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April 15-21, 2019


April 24, 2019

(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)

April 15

Agency Assist: Officers assisted EMS on a medical call.

Animal Impound: A white and gray husky was reported running loose on Fidalgo and ran behind the Best Western hotel. An officer located the dog who did not have a collar on so it was taken to the Animal Shelter.

Animal at Large: A brown lab and black lab have reportedly been running loose on several occasions on Chalet Drive. The Community Safety Officer spoke with the complainant and patrolled the area but was unable to locate the dogs.

Serve Time: William Joseph Gittens, DOB 09/27/1986, of Valdez, checked in to the Valdez Jail to serve a 20-day sentence with 10 days suspended. Original charges were Trespassing and Resisting Arrest.

Found Property: A wallet containing cards and cash was found at a gas station and turned over to the Valdez Police Department. It was returned to the rightful owner. #reunited

Welfare Check: Two children were reported to be walking out on the thin ice at Ruth Pond. VPD asks citizens to stay off the ice at Ruth Pond until the thaw cycle is complete.

Serve Time: Fred Gregory Malloto, DOB 03/31/1973, of Valdez, reported to the Valdez Jail to serve 5 years w/3 years suspended. His original charge was Burglary 2. Mr. Malloto is temporarily being held at the Valdez Jail until he is transferred to a long-term facility.

April 16

Burglar Alarm: A commercial burglar alarm was activated at a local business. Officers responded and found the doors to be secure. The owner was contacted. #falsealarm

Burglar Alarm: A commercial burglar alarm was activated at a local business. A worker had accidently set the alarm off. #falsealarmpartdeux

Fish & Game: The Community Safety Officer received a report of a coyote in the middle of the road by Salmon Turnaround. The coyote had left the area, possibly on rocket-powered roller skates, prior to CSO arrival. #stilllookingfortheroadrunner #acme

Juvenile Issues: A young child walked off Hermon Hutchens school grounds and was being followed by staff as he refused to return. An officer responded to ensure the child's safety until their parent arrived.

Motor Vehicle Accident: A caller reported that they had just got into a single motor vehicle accident and the occupants in the vehicle needed medical assistance. Officers and EMS personnel responded to the accident. Two of the occupants were transported to the hospital and the driver was arrested for driving while license revoked.

Arrested: William R. Baird II, DOB 9/13/82, of Valdez, was arrested for Driving While License was Revoked, Reckless Driving and Violating Conditions of Release. Mr. Baird was released after arraignment on his own recognizance.

Criminal Trespass: A very intoxicated individual got into a vehicle and refused to get out. The driver of the vehicle was eventually able to get the intoxicated person out of their car and into a cab. Officers identified the intoxicated individual, however the caller didn't want to pursue any charges.

April 17

Found Property: A wallet was found on Homestead Rd. An officer brought the wallet to the owner's residence and returned it after attempts to contact them via telephone were unsuccessful.

Fraud: A caller reported a large amount of money was charged on their credit card account from out of state. The caller needed to report the incident with VPD to start the process of disputing the transactions.

Disturbance: A caller reported seeing two people argue and possibly get into a physical altercation. Officers investigated and found that nothing physical occurred and there had been a verbal argument over a set of keys.

Disturbance: A caller reported hearing loud yelling coming from one of their neighbors for an hour. Officers found two individuals having a verbal argument and provided one of the individuals a ride to another location.

Disturbance Bar: A local bar reported that an individual was harassing their patrons. Officers arrived at the bar and trespassed the individual at the request of management and escorted off the premise.

April 18

Disturbance: A resident reported hearing loud chainsaw noises coming from an unknown location near their residence. An officer responed to the area to investigate but could not hear any chainsaw noises.

EM Case Work: An officer contacted an individual who had missed their scheduled breathalyzer test. Upon contact they provided a breath sample which resulted in negative results. They were issued a warning for violating conditions.

Rabbit Info: A rabbit was reportedly ran over in the pharmacy parking lot. There were no deceased or injured rabbits when the CSO arrived.

Possible Trespassing: Officers were requested to assist a walk-through at a mobile home where individuals were suspected of squatting. It appeared as if someone had been in the residence recently, but the complainant didn't want officers to investigate further.

Animal Info: A Jack Russell dog with a harness on was reported lost at 11 Mile and seen running towards Keystone Canyon. Please contact VPD if you have seen this dog.

April 19

MVC w/Damage: A driver was not paying attention to the road and ran into an electric pole. No one was injured.

Agency Assist: Dispatch received information regarding a vacated residence to have water leaking and possible broken water pipes. The information was passed on to the water department for follow-up.

Security Check: An officer made an appearance at the Valdez High School prom. Everything appeared to be fine and very "Prom-like." #PromPatrik #Whydidtheorangetakeaprunetoprom? #Becausehecouldn'tfindadate #VPDdadjokes

April 20

Parking Complaint: A vehicle was parked in the middle of a church parking lot. Attempts were made to locate the owner and were unsuccessful. The church had the vehicle privately towed.

Possible Drunk Driver: A vehicle driving outbound on the Richardson Highway was swerving and crossing the center and fog lines. An officer caught up to the vehicle, observed their driving and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was negative for any signs of impairment, however, their dog was being rambunctious and distracting. #quithoundingthedriver #seriouslytho #keepdogssecuredinyourvehicle

Traffic Complaint: A red sid-by-side was driving on the bike path by Wood Way and passed a pedestrian at a high rate of speed putting the pedestrian in fear of being struck. An officer patrolled the area and could not locate the offending vehicle. As a reminder, the bike path is now restricted to non-motorized use for the summer months.

Disturbance: A man who was not a guest was reported to be in a local hotel trying to get a room. The owner instructed the man to leave and he refused to do so until the police were called. An officer contacted the individual and trespassed them from the property per the owner's request.

April 21

EM Case Work: A client currently under PED Supervision was called to the police department for a random UA. They passed. #itwasrandom #really #notbecauseyesterdaywas420

Burglar Alarm: A burglar alarm was activated at a residence. Officers verified that there were no signs of forced entry anywhere in the residence and it was secure.

Domestic Disturbance: A man and woman was heard arguing in their apartment. Officers contacted them and found it was a verbal argument only over Easter candy. The woman went for a walk to calm down.

Total calls for police and animal control: 115


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