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March 13, 2019

(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)


Fraud: A caller reported some fraudulent activity on their bank account. Their bank required a police report to further investigate the incident. It was found later that it was the bank that erred.

ALICE Training: Officers facilitated active assailant training at PWSC. #AlertLockdownInformCounterEvacuate

Trespassing: A local business reported that a patron had just left the store with a small amount of merchandise without paying. The store elected not to press charges on the individual, but did request the police department to trespass the individual from their property.

Disturbance Other: A caller reported having issues with their significant other's caregiver. Officers arrived at the residence to find that the two were not getting along and were having a verbal argument. The officers suggested that the caller request another caregiver through the provider service.

Harassment: A caller reported they were given a number to a building inspector, but when they called the provided number it was not to a building inspector. Instead, the individual who they called repeatedly called them back and started to say inappropriate things. Officers advised the caller to contact their phone provider to have the number blocked.


Criminal Mischief: A resident reported that a lock to a boiler unit was forced open. Officers investigated at the scene and did not notice any damage to the area, and found nothing had been taken.

Aggressive Animal: A caller reported there was a loose dog acting aggressive to other dogs in the area. The Animal Control Officer attempted to find the dog but was unsuccessful.


Assist EMS: Officers assisted EMS with a patient that was injured while snowmachining.

Aggressive Animal: Caller reported three loose dogs acting aggressive while chasing the caller's children. ACO was unable to locate the dogs.


EM Case Work: An individual currently on electronic monitoring and under bail conditions reported to the Valdez Jail to perform a required UA test. The individual tested negative for any illegal substances.

Traffic Complaint: A complainant reported a vehicle driving at excessive speeds on the highway. Officers responded and were unable to locate the vehicle. #wasitadelorean?

EM Case Work: An individual currently on electronic monitoring and under bail conditions reported to the Valdez Jail to perform a required UA test. The individual tested negative for any illegal substances.

Arrested: Daniel Jordan, DOB 08/30/1980, of Valdez, was arrested on three bench warrants and an arrest warrant, all for Violating Conditions of Release pertaining to electronic monitor and bail conditions. Jordan is currently being held at Valdez Jail on $500 bail. #triplesecretprobationfail

Arrested: William Gittens, DOB 09/27/86, of Valdez, was arrested and charged with Violating Conditions of Release for failing to report for a scheduled UA which is required as part of his electronic monitor and bail conditions. Gittens is currently being held at the Valdez Jail on $500 bail. Original charge: Violating a Protective Order. #backagain?


Suspicious Person: Caller reported hearing someone trying to break in to their back door. Upon investigation, it appears the called actually heard snow shedding off the back of their roof. #snowprowler

Vehicle Theft: Complainant requested to speak to an officer regarding a vehicle they purchased in New Jersey that was picked up by a company but now the driver cannot be located and the vehicle has yet to show up in Alaska. The complainant was advised to speak to law enforcement in New Jersey.

Found Property: A black money clip with cash was turned in to VPD. Please call with clip descriptors to claim.

Possible Drunk Driver: Caller reported a vehicle driving into oncoming traffic, swerving in and out of its lane, over the yellow and white lines. Officers made contact with the vehicle; the driver was negative for impairment and denied swerving in their vehicle.

Parking Issues: A complainant reported two vehicles parked in handicap parking spots. Officers found both vehicles to have proper handicap placards displayed. #theyareallowedtoparkthere

Driving While License Revoked: Nathan Helkenn, DOB 09/12/1997, of Delta Junction, was issued a summons for Driving While License Revoked.


EM Case Work: Officers transported a defendant to their residence to install their electronic monitoring equipment.

VID: Officers responded to a report of a vehicle off the road; no injuries or damage were reported. Investigation revealed that the driver missed their turn due to poor weather and road conditions. #snowdownslowdown

Citizen Contact: An individual came to VPD to speak with an officer regarding being trespassed from a local business. The individual was advised to speak with the owner of the business.

Bar Disturbance: Officers were requested at a local bar for a report of an individual being argumentative with staff. Officers arrived and issued a trespass to the individual at the request of bar staff.


Arrested: Donna Mounsey, DOB 05/22/1980, of Valdez, was arrested on charges of Violating Conditions of Release pertaining to electronic monitoring and bail conditions. Mounsey was released on $500 unsecured bail. Original charge: Domestic Assault 4th Degree x2. #letstrythisagain

Possible Drunk Driver: Caller reported hearing four individuals yelling and screaming like drunk people then get into a vehicle and drive off. Officers made contact with a vehicle that matched the description and found the driver was negative for any type of impairment. #rowdypassengers

Welfare Check: A welfare check was conducted on an individual who was reportedly seeking casual acquaintances to watch her toddler while she traveled out of town for medical treatment. Officers confirmed that the individual was traveling out of town, but had arranged for family members to watch the child.

Neighbor Issues: A complainant reported hearing screaming and a child crying at the neighbor's residence, and also reported it is an ongoing issue. Officers contacted all parties involved and found there was no crying or fighting, the screaming was due to being ticklish.

Total calls for police and animal control: 91


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