost Property: A complaintant reported losing jewelry somewhere in the downtown Valdez area. The items (a men's watch and a ring) were stored together in a box. If found, please turn in to the Valdez Police Department.


Family Issues: Officers responded to a request for assistance from a parent dealing with an unruly teenager who was reported to have damaged some property within the home. All involved parties were contacted, feelings assuaged for the evening, and no property damage was evident. The case was forwarded to the Juvenile Probation Officer for follow-up.

Agency Assist: A caller reported that a semi-truck recently struck a moose near 53 Mile of the Richardson Highway. The semi incurred a damaged radiator, while the moose suffered a much more permanent fate. The information was relayed to Glennallen AST for salvage purposes. #hamburgerhelperAlaskastyle #semivsmoose #semiwins

Suspicious Person: A concerned caller reported a suspicious-looking individual wearing a headlamp outside the neighbor's residence and thought it could be the neighbor's estranged significant other. Officers responded to the area but found no cause for suspicion as the couple had reconciled their earlier issues.


Neighbor Issues: Officers were called upon to mediate some ongoing issues involving the residents in a local apartment building after a loaf of bread was "pinched" from the shared kitchen area. All parties were calmed, and officers were assured that the bread would be replaced. #quitloafinaround #whotookthedough?


Animal at Large: A caller reported a black and white domestic cat, appearing to be "drowsy," on the loose on Dayville Road. Animal Control responded but was unable to coax the kitty to the safety of their vehicle. The cat was last seen darting into the woods near the Harris Sand and Gravel pit on Dayville Road. #anothercaseofbadcatnip #comeheremeow #clawenforcement

Public Assist: A distraught and frightened caller reported that she had driven her vehicle down an unmaintained trail near the Goldfields and was now stuck in the woods with "sketchy" cell service. She declined having a tow truck sent to her location and instead requested that dispatch contact her boyfriend. The boyfriend rescued his damsel in distress and even got her vehicle unstuck. #noploweynodrivey #iftherestoomuchsnowdontgo

Possible DUI: A caller reported a vehicle driving into town swerving in and out of the traffic lanes. The caller indicated they thought the driver may be impaired. Officers subsequently contacted the driver at a local business in town and determined they were not impaired.


Assist Medical: Officers assisted EMS personnel on a medical call.

Welfare Check: Officers responded to the vicinity of a local business where a female was reported as yelling for help. Upon arrival they were flagged down by an individual who was having asthma issues. Moments later her friends arrived with an inhaler, which alleviated her breathing issues. After the medical issue was solved, she was given a ride home.

Total calls for police and animal control: 98


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