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March 18-24, 2019


March 27, 2019

(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)


Animal at Large: A husky was reported running at large for a few days in the Robe River subdivision. Officers were unable to find any dogs loose in the area. #wholetthedogsout?

EM Case Work: An individual currently on electronic monitoring and under bail conditions reported to the Valdez Jail to perform a required UA test. The individual tested negative for any illegal substances.


Domestic Disturbance: A caller reported that their roommate was attempting to kick in the door to their room. Officers arrived on scene and found an intoxicated individual who was mad that their roommate called the police the day before. Officers found no evidence that the door had been kicked and told the individual to leave their roommate alone for the evening.

Arrest: William Gittens, DOB 9/27/86, of Valdez was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release on an original charge of Violating a Protective Order and Resisting or Interfering with an Arrest. Mr. Gittens was seen in court the same day and released on an unsecured bond. #catchandrelease

Arrest: Tristin D Harvey, DOB 2/16/97, of Valdez, was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release on an original charge of Misconduct Involving Weapons 3, 2 counts of Misconduct Involving Weapons 4 and Assault 4. Mr. Harvey is being held at the Valdez jail until his bail is posted.

Disturbance Other: A caller reported that their roommates were throwing all of their belongings out onto the street. Officers arrived on scene to investigate and found that the roommates had asked the caller to leave several months ago and they were refusing to leave. Officers advised the roommates the right way to evict someone from the property was to go through the court eviction process. The caller mutually agreed to leave the residence and officers stood by while the caller collected their belongings. #votedofftheisland

Arrest: Misty L Phillips, DOB 3/18/74, of Valdez, was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release on original charges of 2 counts of Assault 4, Resisting or Interfering with an Arrest, and Disorderly Conduct. She was released the same day after posting bail.


Welfare Check: While on patrol an officer noticed someone who appeared to be passed out or sleeping inside their vehicle. The officer was able to wake the occupant and contact them. The occupant advised the officer that they were sleeping in their car because they didn't want to wake their parents at their residence. No signs of impairment were noted.

Fish & Game: A caller reported that when they let their dog out, they saw a wolf running toward the Teen Center. The Animal Control Officer spoke with the caller who later revealed the "wolf" had a collar on. The ACO advised it was most likely not a wolf. #bymostlikelywemeantitwasnt #maybeitwasteenwolf? #wedatedourselveswiththatreference

Burglar Alarm: A burglar alarm was activated at a local business. Officers responded and found that all was secure. The responsible party also responded and advised officers that the business had a technician working there during the day who must not have shut the door all the way. #shutthedooronyourwayout!


Animal at Large: A dog was reported running at large on Sawmill Road. The ACO spoke to the owner of the dog.

Animal at Large: A black dog, a Saint Bernard, and an obese yellow lab-mix were reported running at large in Valdez Mobile Home Park. The ACO spoke to the owners of the dogs and gave them verbal warnings for Animal at Large. #morelikewaddlingatlarge #atleastthelabwasbeingproactive


Theft Property: An electric razor and approximately 5 billfolds were reported stolen about two weeks ago by a man who was recently incarcerated at the Valdez Jail. This case is currently under investigation.

Chronic Tresspassing: An individual who was trespassed from Valdez Mobile Home Park was suspected to be at a residence in the park. Officers responded and were unable to located the subject in the area. The individual later called VPD and advised officers they did not know they were trespassed from the park. The individual also requested that officers give them a list of other locations that they were trespassed from. Officers were happy to advise the "alleged" trespasser of two other locations that had active trespasses against them. #yourewelcome #ornotwelcome #justdependswhereyouare

Animal at Large: A woman pushing a baby carriage and walking her dogs was reported to be sic'ing her dogs on rabbits. The ACO responded to find she had intentionally let the dogs off their leash to chase rabbits. The woman was issued a warning that if her dogs caught a rabbit, she would receive a citation.

Trespassing: A man was reported to be at a residence he was no supposed to be at and happened to get his vehicle stuck in the driveway. Officers trespassed the man from the residence. #getawayfoiledbylackofsnowremoval

Criminal Mischief: A caller wanted to speak to an officer regarding some vandalism to her vehicle. The complainant reported someone carved "I have herpes" on the back of their vehicle. Officers are currently investigating the vandalism.

Theft/Fraud: The same individual reporting vehicular vandalism also reported someone was using the EBT Qwest card without permission. Officers are awaiting additional documentation of the alleged crime prior to initiating an investigation.

Citizen Contact: A person called VPD to verify that they were indeed trespassed from Valdez Mobile Home Park.

Stop & FI: While on patrol, an officer stopped with a group of people gathered on the sidewalk. One member of the group had fallen off a snow hill and hurt their ankle. The hurt individual's parent was already on their way; the officer stayed until their parent arrived.

