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April 8-14, 2019


April 17, 2019

(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)

April 8

Civil Issues: Complainant called to report that an individual that had lived with them for a short period is using the complainant’s PO Box and cell phone number without permission. Complainant is now receiving the individual’s mail along with phone calls from collection agencies. Caller was advised to contact the USPS and their cellular carrier to correct the situation. #whatarefriendsfor? #frenemy?

Theft Info: An individual who had been a long-term houseguest was trespassed from a residence at the request of the owner. The owner later reported that the individual was wearing clothing and a homemade belt buckle that wasn’t theirs when they left the residence. The owner of the residence requested officers assist with getting their belt buckle back. The belt buckle was retrieved and returned to the owner. #timetobuckledownandfindanewplacetolive #notawaistoftime

Possible Drunk Driver: A local business reported that a customer appeared impaired, falling asleep and making “weird” noises; the caller also reported children being in the vehicle. The subject had already left the business and officers were unable to locate the vehicle or make contact with the driver.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual who hasn’t been seen or heard from for approximately one week. Officers have been unable to locate or make contact with the person thus far.

Possible Drunk Driver: A local business reported that a customer appeared under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this was the same individual that had been called in several hours earlier by a different business. Officers arrived on the scene, determined the individual was negative for drugs or alcohol and requested EMS. EMS arrived on scene and tended to the individual.

Animal at Large: Caller reported two dogs running at large chasing bunnies. Officers were unable to locate the dogs, or the bunny victims.

Fireworks: Fireworks were reported to being set off in Alpine Woods Subdivision. Officers were unable to locate the source of fireworks. #nofireworksuntilJuly4

Domestic Disturbance: Complainant called to report a possible domestic assault after hearing yelling coming from their neighbor’s residence for a long period of time. Officers arrived at the residence and could not hear any noise, all lights were off, and were unable to make contact at the door or via phone.

Assist Medical: Officers assisted EMS with a patient who was reported to be having an adverse reaction to marijuana they had recently smoked.

April 9

Animal Impound: A caller reported a small blonde dog running at large near the elementary school. The CSO retrieved the dog and returned it to its owner, and issued a warning for Animal at Large.

Possible Drunk Driver: A caller reported a vehicle was driving erratic, crossing into other lane multiple times and then whipping a u-turn right in front of the caller. Officers made contact with the driver who was negative for impairment, the driver had been on the phone having an argument which caused the bad driving.

Animal Impound: A caller reported a Black Labe almost getting hit by a vehicle while running at large. An officer retrieved the dog and, after being unable to make contact with the owner, took the dog to the Animal Shelter for impound.

Civil Problem: A male caller reported that while visiting a female friend, she drank to excess and got “handsy” and that “was all he was going to say about that.” The caller wanted officer assistance to return to her residence and collect some of his belongings that he left there.

April 10

Animal Neglect: A complainant reported a dog was tied up to a set of stairs outside an apartment building and had gotten itself tangled up and was in distress. An officer responded and contacted the owner who stated they had tied the dog up then accidentally fallen asleep before letting it back inside.

Trespassing: While on patrol an officer made contact with an individual at a residence they had previously been trespassed from. Arrested: William Gittens, DOB 09/27/1986, of Valdez, was arrested and charged with Resisting Arrest and Criminal Trespass 2nd Degree. Gittens was processed at the Valdez Jail and released.

Found Property: A smart phone was turned into the police department. To claim call the Valdez Police Department with identifiers. #hinthint #itsnotaniphone

April 11

Possible DUI: A caller reported a vehicle swerving in and out of their lane. An officer contacted the driver at their residence and the driver informed the officer that they had just drove into town from Anchorage and they were very sleepy. There were no signs of impairment. #stopandrestnexttime #catnapsworkwonders

Animal Impound: A dog was hit by a vehicle at the intersection of the Richardson Highway and Airport Rd. The ACO responded and impounded the injured dog, who is expected to fully recover. #closecall

Agency Assist: The Palmer Probation Office requested an officer do a probation check on a local individual. An officer contacted the individual and found that they were complying with the conditions of their probation.

Disturbance: A caller reported that their roommate had assaulted them. Officers responded to investigate and found that no crime was committed. The roommate was trespassed from the residence and transported by the officers to another location.

Serve Time: Cale W. Harrison, DOB 3/1/84, of Valdez, reported to the Valdez Jail to serve 20 days on his original charge of DUI.

April 12

Disturbance Noise: A caller reported that someone was honking their vehicle’s horn over and over and yelling at another person. Officers were unable to contact the person who was honking the horn but they were able to contact the person being yelled at. That person reported that their spouse was not happy they were in an adjacent residence with another person and that is why they were honking the horn and yelling.

Shortly after officers departed, dispatch received another call about the continued horn honking. Officers returned and this time were able to contact the honker. Officers gave them a disorderly conduct warning, informing them that they would be arrested if the officers had to come back over for their continued flagrant misuse of their vehicle horn to summon their spouse. #beepbeep #stopit #beepbeep #stopit #beeeeeep #peacerestored

Family Issues: A caller reported that their neighbors were inside their house arguing loudly. Officers arrived to investigate and found three siblings arguing over completing their assigned chores. Investigation revealed that the WiFi password had been withheld by their parent until their chores were completed.

Agency Assist: A motorist called to report a rock slide on Thompson Pass. Dispatch contacted the DOT on the pass and they advised that they would go out and check for rock slides.

April 14

Intoxicated Pedestrian: A pedestrian on the highway waved down an officer. The officer found that the pedestrian was intoxicated and assisted the individual in giving them a ride to town.

Intoxicated Pedestrian: A caller reported an individual who was walking down the highway, impaired and walking on and off the roadway. An officer assisted the individual in getting home.

Littering: A caller reported that one of their neighbors was dumping yard debris in a nearby snow lot. An officer contacted the person putting the debris in the snow lot and requested that they dump it elsewhere. The individual agreed to comply.

Welfare Check: An out of state parent requested a welfare check on their child because they haven’t been able to get a hold of them. An officer went to the child’s residence and found the child safe and sound.

Threat: A caller reported an altercation at a local playground between a group of children in which a juvenile allegedly threatened to return with a weapon. Officers responded and spoke to the parties involved, as well as parents. No weapons were found to have been brandished. The altercation was over prior to officer arrival. Investigation revealed no crime was committed.

Total calls for police and animal control: 111


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