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(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)


Officer Advise: A local hotel manager requested information on the legality of adults smoking in a hotel room with a young child.

Panic Alarm: A panic alarm was mistakenly activated at a local business. Officers responded and found that everyone was ok. The business will have their maintenance crew ensue the alarm system is working properly.

Trespassing: A man was trespassed from a local business indefinitely for his rude behavior toward the employees. #nosoupforyou!

Officer Advise: The school counselor requested to speak with an officer regarding issues recently reported to them regarding potential harm to a child.

Home Confinement: Chelsea M. Selanoff, DOB 5/15/1992, of Valdez reported to the VPD jail to receive post-conviction electronic monitoring equipment to serve time via home confinement for DUI.

Stop & FI: An officer stopped to speak to a man who was parked behind a local business after hours. The officer found that the man was new janitorial staff and was preparing to clean the building. #prowlerofdirtandgrime


Curfew: An officer noticed a young female walking down the street in her pajamas after curfew. The officer gave the juvenile a ride home and later contacted her guardian about her being out past curfew.

Transport: A pedestrian flagged down an officer for a ride as he found the walking conditions on the road to be treacherous. The officer was feeling generous and provided the pedestrian with a ride to his house.

Safety Hazzard: A concerned caller reported three children under the age of ten climbing up the large snow hill by City Hall. Officers responded to find the children adequately supervised and noted there were no ongoing snowblowing efforts in the area.

Officer Advise: An officer conducted a welfare check of several children and spoke to both parents, who are currently involved in an ongoing custody battle.

Animal Impound: A motorist brought a yellow lab to the Valdez Animal Shelter after nearly hitting it on the highway.

Disturbance Other: A caller reported that while they were driving around Robe River Subdivision looking for their dog, a drunk neighbor was yelling obscenities at them. Officers spoke to the inebriated neighbor and he informed them that there was a different vehicle that was racing around the neighborhood yelling out the windows and that he was yelling back at them as he had had enough. The inebriated man was advised to refrain from yelling and causing a disturbance and he agreed to do so.


Traffic Complaint: A newer black Chevy with a lift kit was reported speeding in excess of 40 MPH in the Robe River Subdivision. Officers responded and were unable to find any vehicle in the area matching the description.

Found Property: An individual turned a ski pole in to VPD after they observed it fly out of the back of a vehicle on the tide flats. Please contact VPD with descriptors to claim.

Stop & FI: An officer made contact with a man walking down the highway with the street sign from Wood Way. The man claimed he found it in the ditch and the officer informed him he needed to return the street sign to the City Shop. #notasouvenir

Trespassing: A caller reported that a woman who had been previously trespassed from Valdez Mobile Home Park was in the park. Officers responded and were unable to locate the woman at the residence she was alleged to be staying at.

Abandoned Vehicle: A local business reported two vehicles abandoned on their property. The property owner was advised that they could call for a private tow since it was not on public property. VPD would like to advise all property owners that they have legal authority to remove unauthorized vehicles without police involvement or notification.


Information: A caller reported that a residence in their neighborhood appeared to have a broken window, an open door, and a driveway that appeared to have not been plowed in quite some time. The caller was concerned that someone may be squatting inside. Officers made contact with the property owner who stated they would take care of it when they returned to town in a few weeks. The owner declined police assistance to check out the house to see if it was secure.

Burglar Alarm: Officers responded to an active burglar alarm at a local business to find that the company is having issues with the alarm and it activated in error.

Fraud: A caller reported that after returning home from a recent trip to Anchorage they discovered that their bank card had been used fraudulently in excess of $3,000.00. The caller was referred to call the Anchorage Police Department to file a police report with their agency.

Burglary Residential: A caller reported their trailer was broken into by an individual who is currently living in another trailer on her property. This case is currently under investigation.

Traffic Hazzard: A parked vehicle rolled out into the roadway blocking traffic. VPD contacted the owner of the vehicle and they came to retrieve it.

Hit & Run: A vehicle was hit while parked in the parking lot at First National Bank. A witness watched the vehicle hit the other vehicle then drive off. This case is currently under investigation.

Property Theft: A complainant reported that a knife sharpener and antique table had been stolen by a roommate. Officers located the table at the complainant's residence and also spoke with the suspect at that time. Officers determined that there was not sufficient evidence to charge the individual with theft. The complainant wanted his ex-roommate trespassed from his residence.

Citizen Contact: An officer stopped to assist what appeared to be a disabled vehicle and contacted the driver who was just taking photos of the "famous" Valdez arch sign.


Welfare Check: A caller requested officers to a welfare check on an individual who had sent texts to the caller insinuating that they intended to harm themselves. Officers located the individual and they assured the officers they did not wish to do any self-harm.

Animal Impound: A black and white husky running at large was picked up by the animal control officer and taken to the Animal Shelter.

Abandoned Vehicle: A vehicle was reported to have been abandoned in a snow lot in Alpine Woods Subdivision. VPD contacted the owner and advised him that he had until the end of the day to move the vehicle or it would be impounded.

Civil Problem: A male caller reported that a female had taken two electronic tablets from him that he had let her barrow and that she had left his residence and not returned them. The female was later contacted and advised that the tablets were given to her in trade for "services" she was to render to the caller. Officers then spoke with the original caller again who admitted that the tablets were part of a trade for her "services" but that the "services" were never provided. Officers advised both individuals that trading for these "services" was not necessarily legal and that the tablet issue was a civil matter. #serviceshuh? #tablets4services #nowedontfeelbadyoudidntgetyourservices

Officer Advise: One of the individuals involved in the civil dispute about "services" later called to speak to an officer because someone else was threatening to have them arrested.

Traffic Complaint: A blue minivan was reported to be passing vehicles in a no passing zone and heading in to town on the Duck Flats at a high rate of speed. Officers located the vehicle and contacted the driver who stated they were trying to get back to the office to get a forgotten laptop computer and back to the airport before the plane left. #notagoodreasontodrivelikeabuffoon.


Abandoned Vehicle: A caller reported a vehicle that had been abandoned for several days in a snow dump on their street. Officers responded and found that the license plate had been removed. Using his superior investigative skills (he ran the VIN) the officer tracked down the owner. The vehicle owner initially denied having abandoned it, but later admitted to doing just that because their driveway was too full of snow. The vehicle owner was advised to move the vehicle back onto their property, dispose of it correctly, or be cited for vehicle abandonment. #giveahootdontpollute #whenyoutaketheplatesoffthatsaclue


Disturbance Noise: A local hotel called reporting loud yelling coming from a room. Officers arrived at the hotel and contacted two individuals who had been drinking and were in a verbal argument. No crime was determined to have been committed and both parties agreed to separate for the night.

Violate Conditions of Release: Tristin D Harvey, DOB 2/16/97, of Valdez, was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release on an original charge of Misconduct Involving Weapons in the 3rd and 4th degree.

Total calls for police and animal control: 97


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