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Feb. 18-24, 2019


February 27, 2019

(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)


Vehicle in Ditch: While on patrol, officers spotted a vehicle in the ditch close to the hospital. Officers spoke to the driver who was driving his sister to the ER when his windshield wipers stopped working causing him to go into the ditch. Officers transported the female to the hospital.

Public Assist: Officers assisted a motorist who was stuck in the snow. They freed the motorist and sent them on their way.

Civil Dispute: A caller reported they lent their hot glue-gun to someone who refused to return it. The caller was scared to retrieve it on their own so an officer stood by while they met with the individual to get it back. The glue-gun was safely returned to its rightful owner. #itsjusttackytokeepborrowedthings

MVA-Damage: A tanker truck and loader were involved in an accident at the weigh scale parking lot. Officers and Hazmat crews responded to investigate.

MVA-Damage: A caller reported they hit another vehicle while trying to avoid a snow berm the previous night. Officers issued Alaska Motor Vehicle Crash forms to both parties involved.


Agency Assist: Officers were requested to stand by during juvenile intake hearing at the courthouse.

Arrested: Trevin G Barnes, DOB 9/13/1991, of Valdez was arrested for Driving While License Revoked. Mr Barnes was released on his own Recognizance.

Agency Assist: VPD Dispatch received a call from a boat that was disabled in Prince William Sound. United States Coast Guard was notified and responded to rescue the boat and crew.

Animal at Large: A German shepherd, while poodle and a brown lab were reported at large on Hanagita Street and Meals Avenue. The Animal Control Officer responded but was unable to find any dogs in the area. #bernardoandthesharks #doggangsarereal #woofsidestory

Agency Assist: While on patrol, an officer noticed a small building fire. Fire crews were dispatched to the scene as the officer provided initial fire suppression.

Lost Property: An iPhone was reported lost in the caller's apartment building. The phone was later located at PWSC. #phonegone

MVA: Officers responded to a single car motor vehicle accident at Zurich Loop and Richardson Highway. EMS crews were requested to treat the driver for possible injuries.

Suspicious Vehicle: A vehicle was reported as being unable to maintain its speed on the highway out of town and was later observed driving slowly through a local neighborhood.


Public Assist: Officers returned the lost iPhone from the previous day back to its owner. #phonehome

Civil Dispute: Officers spoke with a landlord and tenant regarding ongoing issues between both parties. They were both advised it is a civil matter and to not have contact with each other.

Snowmachine: Two snowmachines were reported driving high-speed laps on a ski-only trail along Mineral Creek. Officers located the snowmachiners who happened to be stuck. Officers gave them warnings for riding on the East Dike Trail and helped them get unstuck.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual who appeared to be confused and unable to communicate. Officers responded and requested EMS crew to assess the individual.

Theft: A flip-phone was reported stolen. If you have any information, please contact VPD. #theyear2000called #theywantedtheirphoneback

Arrest: Arrested Daniel R Jordan, DOB 8/30/80, of Valdez, for Violating Conditions of Release for his original charge of DUI. Mr. Jordan has conditions to blow into a devise several times a day to check for alcohol use. During a check of his device it was found that he had a positive result, and many missed tests. He was subsequently arrested. Mr. Jordan was released on bail and he was put back on electronic monitoring. #doublesecretprobation

Officer Advice: A caller who wanted to remain anonymous called to speak to an officer about their adult child who was not home after being gone for two hours.


Arrested: Donna Munsey, DOB 5/22/1980, of Valdez was arrested for two counts of Domestic Assault 4th Degree and Criminal Trespass 1st Degree.

Animal at Large: Three dogs were running at large in the Aleutian Village area. The ACO contacted each of the dogs' owners and gave them warnings.

#ruffandhisjets #woofsidestory

Suspicious Vehicle: A local business reported an old beat up van showed up in their parking lot the night before. Officers made contact with the owner and advised them to move it.

Animal at Large: Two dogs were running at large on Mineral Creek Drive. The ACO was unable to locate any loose dogs in the area. #thesedoggonegangsagain


Fraud: A report was made at the VPD that someone was using the complainant's mailing address fraudulently. The complainant has been receiving another individual's mail, such as driver's license and tickets, and would like it to cease. An officer contacted the DMV and the address had already been fixed in their system.

Burglary residential: A front door of a residence was reported to have been kicked in. Officers secured the residence and the caretaker did not notice anything stolen.

Assist Medical: An officer assisted EMS crews on a medical call.


Vehicle Information: A vehicle owner called VPD to report their vehicle was stuck in the snow on the Richardson Highway near Airport Rd. When officers arrived, a family member was already on scene helping to move the vehicle.

Disturbance Noise: VPD dispatch received a call that a male and female were fighting and being extremely loud. Officers arrived on scene to find that the argument was verbal in nature. Both parties agreed to amicably separate for the evening.

Criminal Mischief: A car was reported keyed at a local business. Officers went through recorded video footage and found no evidence of the vehicle being keyed at the business. The case remains under investigation.

Animal at Large: A caller reported they almost hit a loose dog running down the roadway. The Animal Control Officer responded to the area and found the dog with its owner who then received a warning for his dog being at large.

Arrest: William J Gittens, DOB 9/27/86, of Valdez was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release on his original charge of Violating a Protective Order. Mr. Gittens is on conditions to take regular UA tests. He refused to report to VPD to take a test and was subsequently arrested. He is currently being held at the Valdez Jail.

Welfare Check: A concerned parent requested a welfare check on their children, who they had not spoken to in a few days.

Traffic Hazzard: A woman was reported to be walking a stroller on the inbound side of the Richardson Highway from Airport Road, causing a possible safety issue for her and her child. Officers responded to the area but were unable to locate pedestrians in the area.

Intoxicated Pedestrian: A man wearing a red coat laying on the sidewalk, unresponsive to the complainant's verbal prompts, was reported. Officers contacted the intoxicated individual and gave him a ride home where he could be observed overnight. #sidewalknaps #whentheyseemlikeagoodidea #youdonedranktoomuch

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested again on the caller's children because when they originally called the children were not back to Valdez yet.

Possible Drunk Driver: A drunk driver was reported swerving over the white and yellow lines on the tide flats. Officers were able to find the vehicle described. The driver was negative for any impairments, just unfamiliar with the area.

Arrest: Arrested Daniel R Jordan, DOB 8/30/19, of Valdez for Violating Conditions of Release (again) for his original charge of DUI. Mr Jordan was released on bail and he was put back on electronic monitoring. #triplesecretprobation #nomoredrinkydrinkyplease

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on a roommate. It was reported she returned home with groceries, failed to put them away and left. All her known associates reported they had not seen her in awhile. The complainant called back later in the day to state the roommate returned home safe and sound. #misdemeanormessiness?

Animal at Large: A black lab and brown German shepherd were running at large in Aleutian Village. Officers were able to locate one of the dogs and during that time the owner arrived stating the other dog made it home. Officers returned the dog in custody back to its owner. #ruffandMariasneakingaround #woofsidestory

Harassment: A retail checker at a local business reported they were having issues with a customer who was upset that when they returned an item, they didn't have the money posted back to their card immediately. Officers spoke to the individual and explained they can speak to the manager when they return to town.

Animal at Large:

A golden retriever was picked up running at large on Mineral Creek Loop Road. The owner called shortly after and an officer met them at the Animal Shelter to release the dog to them. #onlyyoucanpreventthespreadofdoggangs #keepyourdogcontainedpeople

Total calls for police and animal control: 111


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