Theft: A caller from out of state reported they were "scammed online" by a Valdez resident who sold them access to his Twitch gaming account and then revoked it after receiving payment. This is currently under investigation.

Agency Assist: Officers assisted fire crews with a possible fire in the area. Officers arrived and found that it was a small bonfire on private property, with people monitoring it. #carryonwiththeweenieroast

Animal at Large: A large white husky was reported running at large by the skate park. Officers were unable to find any loose dogs in the area.

Parking: Officers tagged a vehicle that appeared to be broke down and left at the weigh station by Dayville Road for several days. Officers contacted the owner and advised it needed to be moved.

Assist Medical: Officers assisted EMS crews on a medical call.


Noise Disturbance: Loud music was reported coming from a vehicle in Valdez Mobile Home Park around 2:00 a.m. for over an hour. Officers made contact with a man working on his truck's new amplifier and sound system. The man advised he was going to bed and said he would stop playing the music. #because2AMisalwaysreasonabletodostereowork #whatyoudontlikepolkamusiclullabys?

Arrest: William J Gittens, DOB 9/27/86, of Valdez, was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release on an original charge of Violating a Protective Order and Resisting or Interfering with an Arrest. Mr. Gittens was also charged with Resisting Arrest and is currently being held at the Valdez Jail until his bail is posted. #conditionsfailed #cmonman! #getittogether

Neighbor Issues: VPD Dispatch received a 911 call from a man who was reportedly threatened by his neighbor. Officers responded to the scene to find it was a verbal altercation and that no crime had been committed. All parties involved were issued warning for Disorderly Conduct.


Domestic Disturbance: A report of a possible break-in was made after the caller heard a window open and screaming coming from their neighbor's residence. Officers responded to find an acquaintance had snuck in the window and a verbal argument ensued. The homeowner did not wish to press charges, however the man was issued a warning for Disorderly Conduct and Trespassed from the residence. #youwillnevermakefriendsdoingthat #notheywerethappytoseeyou

Trespassing: A woman who has been trespassed from Valdez Mobile Home Park was reported to be in the park. Officers responded to find it was another female who looked similar to the trespassed woman. #wegetit #youdontwantherthere?

Neighbor Issues: VPD Dispatch received a 911 call from a man who reported his neighbor calling him names while he was walking to his apartment and requested the man be arrested. The caller was advised to ignore the comments and to just go inside and shut the door. #sticksandstonespeople #yourerubberhesglue #hurtfeelingsarenotcriminal

Security Check: A Valdez resident who is out of town called to report they think their vehicle may be being used while they're out of town and advised no one has permission to use it.

Animal at Large: A yellow lab was running at large in the Coast Guard Housing area. Shortly after being reported, the complainant called back to let VPD know the owner had picked up the dog.

Stop & FI: While on routine patrol, an officer made contact with a man who was picking up his sister's car at a local business after hours. All appeared to be on the up and up.


Civil Issues: VPD Dispatch received a phone call from a man who wanted to talk about ongoing issues with his past roommates. Further he requested that the ex-roommate should have to take a lie-detector test to prove she was a liar. Basically, nothing criminal was reported and the caller just wanted to vent. #gladwecouldhelp #dispatchersaregreatlisteners

Stop & FI: While on patrol, officers made contact with a vehicle parked on the tide flats.

Disturbance Other: A caller reported that a woman was screaming outside of an apartment building. Officers responded and found no on in the area.

Disturbance Other: The same caller who reported an earlier disturbance called to report the woman who was screaming had entered her home. Officers responded to the call to find the female suspect was asleep in her motorhome and that the caller was highly intoxicated. The caller was advised to go to bed for the evening. #youredrunk #gotosleep #pleasestop

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested for a woman who was allegedly suicidal and took pills while on Facebook Live. Officers contacted the woman in question and determined she was not suicidal and there was no evidence she had taken pills or had indicated she was going to do so.

911 Hang Up: VPD Dispatch received a 911 call from a local business. Officers investigated and found that there was a malfunction with the phone system.

Agency Assist: Officers assisted Hazmat crews on a call.

Harrassment: A caller reported she was being harassed by another female and was followed to her grandmother's house. The suspect had allegedly parked down the street and flashed their lights at her. #morsecodeharrassment

Traffic Complaint: Officers fielded a recurring complaint regarding a vehicle that habitually drives on the Richardson Highway and Dayville Road with its accessory side-lighting and rear facing lights activated, which distracts other motorists. Additionally, it is a violation to drive on a roadway with those accessory lights illuminated while the vehicle is in motion. #wearewatching #citationsarecoming

Stop and FI: An officer made contact with a pedestrian while on patrol. All was determined to be ok.

Total calls for police and animal control: 111


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