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March 24-31, 2019


(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)


Agency Assist: VPD received a call from a motorist who was involved in a single vehicle collision outside of city limits. The motorist stated they did not need medical attention. VPD dispatched a tow company to assist the motorist and contacted MATCOM.

Phone Person: A caller requested to speak to an officer about a protective order.

Serve Time: Daniel R. Jordan, DOB 8/30/19, of Valdez, reported to the Valdez Jail to serve time for an original charge of DUI. #adulttimeout

Disturbance Other: A woman was reported to be throwing a fit, pounding on walls in her apartment for hours. Officers responded to find the woman intoxicated and mad at the world. The woman was issued a warning for Disorderly Conduct and advised to cease her disruptive conduct for the evening. #cmon #arewetwo? #atleastshedidntgolimpnoodle


Foot Patrol: An officer patrolled the Gilson Middle School and Valdez High School area on foot. #thesebootsweremadeforwalkin

Harrassment: An employee at a local gym reported a man has been making aggressive comments towards female employees and will meow at the gym users. The employee was advised to speak to administration to determine if his gym membership should be revoked. #knockitoffirightmeow

Animal Aggression: A caller reported that a loose brown lab wearing a shock collar reportedly attacked their dogs while they were on a walk. The owner of the brown lab came out after the attack and found that the labe had jumped over the electric fence and could not get back in the yard. #electricityfail #baddog #gethome

Fraud: A caller reported they received a check in excess of $2000 and the sender wanted her to cash it, keep some of the money and buy Walmart gift cards with the remaining money. #dontfallforthis #itmayseemlegit #itisnt #justtrustusonthisone

EOD Training: Officers participated in scheduled EOD training. #trainingwasdabomb

Theft-Property: A landlord reported his tenant and her boyfriend stole the stove out of their rental unit. The stove was replaced by the boyfriend as restitution specified by the court for damages he made. Officers advised this is a civil matter. #civilproblems #backtocourt


Animal at Large: A brown pit bull was reported running at large in Valdez Mobile Home Park. The ACO was unable to locate any loose dogs in the area.

Animal at Large: A dog was reported running in the highway, impeding traffic. The ACO responded and took the dog back to the animal shelter. #backtodogjailwithhim

Civil Matter: VPD dispatch received a report that a car was sold to another party but the party had not finished paying off the car and was still driving it around while it was registered to the complainant. Officers spoke with the complainant and advised them that this was a civil matter.

Harassment: An incarcerated man was reported to be calling AVV making repeated unnecessary requests for them to conduct a welfare check on another individual. His phone privileges were terminated for the day. #yadonemessedup #nophoneforyou!

Fraud Check/Cash: A local attorney was reported to have written a bad check to an ex-client after services were not rendered but already paid for. Officers made contact with the subject who stated they would transfer money over to the account.

Phone Person: VPD dispatch received a call from a man stating his roommate had been assaulted. Dispatch spoke to the roommate who stated they had been pushed down by a friend but not hurt. They did not wish to press charges but wanted to let VPD know in case it happened again. #dulynoted


Civil Process: A landlord wanted to speak with an officer about evicting a tenant who was growing a large amount of marijuana in his rental unit and not paying rent. The officer advised them how to get eviction papers through the court. #weedeviction

Possible Drunk Driver: A green Explorer was reported weaving in and out of their lane. The elderly driver was found to not be impaired.

Possible Theft: A landlord reported that their tenant stole a Toyo stove from the residence. The landlord was again advised that this was a civil matter. #member? #wealreadyhadthisconversation #stillthesameanswerasyesterday

Agency Assist: A tree was reported in the road at approximately MP 17 on the Richardson Hwy. Dispatch contacted DOT who responded to the area and got the tree out of the road.

Trespassing: Two teenage females in a dark colored SUV were reported being in a restricted area of Old Town. An officer contacted the two females, who departed the area once they were advised it was private property and they were not authorized to be there. #DaphneBlakeandVelmaDinkley #jinkes #jeepers #oldmanWitherspoonwouldhavegottenawaywithittoo! #MysteryMachine


Traffic Hazard: A disable SUV was on the side of the road by Glacier Stream Bridge and appeared to have a missing wheel. An officer responded to the area and set up flares while the owner got the vehicle towed away.

Residential Burglary: A homeowner reported seeing on their surveillance video that someone was actively trying to break into their house. An officer responded to the residence and found it to be a religious group placing fliers on the door.

Harassment: A local business reported a customer was harassing employees. An officer contacted the individual and had them trespassed per the manager's request. #welcomematremoved #justforthatguytho

Animal at Large: Dispatch received two different calls regarding a pit bull mix running loose in Alpine Woods. Dispatch contacted the owner of the dog who stated they were having a hard time keeping her in the yard with her electric perimeter collar. They were advised to figure out an effective solution. The case was passed on to the animal control officer for follow up and investigation. #fenceswork #dogrunsalsowork

Animal Information: A caller requested to speak with animal control regarding animal euthanasia. They were referred to a doctor in Copper Center that would be able to assist.



Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual who was intoxicated and complaining of chest pain but did not want an ambulance. An officer contacted the individual and gave them a ride to the hospital.

EMS Assist: An ambulance was requested for a man who was knocked out during a fight. Dispatch sent an officer over to ensure scene safety. The victim was found to have instigated a fight with another man and apparently lost. The man was given medical treatment and later released.

Disorderly Conduct: The same man in the above call reportedly broke a door at a residence and attempted to fight the occupants. The man was held down and restrained by occupants until an officer arrived on scene. After investigation, an arrest was made.

Arrested: Gary Lamar Wilson, DOB 01/02/1966, of Valdez, was arrested for Harassment and Disorderly Conduct. Mr. Wilson was held at the Valdez Jail and released on his own recognizance the next morning. #bronzemedalforpoorchoices #timeout #simmahdownah

Traffic Complaint: A disabled truck was on the side of the road with their hazards on. The caller was requesting an officer to assist the motorist. It was found that the alternator blew up and the owner had friends on the way to help get the truck home.

Harassment: A complainant reported that an individual claiming to be a police officer was harassing him in a local bar. The complainant called VPD and then pu the "officer" on the phone. When the real officer spoke with the fake officer, he divulged that the caller had been following a woman he knew and "creeping" her out. The fake "officer" was trying to resolve the situation on his own by convincing the caller to stop following the woman. No crime was found to have been committed and the woman was advised of protective order options.


Information: A truck was reported stolen. It was found that the truck was repossessed by a company hired by a financial institution. While the owner was adamant the truck was stolen, an officer confirmed that it was in fact repossessed.

Assist EMS Crew: An officer assisted EMS with a medical call.

Possible Drunk Driver: A Toyota 4-Runner was reported to have pulled out in front of another driver and swerved all over the road. An officer contacted the vehicle matching the description. The driver was not impaired but from out-of-town and confused about the area.

Total calls for police and animal control: 109


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